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Why it is vital to embrace the art of being alone?

People come and go. We all know that every single thing God or man-made is indeed temporary, that even the closest person in your life may leave anytime they want or any time life would asked them to, and the fact that at the end of the day it is still ourselves alone whom we could rely on to. Probably, you once asked yourself, can I live without this human beside me? Or am I still going to be this eager once this friend of mine left suddenly and leave me hanging? Chances are you can but you know for a fact that it is never that easy.

So, why do we need to get used of being alone? Why is it essential to do so?

When you have yourself alone, you could talk to yourself. Have you ever tried talking to yourself through your mind while walking? I did and surprisingly, it soothes me. In my case, I talk to myself when I’m down or sad. I am used with being alone since I really don’t have much friends so being in this state is no longer new to me. I’m neither sad about it nor regretful. Aside from having the capability of being soothe, Science Daily said that talking to oneself has a cognitive benefits like having an in-depth focus.

Moreover, being alone means appreciating the beauty of the things around you. I want you to think of the last time you walk, probably last night or this morning. Have you notice those blooming flowers that you just pass-by? What about the newly painted wall that was vandalized by street children have you recognize its new appearance? Probably no, I’m not talking about these things alone. I’m referring with the things around you that you supposed to notice only if you’re alone focusing on your environment and not with your company. If you did, then you’re certainly alone at that point of time because you were more observant than when you’re walking together with someone. Ask yourself, isn’t it nice to walk alone, listening to your playlist and preparing yourself to start the day without the need to talk and communicate for a while?

Research says, fear of being alone and having fear in doing things in your own way can lead to anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, depression and even suicide. The only reason why they feel that way is because on the very beginning of their childhood, they get used of people having their backs when things went wrong which is undoubtedly unhealthy. It begins with a person feeling empty and isolated with its surroundings including the people he/she once get closed to. How are you going to handle that situation?

I suggest, you start by having a peace of mind. You need to begin reminding yourself that having a company is good. Yes, we all could agree to that. But what about when you need a break, when you’re tired and you just want a peaceful day without hearing anyone uttering words near you? Think of it. Try to picture it out in your mind. Can you feel the relaxation that it brings? Every time you feel exhausted, simply remind yourself that being alone helps you to think clearly. It gives an unexpected peace due to the absence of others judgment. You’ll be surprise with the result.

As has been noted, keeping a company is not a bad thing. In fact, people most of the time spend days and hours with their respective companions to unwind and de-stress. BUT. You must never forget the art of being a lone wolf. Soon, it’ll be you who’s going to face life alone, not them. They may help you. Yes, possibly, but for how long?

gif alone 2.gif

Keep in mind that even your hair is temporary. It falls and soon regrows, like the humans around you who come and go. Food for thought.

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Signs that your BFF is just so toxic


We truly love our BFFs, right? But when that time comes her presence is no longer a delight to be around, then that is when you have to question yourself “What is really happening in here?”



If you’re quite clueless about it, I’ll help you figure it out.


  • Your BFF is pessimistic.

Whenever you get into a problem, relationship, family or what, he/she constantly compares his/her experience about it, insisting that the outcome will be just the same. He might also conclude that whatever it is that you are suffering is your fault and that; you really can’t do something about it. Oh okay, so you’re saying apples and oranges are the same. What a support, bes.


  • If BFF is a bad listener.

I don’t get it when every time I’m telling how my day went you keep on interrupting me sharing yours like “hey, I had a better or worse day than you do. You must listen to this first.” Come on, if your BFF never give a **** listening or even letting you finish anything you say, GOODNESS! That is a red flag. Confront your beloved BFF before you lose your temper.

toxic im.jpg

  • If BFF keeps on judging all the people that you encounter.

First, you have to ask yourself or him\her directly if it makes sense judging them at all and for what purpose because if he/she was not able to give out a reasonable reason for it then that is clearly his/her habit. Let go of toxic humans.


  • If BFF can’t accept that they’re wrong.

We’re just humans so how come your own BFF couldn’t accept their mistakes. Obviously, this BFF always have to be right. This is disappointing because people like this sometimes even fight for their belief no matter how troublesome it brings as long as they have proven that they are right. Have you ever had an argument with your BFF because he/she keeps on insisting that you’re wrong and he’s right? (Or you guys were both wrong? Kidding.)


  • If BFF reacts poorly to criticism.

It is indeed a normal thing to be criticized especially when a person cares for you. This toxic BFF is not seeking for a healthier friendship but is only aiming for a shallow one where he/she gets all the praise and good reactions alone.


  • They’re subtly (Or Not So Subtly) Competitive

For me, it is normal to have competitions with your BFF in terms of career and studies it is because rivalry (See: motivates me to do my best and simply work harder than the usual. But once that rivalry or competition has resulted to envy, that’s a call to stop and create an open forum.


  • They’re Masters of the Put-Down.

“You look like an awful pig. Haha! No, I’m just kidding, girl!”

Cracking jokes on friendships are so mainstream and pretty normal that sometimes we no longer think whether they really mean it or not. You will only realize that there is a problem once it hurts you and he/she insists that it was a joke, making you feel like it was your fault if you got offended. It is an absolute red flag for your friendship because this BFF is obviously TOXIC.


There are reasons why this kind of people exists. It may vary but whatever it is, you have to work on keeping your friendship. Confront your BFF if you think he/she is being toxic and is beginning to be a burden in your life. I suggest you work on it as soon as possible because once toxic people get used to their attitude, it is nearly impossible for them to change and be enlightened.

Social Anxiety Sucks, Isn’t it? But will you let it consume you?


Have you ever feel like being uneasy every time you’re surrounded by the crowd whether in a party or in your workplace, also in any situation where you feel like you don’t know what to do or say? Are you afraid of rejection and disapproval?  If that’s so, then we shared the same condition.

As defined by Psychology Today, Social Anxiety Disorder or social phobia is an anxiety disorder characterized by overwhelming anxiety and excessive self-consciousness in everyday social situations. People with social phobia have a persistent, intense, and chronic fear of being watched and judged by others and of being embarrassed or humiliated by their own actions. Their fear may be so severe that it interferes with work, school, or other activities. And you know the horrid part of this anxiety disorder? — Overthinking.

Yes, once several “What Ifs” clogged your mind during a social situation…ifs.png

  • What if no one talks to me?
  • What if they find me ugly?
  • What if I don’t really belong here?
  • What if I have nothing to say?
  • What if I’ll get rejected?


…it is proven that you are overthinking.


I mentioned earlier that I am also suffering from this disorder and that I think I probably need help. I took up an anxiety test, got my results and was able to get connected with one of their therapist through emails. She emailed videos and notes that would help me to start my recovery and totally eradicate my anxiety. There were times that I did follow them but there were also times that I wasn’t able to do so because of some reasons: work, hectic schedules and the likes. One of the things that she shared to me (By the way, her name is Rachel Ramos) recently is the Ten Commandments of Social Anxiety wherein she wanted to encourage not only me but everyone to open your mouth because life gets easier and more fun when you do and right, I believe things started in a simple small talk but with us, people suffering in anxiety, this isn’t an easy thing. Just thinking about it made us cringe. Furthermore, Rachel also mentioned that “The people you brush past every day are not your enemies, nor are they your judges or critics. They are potential friends, lovers, collaborators, teachers, or employers who you are missing out on because of your anxiety.” Thus I gain the motivation to at least try not to be uncertain and overthink.


Now, here are the Ten Commandments to stop overthinking social situations. Rachel made a pretentious title to it so people could take them seriously.



I. No one is watching you approach and judging you for it. They are just as worried about being judged and criticized as you are.


II. Don’t worry if you’re shy or nervous when approaching; people will be nicer to you because of it.


III. Let go of your outcome. If you want nothing out of the interaction other than to speak to someone else, you have a 100 percent chance of succeeding as soon as you utter something.


IV. A rejection is not a comment on who you are as a person. It is simply feedback on something you did.


V. Instead of being outcome dependent, be learning dependent.


VI. No one will say anything as insulting, mean, and cruel about you as the things you tell yourself.


VII. Know that wherever you go, you are accepted. And if you don’t know it yet, then act as if it’s true until experience proves it.


VIII. More people than you could possibly imagine are looking to meet someone just like you.


IX.  The only failure is not approaching. Because the pain and disappointment of letting yourself down is much greater than anything someone else can say.


X.  And, finally…life is more fun when you open your mouth!


No matter how sucks social anxiety is, always remember that it is a treatable condition. You don’t have to forever feel the same the way. If you really wanted to recuperate, of course, you need to help yourself to be able to recover. Do not sulk into things that bother you a lot instead think of something that would hinder you from doing so.

Cheer up and live well.


© to the owner of the comic.


Thoughts on Improvements (being MORE CREATIVE than usual)

If you think you’ve got everything in line to be that creative human being, I’m pretty sure you can relate to this “10 tips to be more creative” thing that I got from When In Manila. But why do we need to be MORE creative than usual? Aren’t we satisfied enough with what we have become? Or we just wanted to have some improvements with ourselves?

It says here that in order for you to be more creative you have to:


  • Read more. Why read more when you think you’ve known enough? Nope, if that is your perspective, I’ll tell you what, you still need to because even the most intelligent person on this earth reads to gain more. Reading boosts intellectual quality: vocabulary, way of thinking and imaginative skills. You can now put creativity in relevance to this as an addition.
  • Listen to people’s success stories. To inspire yourself as simple as that. Start to feign their strategies because there is nothing wrong to that. This is most applicable to people who were lost for a long time. It doesn’t just improve your creativity but your path as well.thumb-student-groups.jpg
  • Don’t stop practicing. And here goes again the phenomenal quote when it comes to this matter, the “Practice makes perfect” inspirational saying. True to fact, it takes a lot of practice and patience to achieve things and most of them end up perfect or if not, satisfying. So keep on practicing and don’t stop.
  • Write/Draw your idea. To be able to have a precise and efficient output, you need to come up first with a neat structure of your ideas in that way you will be able to conceptualize better.
  • Make mistakes. We should always remember that committing a mistake leads us to unveiling new knowledge. The less you make mistakes, the less knowledge that you’ll garner.
  • Be curious. Curiosity triggers you to discover new things that would lead you to improve not only your creativity but also your critical thinking skills.thecurios.jpg
  • Be open to criticism. Some people tend to get insulted when being corrected or being criticized. Maybe because they thought that they’ve mastered their line of work or what or probably they’re just not used to it. But let’s be real, criticism will develop your creativity especially when it comes to works that you do. You just have to be open to it.
  • Take breaks. Because you’re not a bot, everybody needs a break.
  • Break the rules. Spice up your mind. If you are seriously practicing to be more creative get out of that comfort zone and break the rules. More experiments, more outputs.
  • Love what you do. Because you should.wounded_heart_by_darkrone-d5nbpce.jpg


Now, let me tell you. In my opinion, I do not find any issues regarding one’s improvements but here’s one thing. If you are to seek an improvement with yourself, be prepared with the consequences that you are about to face. What am I talking about?

Improvements take a lot of sweat to work on to because there is no such thing as magic acts wherein you just have to wave a wand and then voila! You have improved. No. Improvement takes time to achieve. You just have to be prepared and aware that for you to be able to improve, you need to learn the hard way. If ever you chose to be more creative than usual, there is nothing wrong to that. That is good to know but again, it takes a lot of sweat, most especially needs a lot of perseverance.

” We cannot learn without pain. – Aristotle”


ABYSSRIUM: The enlightenment of the Lonely Corallite



Have you ever wondered if there’s a game that resembles your personality? How about a game that depicts what you have felt?

Believe it or not, I am fond of seeing the depths of the ocean though I wasn’t able to explore it for a single time, fishes and aquariums. I love how the sea creatures swim to their liberty and show how lovely it is to be surrounded by “friends”.


Abyssrium is a simple clicker or a tapping game that gained a genuine clicker-style due to its relaxing atmosphere. The music is light and comforting. The whole thing is just bliss to experience. Yes, the graphics were kind of mediocre but the game play really caught my attention.


When I first played the game, the introduction narrates a short story of a corallite:


“In the ocean’s dark

lives one small lonely corallite

creating life, one at a time”


Thereafter, I heard the relaxing sound of the game and saw the said corallite. By how it looks, you can easily tell and feel the loneliness that it felt throughout its entire life. The ocean were first to be seen as clearly empty. No plants, no fishes or any corals that can be seen. The objective of the game is for you to be able to give life to the lonely corallite(it is also referred as rock) by putting all the sea creatures, corals and plants. abyssrium interface.pngIn order for you to accomplish that, you have to focus on how you can unlock the remaining corals and fishes. There are actually a lot to unlock. You just have to be more persistent in tapping the corallite to earn more vitality (the floating bubble of hearts). Moreover, the game also features the new astounding computer technology which is the Virtual Reality mode that made Abyssrium even more exciting.

Now, on the onset of this blog I was asking about your certain resemblance to a game, if you ever found one.


Why did I ask that?


Simply because I finally found a game that has relevance to not only what I have felt but probably with you as well. Funny, isn’t it? But yes, Abyssrium had it. The introduction said it all. “…lives one small lonely corallite creating life, one at a time” and the look on the corallites’ face. I feel like I was staring to someone suffering to what I’ve had before. To be honest, I stared for the entire game interface for like a couple of minutes before I officially started the game.


Have you ever felt what it’s like to be in that part?


The feeling of being the lone stone that is no one to count on is very distressing. You probably have your circle of friends. Can you count on them in times of storm? Apparently, some will say yes. But let’s be real. These people appear like mushrooms and disappears all of sudden like a bubble. Isn’t it amazing? The problem here is we’re very kind enough to take them back as if nothing happened.

You were at your best when trying to lift them up but in terms of your own troubles you couldn’t do a thing. You’re lost on what to do. You know to yourself that it is contradicting but you just let it be because you feel like you need them. But no, they’re the ones who need you.

abyssrium complete.png

In Abyssrium, it was the corallite who give shelter for those sea creatures. That corallite needed circle of friends to ease the loneliness but do you think those sea creatures admired the lonely corallite in the first place? Think out of the game. Do you think those sea creatures wanted to be with someone who longs for happiness? Maybe, but if one of them will think about the way this corallite will overreact on some things, probably they wouldn’t want to be with that kind of person. (I am interpreting the corallite as a human being)


Furthermore, as you go along the game, you will see that the corallite says something like ” I have a mouth doesn’t mean I eat fish” it’s like how people treat others in their life. You have to tame them first for you to be able to be friends with them. Sad but it’s true. It saddens me whenever I see things depicting the inner part of myself. I know it wasn’t only I who have gone through this kind of sh*t (as I may call it) but seriously if one day you found yourself stuck in that lonely corallite’s situation, you will surely do whatever it takes just to garner friends whether they’re real or not. Desperately, you’ll need them.


We just have to be strong enough to let go and start to take a step in giving the chance for new people to come in.

By the way, as of now, my lonely corallite is on level 576. It was a bit lively compared to its first appearance.  I’m encouraging you guys to give it a shot because this one is really such a nice clicker-game, relaxing and indeed a good way to relief yourself away from stress.


Master of Cloaks


And when that day comes
You will summon yourself alone
Wear your attitude
See if it’ll works

You lifts your spirit through words
Supports them with unfathomable actions
Egocentric and undeniably conceited
Is it boon or bane?

Go and name your endeavors
Conceal your little envy
For if one has seen the manifestations
That filthy outlook will be your armor.


© to  A. Arcillas


“Death Becomes You” 2006 — Black and White Street Photographs of New York City by Matt Weber

Look at the poison leaching out onto the cement. Everywhere I look, I still see teenagers smoking and I find it hard to believe. When I was a kid of 13, smokes were 45¢ a pack. Fast forward 13 years and I can not finish a cigarette. My lymph nodes started burning so bad after […]

via “Death Becomes You” 2006 — Black and White Street Photographs of New York City by Matt Weber

The Hardships of Being Part of #TeamBahay


Last Friday, 30 July 2016 at MOA Arena, one of the hottest and most popular kpop group, BTS has finally performed in my country (Philippines) for the SECOND TIME, burning up the entire night of PH Armys with their hit singles “Fire”, “Save Me”, “I Need You” and more. The hype was absolutely real when I got to see all the updates from the group that I joined because even the plane where BTS was riding on was being tracked (or maybe the photo of the tracking image of BTS’ plane was from the airline itself. I don’t have the idea either) and also the preparation for the arrival of the boys were well-planned. All the #TeamAirport Armys who patiently waited for the boys to arrive, well-organized practiced the boys “Just One Day” as a surprise performance for them.


And you know the terrible part of it? I was neither on the concert nor at the airport. Sad to say, I’m actually part of the #TeamBahay.


You might wonder what’s with this hash tag.


For Filipino fans, the #TeamBahay is the worse situation you will be into when the day comes that your idols will be having their concert, also this hash tag usually trends when a certain superstar will get to perform in a particular country in which some fans who unfortunately failed to attend. It actually hurts because it was already the second time that BTS performed here and yet for goodness’ sake, I was not updated that it even resulted to my loss of chance to save money. I know I sounded like terribly dumb or what because they said fangirls are good at saving money. They are very diligent in saving money just to get their hands on their favourite group’s Albums, Official Merchandise and most awaited concert but then I wasn’t able to save. Honestly I really pity myself when I heard that it was only a week to go before BTS’ concert comes because I already had the realization that I won’t be there. So yeah, I have no choice but to wait for another concert to come which might happen next year. (Still a humor but I’m hoping they’re serious)


Now, let me tell you the hardships or MY hardships of being in the awful #TeamBahay in my own perspective. Surely, my co-team bahay Armys could relate to this.


  • No fan-cam, stolen photos, or even unexpected freebies from your idols for sure. Obviously if you were not able to go to a concert, you will have nothing to record or take photos on. blog photo for no.1.jpgYou’ll only rely on those videos uploaded in Youtube or worse you will only rely to your co-fandom’s fancam and stolen shots asking them to tag it you on Facebook. Goodness, isn’t that so sad??


  • The feeling of emptiness. When the thought of not seeing your idols personally hits you, you’ll surely feel empty because you know for a fact that it will take you another year to wait for their next concert in your country, that is if it really just a year to count. blog photo for no.2Sometimes a group or a superstar makes a comeback concert to your country after a year because they love the appreciation so I guess it will depend on the earned money during a concert. Also that feeling when your friends or co-fandom will get to attend the said concert and it’s just you who failed to do so… Goodness! It really sucks.


  • We cannot stop “the feels”. Have you ever felt that feeling when you were at home and you were stalking on your idols’ concert updates and suddenly you just started giggling and crying till you look stupid to the eyes of the people seeing you, that’s what I felt when I was at the office, sitting while stalking BTS’ concert photo for no.3 real.gif I really felt so broke that time, poor me.


  • You’ll only wish your idols “Good luck!” Yes, what else can we do? We were not in the concert to shout and cheer for them so we only had the few things to do the same, through social media: Twitter, Facebook, Tumbr…etc. and lastly through prayers. Good thing, they all worked. Kudos! Team Bahay!blog photo for no.4


  • You’ll be in your bedroom, making no noise and pretending that you don’t exist. Generally, this would be the worst thing that a fan could do during her idols’ event. Sometimes a fan can no longer take the pain of hearing and seeing those posted status about a certain event saying “OMG! Few hours from now, we’ll burn it up!”, “I’m gonna see my Chim Chim!”,#SoExcited” and lots of exaggerated thoughts due to excitement.
    blog photo for no.5.jpg
    Can someone stop them? I’m seriously dying inside. 

    There were some who ride on to their excitements but there were also some who just get hurt because they cannot relate.


Alright, enough with dramas I’ll just watch some of the printed selcas (a term to substitute in the word selfie to use as a shortened word for self-camera/self-capture) of my idols while playing their whole songs and I’ll do concert by myself. That would be the simplest thing that I could do to ease the negativity and melancholy that BTS concert has caused me because seriously I couldn’t get over as of now. Call me insane but that’s what I felt.


 Note to self: Be up-to-date. Save more money for unexpected events.





Animated movies where villains gone good


“I’m the bad guy, I don’t save the day, I don’t fly off into the sunset and I don’t get the girl.”


When it comes to superhero movies, today’s audiences come loaded with certain expectations: an emotional origin story, a menacing villain and the dynamic triumph of good over evil. As a fan of animated movies, I find it kind of boring to watch the same plots and endings where the good guys suffer in the beginning but in the end will win over the bad then, the bad guys will be sent to nowhere maybe in jail or what to prove that it worth the fight for the good because bad guys never win in the end of a story. Due to the unvarying plot twists, I’m pretty sure many people were craving for a different one.


We used to define villains as the antagonists, bad guy or the evil one in every movie, also the enemy that contradicts the entire good deeds of the hero. Through the years animated movies producers has came up with a different plot twist where your detested villain will get your sympathy because they somewhat changed side and gone good.


Before we go further, an article from Wikia cited several ways (which I also agreed) a villain can redeem themselves.

It can either be:

  • The villain is a hypnotized, brainwashed or possessed pawn who does not know they are being controlled until they are freed, is grateful to whatever hero freed them so they ally with them.


  • The hero reveals to them that their actions are actually causing harm, or tries to conform them. The individual chooses their desire for righteousness over what they have done, and/or decides the hero had helped them see what they were doing was wrong, and becomes a full-time hero.


  • Choosing their family over evil. This usually happen with villains who have families and to care for them. They realize that their actions are actually hurting their spouses, children, siblings, or any other members in their family so they change their ways.


  • Betrayed by their fellow villainous allies/bosses, which made them choose to turned to the good side. After they tasked to antagonized hero and their deed success, their allies/bosses dump them away or tries to kill them straight away, in either way the so-called villain escape.


  • Being memory-wiped or brainwashed into becoming a hero and deciding that they like their new personality and life better than their old ones when they inevitably learn the truth. It was mentioned that this is the rarest and most controversial form of a villain redeeming themselves since they did not turn good by their own free will and essentially had to be programmed into being good. It is reserved only for villains who would normally be a (Complete Monster) under their circumstances, we, as the audience or readers met them as a hero first, not knowing they are brainwashed or have fake memories. The “hero” does not know this either and is just as horrified as the viewer when they learn the truth about the horrible things they have done or regain their real memories. But they have spent so much time as a hero and living with an artificial good personality that they choose their new life over their former one and become true heroes.

I see, so let’s have a reminder to note then. If the character that we think is the hero or the protagonist is currently in an “On and Off status”, meaning still having some issues with not only themselves but with his/her life, let us not tag them as the “Good Guy” or “the Hero” unless they stayed good right up the very end of the story.

In relation to all of this, I have listed animated movies where the villains or some of the villains who took a big part on a certain movie, changed sides and gone good.



  • Megamind

I have chosen Megamind being on my top list because of one thing, he portrays the villains’ good side. A certain part in the movie where Megamind claimed that he is nothing but a villain saying he doesn’t save the day and worse he doesn’t the girl, has proved it. It was actually my favorite part and line there. The two fight each other until one day, almost accidentally, Megamind destroys Metro Man. The film then explores what happens to evil when good is no longer present. This scenario gives an idea to Megamind to create his new nemesis to supposedly fight against him turned out it simply backfires his expected result so he had the urge to save not only the entire day but the girl he began to love. Generally, the movie wanted to send this simple yet deep message to us, audience, “Destiny is not the path given  to us, but the path we choose for ourselves” We always have the option to change ourselves as long as we know that it’ll be beneficial.Megamind blog photo

  • Wreck-It-Ralph

Having that feeling to be loved by your fellowmen is what Ralph only wants. This leads him to reveal his desire to stop being the bad guy and tell his fellowmen that if he won a medal like what Felix (the hero) does in their game, he would earn their respect. He got a medal in a certain game where he was about to cause a huge destruction on the entire game central. He met a young trouble-making “glitch” from a candy-coated cart racing game that will teach Ralph what it means to be a Good guy and they actually did it. Ralph gained the respect of his fellowmen and became the good guy though not literally in the game but to his personality. I will never forget my favorite line “I am bad and that’s good, I’m not good and that’s not bad”Wreck_it_ralph_art.png


  • The Despicable Me

Being a super-villain is never a hard task for a Pro like Gru. He was able to plan great objectives to accomplish until three orphans who look at him and see something that no one else has ever seen: a potential Dad has entered his life. He finds that the orphans love for him is profoundly changing him for the better making him the good guy in the movie.Gru_in_the_bank_of_evil


  • Monster’s University

In this movie, I actually find two, should I call them villains hmmm… Yes, two villains– Sullivan and Dean Abigail Hardscrabble.

At the first scene of the movie, it was Mike Wazowski who became the protagonist because the story focuses on his life alone until the lazy happy go-lucky student Sullivan ruin his life and well, make it more challenging. He gone good when their dispute ends due to the accidental break of a cylinder containing the greatest achievement of the one of the top scarer among all the monsters in that university — Dean Abigail Hardscrabble. She gone well at the end, (maybe that how it was supposed to happen) when she was amazed by how Mike and Sully survived in a terrible incident.


  • Ice age

Back when the Earth was being overrun by glaciers, and animals were scurrying to save themselves from the upcoming Ice Age, a sloth named Sid, a mammoth named Manny, and a saber-toothed tiger named Diego are forced to become unlikely heroes. Well, Diego is not in their side in the first place. He was just attached to the child; it was the one who changed him. The three reluctantly come together when they have to return a human child to its father while braving the deadly elements of the impending Ice Age. As to what I have observed in the movie, the humans were the real villain in the movie other than the natural phenomena, Ice age because they hunt animals especially those who they proved that stole the child. Humans turned the other way around when of course; they see the child bringing back to them.Ice Age humans

  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Everybody loves Christmas, don’t we? We do but the Grinch didn’t. In this movie, his life was narrated on how and why he hated the Christmas. There was actually a book originally created by Dr. Seuss where the movie of course got the concept. They just made a live action of it still the original version was there. The Grinch’s envious feeling towards the Christmas got worse that he even wanted to stop it from coming. He was befriended by Cindy Lou Who, who helped him to understand the deep meaning of Christmas. If you have watched this movie, I’m pretty sure you loved it because I really did and I honestly wanted to watch it right now, right after I finish this blog.jim-carrey-How-the-Grinch-Stole-Christmas.jpg


Among all these animated movies, I have learned five things:


  • Fix everything by ourselves and stop putting the blame to others because it won’t help either. It will only make things worse.


  • At some point in your life you will be forced to make a decision between what is right and what is not.


  • Find your own path. At first, it was hard, definitely because we are all clueless of what we will become but soon if we chose to focus on what makes us happy, we will found it.


  • Be unique. We are all different in all ways so I always have this question, why do some people keep on hiding their true identity, I mean their attitude, personality and the likes or who are they for real. Being unique is what makes a man beautiful so it is important to exercise the truthfulness to one’s self.


  • Learn all the essence of life. Let us not be blinded by our materialistic minds. Focus on what is the real meaning of a certain thing. There are lots of things that seem to be as it is though it is actually not like that so being mature enough to understand those is very essential to a human being.


There you go, the animated movies were the villains gone good. Honestly there were all based on my favorite’s list so you may find it a few. If you wanted to add more, please let me know. I would gladly read them and if I have time, I’ll add them on the list.

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