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Stress Is The Enemy of Creativity

photocreditstotheowner. Getting started. Decisions. Stress. Persistence. Taking risks. ‘Don’t think about or talk about doing it, do it.’ Nick Comito • Louder Than Ten Perhaps the best cure for productivity is to simply get started—even if it’s the worst possible version of... Continue Reading →


How to Live ON PURPOSE and Maximize Every Freaking Day

Today can be as great as you want it to be. Your fate isn’t set. You get to decide how much of yourself you’re going to put into today. Rather than saying, “Well, we’ll see what happens,” you must powerfully... Continue Reading →


  Kasing-aga ng unang araw natin sa paaralan ang pagtuturo sa atin na dapat tayong mag aral ng mabuti upang guminhawa ang ating kinabukasan. Batid natin na sino mang magulang ay dakila at mabuting magulang kung sinabihan nya ang mga... Continue Reading →

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