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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — When you’re looking for love, most consider common ground a good place to start. “You have to have the same morals, and the same values,” said Leslie from Philadelphia. Fellow Philly resident Christina told Eyewitness News, “You got to like the same type of food, actors, movies.” Yvette Williams of the Northeast…

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Men’s guidelines to end their girlfriends Valentine’s Day in seventh heaven



No more than two weeks before Saint Valentine’s Day. Some men already have plans how to make that day unforgettable and special (at least for them) and also there were some who until now clueless of how are they going to celebrate this so-called lover’s day (because people usually celebrate it with their partner) with their girlfriends. Just in case, you’re one of those men who haven’t planned anything yet this guidelines to wrap-up her Valentine’s will, I think, help you figure out what would be the perfect date or To-do for your girlfriend consider the coming Valentine’s day UNFORGETTABLE.


So here it goes.


First of all, we both know there are different types of women in this world: the chic, the geeky-woman, the one-of the-boys, the conservative type…just to name a few. If you’re following my site, you are probably familiar with my blog “What other people think on a boyish chic?” from there, I mention the types of women not to mention the blog really focus only to what are those boyish chic. Who are they, what they do and what they feel towards people who bad-mouthed them due to misinterpretations.


  •  Walking, strolling on a park enjoying the beautiful and captivating scenery of nature around you would be the perfect Valentine’s date for your nature-lover girlfriend. Simply because this type of women appreciate the beauty of her surroundings just as how she appreciates your presence. If you’re going to ask me between day and night of roaming around the park, I prefer during the night not only because I am not used to bunch of people but also because I do not like the brightness of sun.

for movie watching cinemas.png

  • Watch all the hot and trending showing movies in cinemas talk about Fifty shades Darker, everybody’s waiting for that controversial movie and surely you’re movie enthusiast girlfriend will enjoy it, knows all the movies to watch on that day and if you’re lucky, she’ll be the one to choose it for you and you’ll never have to worry choosing which of them she’ll like.

Want some suggestions? John Wick, The Space Between Us, Havenhurst, The Lego Batman, The Great Wall…


  • A day of food-trip. Oh yes! Food! , says your foodie girlfriend. It is not that she’s a glutton maybe she just adores food that much. Obviously, a date with all the food that you’ve been longing to taste around you is the best Valentine’s date ever for a food-lover lady. Surely you won’t be surprise if you get yourself broke just for a day. It’s good to have back-ups, right?


  • Valentine’s Day filled with extreme adventures is what your fearless and outgoing girlfriend would definitely enjoy. Let her try the next levels of zip lines, bungee jumping, sky diving or maybe go hiking as well, end your date night pampering yourselves on a spa to relax.  Why not try the wine bath at Aire Ancient Baths in New York City (I just saw this featured on Insider travel)

Couple browsing in a bookstore in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin Germany. Image shot 08/2009. Exact date unknown.

  • A stroll to book museums bounded by collections of classics and modern books, miniatures and exhibits matches your geek and artistic girlfriend who appreciates arts and literature of all ages. It doesn’t matter if you do not feel the same (because I could sense a little violent reaction from men out there) by just keeping yourself occupied through exploring the place, checking out the pieces would surely eliminate your mind from being uninterested to the place. Look at your girl; if she enjoys it, aren’t you supposed to feel the same? Don’t forget to buy her a new book before the date ends!


  • Stay-cation: movie marathon, games enjoying your Xbox or Playstation, eating whatever you both feels to buy, a simple and gamer girlfriend will surely mark the coming Valentine’s day fun and already special most especially if you let her win in all the games that you’re going to play. (Silly.) But seriously, gamers love to play all the games it doesn’t even matter if it decades old if it is still fun to play, they will play it. So if you wanted to make your girl exuberant and glad make sure to buy a new game earlier by now, you never know how much it’ll surprise her especially if you get to buy those that would squeeze her enthusiasm so much.


And lastly,

make up.jpg


  • A collection of new make-up kits: lippies, the limited edition mascara or whatsoever, the widespread black mask that could remove her white heads… etc. will absolutely make your beauty-conscious girlfriend’s heart leaps. She takes care of her looks very much that she always wanted to look good in front of you. So when the time that you’ll buy her those that I’ve mentioned, she will probably thinks you appreciate her effort for that and I surely think you guys really do.


There you go the guidelines in making your girl perfectly fine this coming Valentine’s Day. I hope you get to take ideas from it if not, then you’re completely in trouble because YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME TO PREPARE!

I always love this quotation saying that once a person loves you, all the imperfections of him/her will all become beautiful. At the end of day, no matter how much time you consumed or the efforts that you exerts just to make that day special, little or not, your girl will surely appreciate it because it’s you who made it. I’m pretty sure she’ll do the same effort to make you happy on that day. Just appreciate her as well.


Good luck!

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Jesse HerzogHer guileless eyes draw you in like nothing you have experienced before. When she speaks, her voice reminds you of calming and sweet melodies. She flashes you her dazzling and warm smile and you are unable to look away. But don’t underestimate her. She is not a delicate flower to be admired for her…

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The Good Points of being Single


Let say for example, you are in a relationship as of NOW. You feel loved and cared of. You feel the intensity of affection as you two get along together for long time. You are being thought about. You can have whatever you need, sometimes. You have shoulders to lean on. You have your best friend/boyfriend. It feels good, right?


But have you ever thought of reverting back to the time when you were just alone, enjoying your own time doing the things that no one would care or no one will be worried? That time when the only person that could hurt you is just yourself alone. The only thing that you will cry about is when you have nothing to eat.

Let me ask you, haven’t you missed being single?


I have seen this quote saying “Single is not a status, it is a word that describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others.” I agree to this one. Why wouldn’t I do so? It actually lifts up the self-esteem of single people to be happy and stand alone. Recently, I was on a bus going somewhere just to stroll and enjoy myself when I suddenly thought of these perks and good points of being single. I would gladly share it all. You might realize certain things as well. Who knows?


  • You can play anytime and anywhere you would want to. Literally speaking here, for gamer like me I always find time to play my favorite video game so every time I think about getting into relationship, I always think that it might get ruined. Don’t get me wrong here. There are different types of guys. What if I got the “Kill joy” type? How will I focus on my games? And not only that, boyfriends tend to be worried at all times. Yes, there were some. I have this habit of playing my mobile games anywhere I’m at like on a bus, at parks and the likes. So if he’ll continue to ask how I am, I might lose the mood of playing my games. (Note: What I am stating here is my own situation. Sure, we’re not the same. And please, do not say it’s a childish thinking because to let you know, there were some out there who shared the same perception like mine.) Generally, it’s like if you are single. you are free.


  • Less expense – Why not when it’s just yourself that you need to spend your money on. Let’s be real. People in a relationship tend to spend more than those single people. Why? Think about the birthdays of each other. “Oh it’s your mom’s birthday, what to buy?” “Oh your dad is celebrating his 60th birthday, what something special should I buy him?” Did you guys get my point here? Once you got in a relationship, you stop putting yourself first you must consider your significant other’s side as well. Although, some will say, “But they were not asking for a gift, why bother to give something?” Nope, that will surely make your name starts to fade to your guy’s family. And we all know we hate that. So yes, if you are single, you have the higher chances to save more unless you’re such a glutton or materialistic. Beep~


  • NO worries about your significant other’s absence. Oh come on, people in a relationship is so guilty to this one. “Why is he not texting back?” “Seen??!” “He’s with his friends. Is there any girls there?” Stressful, isn’t it (I’m not trying to boycott people in a relationship. I’m stating a fact here, okay?) But face it; single people don’t deal with that.


  • Zero scrutiny on social media sites.”I accidentally searched my ex. Had to delete this one.” “Is there any way to delete my activity log? Babe will surely be pissed off.” Yup, every partner thinks at some point like that. You even have to delete your browser history due to malicious contents. With single people, that aren’t an issue, I mean there’s no issue about that.


  • Unexpected migration to a certain city, job opportunities and any other life altering decisions won’t be so hard. There will be no dramatic farewell to your boy/girlfriends because you think of what’s going to happen, the effects and how will it went. People in a relationship are simply having a hard time to be away from their partners because of two things: trust issues and changes. That’s self-explanatory, you know them to yourself. Now with single people, these are just easy to decide because all you need to deal with when it comes to those matters are your parents alone or maybe your friends.



There you have it the perks and good points of being single. Again, all of these things are for singles alone. In a relationship people might think about it as well. This is really nothing to do with break-ups. Independence could be gain also by someone staying at your side as long as you know for yourself that he/she is helping you to grow and not pampering you till you didn’t know how to stand alone.


Cheers to all single ladies and gentlemen. You guys are free to live on your own.











My mind is my secret, My words are my soul, My fear is a teardrop, My guilt is untold. Your face is my vision, Your voice is my sail, Your sex is remission, Your joy beyond pale. Our love will be legend, Our touch will divest, Our fate is to transcend, Our memory blessed. This […]

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During Christmas season, that time when people shop on the critical point of time, when the “SALE ITEMS” were about to be off and when you got stress due to being clueless of what to buy is a Christmas rush. Now, if this event just happened because it is nearly Valentine’s Day, that’s the title itself.

A week before the Valentine’s Day to come yet you’re still wondering what to buy or what to give to your dear loved ones or you still really have nothing with you. Reasons may vary. You might be busy and no time to work on that or you might have nothing to spend. Either of the two, still as a partner, you wanted to give a gift that is of course;

heart by graphics factory png_heart-44.png



You want it to buy in an expensive store because sometimes the people around your bae judge you by what your presents are. They do not believe that there is no such thing in love. So you know you are just avoiding the chatterboxes. But still, you have to remember if you are into expensive gifts, you must make sure that your gift will remind him of you. It is your choice to decide what it is.


Big word. Another holiday has passed and you just spent most of your money. Now, what to do?


Being in this kind of situation makes you want to just recycle things at home to create something special for your bae (letters, scrapbook, etc…) which is not bad. In fact, SOME guys (caps on for some… guys prefer things than letters. Just in my opinion) appreciate love letters because of the effort being exerted in the gift; the decorations and the sweet content as well.


When you read the word MEMORABLE, I’m pretty sure you think of albums, compilation of all the pictures of both of you or yes, the so-called “Scrapbook”. Why are scrapbooks memorable? Actually, it’s not just memorable.


It is totally sweet because your bae will get to remember all the memories that you shared, stolen shots that he look unknown due to dopiness, your anniversary and birthday celebration, how he looked like when he got icing all over his face and the fact that your bae have a girlfriend to keep and that is no other than YOU.



Are you going to buy gifts that your bae do not like? Of course, not! It is very important that whatever it is that you’re going to buy will surely like by your bae. It doesn’t matter if it would cost you too much as long as you catch that bright smile of him, it is fine. Always be with him. Pointing out at a certain thing, checking out random items might be a hint. He might give you a clue right away without a word. And the worse, you didn’t recognize a thing. (Kidding..)


Just to give an idea, if I was your girlfriend and vice versa, I would appreciate whatever it is that you will give. A love letter, a sweet scrapbook, gadgets or what… That’s fine. Love is priceless. We all know that. But the fact that you remember the one you love, that’s the big point.


So what I’m trying to say is that money is not an issue. The cost of the gift is nothing if you do not put love in it. A simple hugs and kisses will do and will surely make your partner’s Valentine’s Day special. Who knows what might happen? A hugs and kisses in return?


Let us spread the love and cherish the moment given to all the lovers around the world.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you, in advance.





How a dog touches one’s heart?

I was alone for several years ago, an independent person and an orphan as well. I am now living in my own path, my own life according to what I wanted it to be. There were also times that I am still longing for that thoughts, someone or people will care if something might have happened to me, will be there to think if I’m doing okay and the likes. I longed for people who could let me feel that I do exist even if I feel like I do not. Thought of people who will listen to all my sorrows and bleeds with me, and someone who will commemorate and spend time with me during special days.


To be honest, I was really hoping that one day someone will just step forward and volunteer as my life companion but that’s pretty impossible. All it takes to have someone in your life is to get to know each other first. Go out and have fun. Actually, I cannot do that, as an office staff I have a lot of stuff to do and I don’t want to cram and stress myself more. So I guess, I’ll just sit back and wait for that person.

That’s what I thought before I learn to love dogs. As you can see, I named my blog site as The Stray Russian Blue. To all the cat-lovers out there, it is pretty obvious that I named it after the Russian Blue cats which I love the most other than any kinds of cats.


I am not saying that I am no longer fond of cats but when I had an encounter to a stray dog near our office building, I don’t know. I just had this sudden feeling that I wanted to go near that stray dog and at least just take a look at it. His fur looks like a dark chocolate which shared the same color of his eyes.  I am actually not that kind of dog-lover because whenever I see them and vice versa, they really barked at me and it was so loud that as if I did something wrong to them. I know it sounds normal and just fine but what I don’t understand is, why is that there were other people around that dog aside from me yet they keep on barking towards me so loud? I really don’t understand. (If you have any idea about it, please let me know. Thank you.)


Going back, I get closer to the stray dog which was currently looking for something to eat inside a sack full of trash. I was afraid at first because it might bark and attack me so what I did is that I get something inside my bag, a sandwich for the dog to eat and it worked. That stray dog wasn’t that vicious. He was so scared that I think he doubted if he’s going to get what I offered. I realized that both of us were afraid of each other and it’s adorable to think of. I thought dogs were so aggressive that they will just attack strangers like me especially that stray dog. It came from nowhere. We never know, I never know what had happened to him before. I do apologize to make such judgments against dogs, it is just that I do not like to be surrounded by them before but at least now I know they were different.

I really wanted to stay much longer with that stray dog.  Unfortunately, I still have work that is waiting for me that time so I had to leave. I promised to get back to the dog during our lunch break for me to be able to feed him. And so I did but as expected, without someone to keep an eye on the dog, it will just go somewhere else. I suddenly felt alone again while I still tried to search for that dog not so far from the office location.


My vision towards dogs changed after I had this encounter with that stray dog that I named “Chuchuy”, because if you try to say it, It sounds cute that resembles to a small but no longer a puppy kind of dog just how “Chuchuy” looks like.


Now, I am longing for a dog like “Chuchuy”, a gentle yet I know a playful dog that will be my best friend and could stay and never leave me till the end of the days.


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