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Take Your Time To Think

photo credits to Darius Foroux. I used to think that smart people are fast thinkers. “He thinks on his feet. He’s really smart.” I tried it for many years. Every time I faced a problem, discussion, or when someone asked... Continue Reading →


Stress Is The Enemy of Creativity

photocreditstotheowner. Getting started. Decisions. Stress. Persistence. Taking risks. ‘Don’t think about or talk about doing it, do it.’ Nick Comito • Louder Than Ten Perhaps the best cure for productivity is to simply get started—even if it’s the worst possible version of... Continue Reading →

A Day at The Oatmeal

"Today I don't feel like doing anything..." What a new song..   Yes, I really don't feel like doing anything today. Supposedly, I am to blog about weird and hilarious internet trends in 2016 but it seems like my focus... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Improvements (being MORE CREATIVE than usual)

If you think you've got everything in line to be that creative human being, I'm pretty sure you can relate to this "10 tips to be more creative" thing that I got from When In Manila. But why do we... Continue Reading →


  Just because it is handmade doesn't mean it was cheap. Whoever said this obviously never purchased craft and art supplies…Have you checked out Purl Soho (for great fabric and yarns), Casey Rubber Stamp (for different kinds of rubber stamp)... Continue Reading →

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