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All in a week?


We were so used to hear negativity around the media, so used that it no longer sounds unfamiliar to our senses, the killings, terror attack, and price hike, it appears to be just another day of terrible set of headlines that you may admit it or not, you simply don’t mind. This week does not come to its end yet but look at the horrific tragedy that had happened recently, it has left a horrendous affliction to every people around the globe.


  • The tragic explosion at Manchester Arena after Ariana Grande’s concert.

It was supposed to be a big night for Grande’s fans because they are witnessing the pop singer’s performance live, the supposed to be great night turned into a catastrophic event when an explosion has happened. 22 were reported to be killed and 120 victims were said to be injured. According to Chief Constable Ian Hopkins the attacker was carrying an improvised explosive device which he used on the said terror attack. The bomber without any specific witness, was said to be dead on the scene.



  • Invasion of ISIS related group in Marawi City on Mindanao.

President Duterte declared ‘Martial Law’ in Marawi City last night after hearing that the city is being invaded by Maute Group. Residents who posted their current state claimed that they were several armed men that have been scene to be roaming around the said city. Some of them also posted photos on Twitter to let the authorities know what was happening. These photos from one of the residents in Marawi show a burned down school building and people fleeting away from their houses due to the frightening deeds of Maute group (the said ISIS related group)

Twitter posts of one of the residents in Marawi City.

marawi 2


  • Bangkok hospital bombing.

According to an article published on Fox News World, the explosion happened at an army-run hospital where 21 people recorded to be wounded, one person stated to be severely damaged. The incident was said to come on the anniversary of military coup but Thai authorities claimed that they were not relating any incidents behind it.


There is no such thing as coincidence in tragedy, as to what I believe. You may want to ask yourself why it had happened during those times and day but you won’t find any answer. Why, because it happened already. Many lives have lost. No matter how used we are to these headlines; let us not forget to open our eyes on what is currently happening. These incidents served as a ‘wake-up call’ to their respective authorities, governments must act on an efficient plan for the security of its people and we, citizen should not do anything but to obey. Let us convince ourselves not to object, boycott and disobey from the precautionary action-point of the government no matter how suspicious we think the plans are. So long as the peril still arises and we still wanted to be safe and sound, what we can only do is obey the authorities and calm ourselves.

martial law.jpg
Open-mindedness is crucial at this point of time. Sorry but this man is absolutely stupid and egoistic.










Manchester Explosion Was Likely a Suicide Attack; Children Among the 22 Killed



British authorities said Tuesday that the deadly explosion at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester was likely a suicide bombing and that children were among the 22 people who were killed. At least 59 others were injured.

Ian Hopkins, chief constable of the Greater Manchester Police, said initial findings indicate that the presumed terrorist attack “was conducted by one man” who was found dead at the scene at the Manchester Arena. “The priority is to establish whether he was acting alone or as part of the network,” Hopkins told reporters.

“This is a complex and wide-ranging investigation,” he said, adding that more than 400 officers were deployed on the security operation and investigation. The area around the arena and Manchester’s busy Victoria train station remained cordoned off.

No statement of responsibility has yet been issued by an individual or group. If the explosion proves to be a suicide bombing, it would be the first attack of this type in Britain since several terrorists blew themselves up in a coordinated assault on the London transport system in 2005, killing more than 50 people.

British Home Secretary Amber Rudd said she would be attending a meeting of Prime Minister Theresa May’s emergency response committee Tuesday morning.

“This was a barbaric attack, deliberately targeting some of the most vulnerable in our society: young people, children out at a pop concert,” Rudd said. “Its intention was to sow fear; its intention was to divide. But it will not succeed.”

British political leaders, gearing up for a June 8 national election, have suspended campaigning temporarily.

Manchester has experienced terrorism before. In 1996, a bomb planted by the IRA caused heavy destruction in the city, but remarkably, no one was killed, though more than 200 people were injured.

“This was an evil act,” said Andy Burnham, the newly elected mayor of Manchester. “We are grieving today, but we are strong. Today it will be business as usual as far as possible in our great city.”

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Team bahay na naman ba, bes? Ariana Grande back in Manila for her album “Dangerous Woman” tour.



August 23, 2015, nearly two years ago when Ariana Grande held her first concert showcasing ‘The Honeymoon Tour’ here in Manila. The concert featured her first hit songs such as “Problem”, “Breakfree”, “Bang bang”, “The Way” and “Baby I”. I heard that night was a blast at oo, bes, I am one of those unfortunate fans who wasn’t able to attend the concert. Why? Error 404 IPON NOT FOUND. I was broke back then, broke in a way that I still have money but they were already distributed to all my expenses the following days. And now that I have given another chance to finally get to watch Ariana live mukhang 50:50 na naman. Mangutang? No, I don’t think it’s a reasonable thing to do it. Ang babaw naman masyado.


Bakit mukhang alanganin akong makapunta?


Four days ago, it was announced that Ariana Grande will be returning in Manila for her Dangerous Tour album that will be held again at Mall of Asia Arena and guess what? It was just yesterday, when the ticket prices for the said concert was revealed which has resulted to minutes of me in deafening silence of hopelessness. Why? Check out the photo below for the ticket prices.



What should I expect? Just like her previous concert ang mahal pa rin talaga, bes. Kunsabagay, si Ariana yan eh hindi naman yan indie band o kung sino lang kaya what to expect diba?  Kung makakapanood man ako, for sure, Gen Ad lang or worse pass na naman muna, Team Bahay na naman ako. Ang saklap eh. Ang nakakatawa dito, according to, the ticket prices are relatively lower compared to her last concert na kung titingnan mo naman ilang daan lang ang ikinamura.grande 2015 ticket prices.jpg

Well, except yung sa General Admission mas pinababa talaga ngayon. Ariana Grande’s coming concert will feature her R&B hits “Dangerous Woman”, “Be Alright” and “Side to Side” which is my favorite song of her till now.

I’ve been there all night…

I’ve been there all day

And boy, got me walkin’ side to side

I’ve been there all night

I’ve been there all day

And boy, got me walkin’ side to side (side to side)


Lagi na lang ba? Lagi na lang ba akong Team Bahay? No, I would not let it be like that forever. Sino bang may gusto na laging ganun? Gusto ko din silang ma-cover kahit once in a lifetime noh?

Makakapanood din ako and when that time comes, I would not write about this Team Bahay-thing instead I’ll share to you my unforgettable experience during that event together with the #TeamConcert!

Hintay lang, bes! Ipon- ipon din kasi.










Why I’m beginning to love audio books?


I usually read with a physical book or e-book on my hand, audio books has not been my thing through my past years of reading. I began reading from textbooks which was lent by the government, distributed to us way back when I was in grade school. After years of relying in different textbooks, I began to develop interest with novels and fiction young adult novels really got me.

Before I begin with my reasons of why I’m starting to love audio books, let me share the reasons why I don’t. Also, allow me to share a brief history of audio books based on what I have researched.

Basically, audio books are recordings of stories narrated by a person for people to enjoy. In history, audio books are known as Phonographic books, it was one of the original applications envisioned by Thomas Edison to support the blind (which would speak to blind people without effort on their part), and it was also meant to support people suffering from dyslexia. Dyslexia is a disorder that involve difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols, but that do not affect general intelligence. During 1950’s and 1960’s, phonographic books gain its popularity due to its benefits not only for people with disability but also to some institutions like schools and libraries which made way for these businesses to go ahead and take advantage of the opportunity.

Caedmon Record, one of the pioneers in the audio books business was formed in New York, 1952 by the help of two college graduates namely; Barbara Holdridge and Marianne Roney. Their first release was a collection of poems from Dylan Thomas whom was narrated by himself.

Aside from Caedmon records, Listening Library also took the opportunity to take part in the emerging industry. They are first to distribute children’s audio books to schools, libraries and other special markets. It was founded by Anthony Ditlow together with his wife in 1955 in their home in Red Bank, New Jersey. Ditlow was said to be partially blind.

Lastly, also one of the early pioneering company in audio books, was founded in 1956 by Arthur Luce Klein and his wife, Spoken Arts had produce over 700 recordings and were best known for poetry and drama recordings.

These early pioneer of audio books all benefited from LP Records, a vinyl record format which was soon considered as standard in the record industry. It plays a big help because of its capability to make longer recordings, is practical and more affordable. Indeed, audio books have been a great help in the 50’s to 70’s era and I believe till now. So, you may want to ask me why I don’t prefer using it. Though we are all aware that each of us is entitled to whatever it is that we want to use as a reading material. My reasons may be considered shallow to you but it is okay because I don’t mind it. As I’ve said, we are entitled with different perspective when it comes to our preferences in reading medium so your criticism is alright and In fact, I would be glad to know about it.

· I don’t prefer using audio books for the reason that I won’t be able to feel a physical book’s pages including its genuine scent.

· Hitting the previous button just because I was not able to catch-up to what it says or I misheard something will be a much waste of time than if I just turn a page back to read it again.

· I live in a country where internet is as slow as a turtle (most people called it “turtle-net”) so imagine I’m in the midst of listening to an audio book, playing my favorite novel or collection of poetry and then all of a sudden, it buffers. Isn’t it a great piece of interruption? Can you stand waiting for the audio to playback without the assurance of it not buffering again?

· The speaker’s reading speed. Although there is a modulation section in the app that I’m going to introduce later, this is still a factor that could affect people from using audio books, the speaker’s accent as well. Are you sure you’ll be able to understand every single pieces of word that a British speaker would say?

· It can probably reduce my reading efficiency. Why? Because I remember things better when I see them than just listen to them. I don’t know if we shared the same thoughts on it, this is how it’ll affect me.

I believe that’s all my reasons. You see, this blog is about why I begin to love audio books not mainly about why I just don’t like them and the likes. It all started just last week when I have found this audio book app on Google play store. It didn’t catch my attention at first because as I have said, I’m not into it. I don’t know, I just found myself reading its information, and how it works…etc. Curiosity, I believe. The reviews are appealing plus the eye-catching 24,000 free audio books from all-time favorite authors. The one I’m talking about is Librivox Audio Books. According to what I’ve read, the books can be streamed over the internet and can also be downloaded as a collection without any charge. It is also mentioned that you can even find books read by a favorite narrator. This app allows you to stop playback with a sleep timer, and unlimited bookmarks are available for each book. I tried this app once, yesterday to be certain and all I can say for now is that I kind of like how it was recorded, the voice that has been used on the first story, the accent isn’t that hard to comprehend. I’m just not sure if it’ll be the same on other books. By the way, the book that I have tried to listen to was the Grimm’s Fairy tales by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm which is a very popular classic book. There will be different speaker on every story; I’m hoping that they possess the same accent.

Overall, yes, I am beginning to love using audio books. I thank Librivox for creating such an influential app. I did state earlier my reasons why I don’t prefer audio books, right? I won’t just let this end without plotting my realizations, the advantages of using audio books and why I now prefer using it as one of my reading medium because similar to physical books and e-books, audio books also leave us with advantages that is worth giving a shot to know if it is really worth your while. Try and see for yourself.

· Listening to audio books is also one way to relaxation.

· While simply listening to it, you can do anything. Only if you know how to balance your focus to still comprehend on the story.

· I can jot down things that I find worth jotting down, sensible parts, you know and use it as one of my statuses on social media the next day.

· Just like reading a physical book or an e-book, I could go and play it back whenever I want it. I just badly need a good internet connection for this but I think a single book is enough to worth a while, right?

· I heard that many audio books are read by the authors themselves. So obviously, they know what mood or tone they were going to use when reading a certain line. Hearing a story with a good choice of mood and tone adds efficiency to listeners. Isn’t it amusing to hear your favorite author’s voice reading his/her piece?

“I’m kind of old-school and love nothing more than sitting, opening a book, and reading it. But I also love listening to audio books.” ~ Nick Cave

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Forgetting Mr. I thought — Right Thoughts on Moving On

I thought you were the sun in my desolated world, brighten my days no matter how hard you know it’ll be, the dew drops in my favorite flowers every morning making it more pleasant to my sight…

That day when you came, I began to believe in forever. I didn’t give a shit with all the people who claimed that there isn’t for I know they’re simply a group of bitter and who knows, loveless humans. I have believed in love because of who you are when you’re with me, that I’m just me when I’m with you. You accepted my entirety, whom I thought will be hard for any body. Ever since we started dating I could feel something odd between us but I didn’t mind it. You know I didn’t because I care about us, our relationship matters to me that much as if for me it’s perfect. I didn’t mind my instincts. You know I’m an overthinker but I didn’t see any adjustments from you, your words that are way insensitive and your time that I’m afraid you don’t know how to manage slowly drifting you away from me.

I was your buddy, in those tiny hopes, I wish I was, your №1 fan, your cheerleader, your motivator and your inspiration in all the things you do. Do you think I am? Have we shared the same thoughts? Or it’s just me who thought of it all. We are in- love, I know in the deepest part of my mind, in my shallow heart…

We are and now we were.

I keep on believing that ‘us’ would work

For I thought it was you all along, that belief is truly flawed, a mistake.

Have you ever felt like being neglected?

Like when we were supposed to be enjoying our day but there you are, doing your thing as if I’m a piece of disturbance.

Am I?

I feel like a child asking for attention — No, sometimes, I feel like begging for ‘your’ attention.

“I don’t deserve this”, I thought to myself. “I deserve better than this.”, but then, there’s a part of me saying,” Yes, I don’t deserve this but d*mn for you I won’t mind it.”

I’ve had enough, I finally come to realize that I really deserve so much better than what we are.

My mother once said, “Whatever reasons it may be, a man will stay if he truly is in love.”


Because you stayed, ‘You’ stayed.

Not your heart that’s capable of loving…me.

From this day on, mark my words.

You won’t hear a thing from me. PM’s, DM’s nor texts, anything. You won’t see my name on your notifications for I would no longer hit that LIKE button to support you from whatever it is that you work on. Child-like, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter, it’s my simple way to let you know I’m moving on and I’m trying to get over you.

With all my strength, I’ll dispose all the stuffs you gave me. Your calligraphy that I have loved and admired so much the first time I saw it and luckily you’ve given to me…everything. It’ll be hard, yes. But I can assure you I can. You can expect to see precious tears running down my cheeks because I hardly believe there will be. No worries, I can handle myself unlike you who doesn’t even try to scrutinize my being to understand how to handle someone like me.

I wish I could just travel through time so I would know how ‘us’ will end up.

I wish I’m just like you who could easily give up and turn back from us.

How I wish this has never happened but for some reasons, I am quite grateful because you didn’t left with nothing.

You taught me…

Not to love much as long as I felt that the feeling is mutual. You taught me to beware and be aware of unrequited love.

You were supposed to be my Mr. Right because somehow you made it right. Now, it turned out you were just one of those Mr. I thought — Right who only shows love and affection in the beginning but will never be till the end. I will get over you. Not today, probably tomorrow or maybe till our eyes meet, again.

“I don’t know what to say,” he said.

“It’s okay,” she replied.

“I know what we are — and I know what we’re not.” The End, Lang Leav


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What it means when you can’t answer the question, What do you want to be when you grow up? —

Not all of us are born with one main interest — and we should see that as our biggest strength, not our weakness, says Emilie Wapnick, a writer, coach, artist (and then some). Do you remember being asked, as a little kid, what you wanted to be when you grew up? When I think back,…

via What it means when you can’t answer the question, What do you want to be when you grow up? —

Milk and Honey written by Rupi Kaur


It was November 2014 when Rupi Kaur self-published her first collections titled ‘Milk and Honey’, a collection of poems and prose about struggles and life. The collection is divided into four chapters: the hurting, the loving, the breaking, and the healing which individually denotes the author’s experience in love, loss, pain, and recovery.



I honestly prefer every poem and prose written on this book as notable because they really are. Every single line denotes Kaur’s deep emotions. It almost as if the poem was meant for me, as if I was struggle the same or as if I’ve experienced the same.



I loved the fact that this book is self-published. Before, I thought self-published books couldn’t make it to the market.  I thought people only turn their attention to books from well-known publishers and that if your book doesn’t belong there, people might just ditch them. I don’t want that to happen. I want my future book to be read by people. Rupi Kaur has enlightened me, given me courage to just keep on doing what I love, expect less and simply, see the outcome.

I don’t know why Kaur didn’t prefer to have a publisher or maybe like me, she doesn’t have the courage to try sending her manuscript. Her reasons may vary and it’s okay. Consequently, when Milk and Honey became a success, it leads her to Andrew McMeel publishing releasing it under their name on October 2015.


Overall, just like what I’ve mentioned on my preferred notable passages, I loved every single thing in this book: the illustrations which are personally illustrated by her, the lines, its structure and the plain black cover of this book.




The idea of violence, loss, heartbreak, how an individual survives all of those pains is definitely a good concept for people to watch. I don’t know how they are going to create an adaptation of this, maybe a theatre musical or a theatre acts will do since it’s a collection of prose and poems. Yes, I’d love to see it on big-screen.



No. The concept is too mature for very young readers. I think they could just tell what this book is all about in a simple and nice way, in that way, they will understand the book.

RATINGS: 5 stars for the concept/idea, 4 stars for the plain black cover with honey bees, 5 stars on the contents, various prose and poems.


Know more about Rupi Kaur here:


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Why I wanted to watch 13 Reasons Why and yet I haven’t done so…

I’ve seen this book a couple of times before it became a television series released on NetFlix. For some reasons, it didn’t catch my attention maybe because that time, I was searching a specific book which was urgently needed. Now, it has been one of the most anticipated adaptations. It was released on March 31, 2017 and here I am flooded by everyone’s commentary, friends asking me to check it out or give the book a shot to read which lead me to go ahead, try and just watch the series though first of all, I do not have an account on NetFlix (probably my №1 problem here).

The book was written by Jay Asher which was published under RazorBill. The story revolved around how Hannah Baker, a high school student, life has ended. In the book, the story is told from the perspective of Clay Jensen, Hannah’s classmate who has been in love with her through numerous flashbacks from the cassette tapes that has been anonymously dropped on his doorstep. Each tape states the reasons why she committed suicide, which also includes the people behind the trigger to do so. Before the tapes arrived on Clay’s mail, they were also sent to those particular people.

So basically, the book is about teenage lives, a definitely awareness to some that do the same or shared the same experience of Hannah Baker, who has been ruined by the detrimental emerging “youth”, Hannah was abused, physically, mentally and emotionally by the people within her school. This is not an odd- happening, right? You could possible witness the same scenario anywhere most especially in your school or at home. Out of curiosity, I’ve read reviews about the book, among all of them; I find this review on-point or enlightening especially to people like neither me who haven’t watched nor read the book yet.

This review was taken from Goodreads. Credits to the rightful person.
Continuation of the featured review.


Indeed, Thirteen Reasons Why is both a must-read and watched but why I haven’t done so?

Three things;

First, I am currently reading a popular contemporary novel which already had its movie adaptation in 2009, The Time traveler’s Wife which was written by Audrey Niffenegger in 2003. The movie left a bitter-sweet feels in me and I’m in the midst of comparison whether the book will also do the same. What are the events that didn’t make it to its adaptation? Surely, there were some or maybe a few. Who knows? I am adamantly curious that I couldn’t abandon this book for a while just because I got intrigued with a controversial book. It definitely can wait till I finished this book. It doesn’t matter if I get to watched 13 Reasons Why when the hype is over, abandoning books that I’ve began reading is not my thing.

Second, (Sure, you’ll find this a shallow or a lame reason) as what I’ve mentioned earlier, I don’t have a NetFlix account. I don’t usually watch on it because I don’t know, I’m not interested? Or maybe I just got use to watch in YouTube. Sorry.

And lastly, I haven’t tried watching 13 Reasons Why also because like Hannah Baker, I am depressed. Not because of school matters but due to random late night thoughts, every day stuffs, everything. I can’t tell you specifically my countless reasons why because even I don’t know where to start. I am okay, the thoughts of ending my life doesn’t pop out of mind. It did before, but I do not have the courage to do so because just like the others, I’m afraid. I’m afraid of the amount of blood that will come out rushing through my skin. I’m afraid of what will happen next. Reading has been a good therapy for me and somehow, I slowly forget what I was anxious about. Slowly but at least it helps. Even if The Time Traveler’s Wife turned out to be a boring book that would lead me to stop reading it, I wouldn’t mind watching 13 Reasons Why,now that I also heard, how Hannah Baker killed herself will be portrayed.

It is a good book, television series but I’m afraid. I will be watching it but not this time, not till I recover and get a little better.

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BOOK REVIEW: History is all you left me written by Adam Silvera

After my heart-wrenching experience reading the book of Jasmine Warga, My heart and other black holes, I have just let my heart get shattered into tiny pieces reading Adam Silvera’s second book, History Is All you left me.

Having a nonlinear narrative type of storytelling (Correct me, if I’m wrong), Adam’s book begins on the “supposed- to-be- the ending” of a typical tragic story where a significant character died. Griffin mourns the death of his first love/ ex-boyfriend, Theo who has drowned himself in California where he was sent to study. Griffin and Theo knows each other since they were in middle school. They both know what each other are fond of: Griffin, a Potterhead, Theo, a Star wars fan, also obsessed with apocalypse thingy. Everything seem so well for them way back in the beginning of their relationship, only when Theo retorts that he will be studying in California. Afraid of the consequences, Griffin decided to break up with Theo but unlike the ordinary break-ups, Griffin and Theo remains in good terms which turns out a punch on Griffin’s face when Theo met a guy that he began to like, Jackson.

Griffin suffers from OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) who already took part in his daily living, like when he always wait for the even number to appear every time he’ll do something like calling someone and always taking the left side. His compulsions got worse when Theo died and surprisingly, it was only Jackson not even Wade, Theo’s best friend who eventually became Griffin’s friend, who could understand him because they both love Theo and he knows that there are puzzle pieces hidden on Jackson that may give answers to Griffin’s curiosity. Who was Theo when he’s with Jackson? How did Theo drown? And what about his friendship with Wade?

I’ll cut it here because I still couldn’t handle the intensity of feels that I got after finishing this book. And I would highly recommend you readers to read on for you to see and of course, feel the intensity of heartbreak and feels that I am talking about. I want you guys to feel what it’s like to sob late at night and on a fire exit (I continued reading the remaining events there not only because it’s secluded also because I got in the office very early. One of the perks of being an early bird, I guess.)


· Secrets can turn people into liars, and my lying days are behind me

· People are complicated puzzles, always trying to piece together a complete picture, but sometimes we get it wrong and sometimes we’re left unfinished. Sometimes that’s for the best. Some pieces can’t be forced into a puzzle, or at least they shouldn’t be, because they won’t make sense

· Every time a new old song comes on, I’m being resurrected. This is the true power of history. Old memories and feelings are being revived, and I’m not complaining. It’s like I still have the fatigue that got me to quit the song in the first place, but I don’t mind being woken up to it for a little bit.

· “The world didn’t end,” Wade says. “You stayed in the moments.”

· There’s nothing wrong with someone’s saving my life, I’ve realized, especially when I can’t trust myself to get the job done right. People need people. That’s that.

· History remains with the people who will appreciate it most.


It’s structure. How it was written which I found well-done. I love Adam Silvera’s idea of making a dead character feel like his still alive. His usage of the pronoun “you” made his readers grasp Theo’s view as Griffin used it to refer to Theo as if he’s just talking casually to him.

The same-sex relationship in a book is honestly new to me. I love how Griffin’s parents support his sexuality. It is actually the first book that I have read having this kind of relationship. I thought it’ll be an awkward reading for me along the way but as the story goes on, it didn’t matter maybe because my attention is on the idea of loss, heartbreak, and still living. It’s contemporary, though. I’ve been eyeing books on the said genre this month so no matter what kind of relationship is involved, it doesn’t really matter.

And oh, before I forgot to mention, I so love the songs Adam Silvera has featured most especially “Be still my Heart” by Postal Service. I played this one right when Griffin began to mention it. Here are the other featured songs that I hope you guys spare some time to listen to.

  • All Night by Icona Pop
  • Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand
  • Hold On by Wilson Philips
  • Carry Me by Family of the Year

I hope I didn’t miss any.


Some of you may want to ask me why I included this question on my book reviews and my answer is pretty simply. Several books has been taken for adaptation nowadays and things like, Will what I have imagined in this book between what will happen if it became a movie will match? I wanted all the books that I’ve read to come to life. Which is why I’m sorting out books that I would gladly watch or worthy to be watched on big-screen.

History is All You left me is also one of the books that I wanted to see on big-screen. The only reason is its structure. While I was reading this book, I already imagined what it would be like if it’s a movie, it’s nonlinear narrative so I imagined it will be like The Lorax who went from past to present.

And overall, I love the heavy feeling that it has given to me. I’m kind of curious if it’ll be the same once portrayed by actors and actresses. I hope.


No. It is safe to say that only matured enough people is recommended to read this book.

RATINGS: 5 stars for the concept/ structure of the entire story, 4 stars on the cover, 4 stars on the flow of the story

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