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12 Oddly Satisfying Things In Life: The Little Things Can Go a Long Way

Sometimes in life you have to appreciate the little things…

…even if they’re like, really little…

12. Waking up Before your Alarm

It always feel great when you can start off the day totally in control of what’s ahead! When I have small victories against my alarm I feel like I have seized not just the day, but my life!

11. Coloring Inside the Lines

There’s something about pressing a crayon or pencil perfectly to a line and seeing the color fit inside the design so simply, but beautifully. And then getting to pat yourself on the back for not going outside the lines on the page…Sometimes it feels like you just accomplished the most particularly difficult task in the world…

10. When a Kid Laughs at your Dumb Jokes

I love telling Knock Knock jokes to my neices. They give me the belly laughter that adults would only roll their eyes at. It makes me feel like I’m a comedic genius even though I just stole the jokes from popsicle sticks and Google.

9. Perfectly Wrapped Presents

Sadly this is an art I have trouble mastering. I usually bribe someone with cookies to do this for me. But boy do I love the feeling of an ugly box looking so damn beautiful after the pretty paper is pressed and folded onto it…


8. When You’re About to Brake for a Red Light but it Turns Green Instead

Ok I’ll admit it I have this weird obsession with wanting to save as much gas as possible…so I’ll go reaaaalllly slow when I see a red light in hopes that it will turn green and I won’t have to start the gas pedal up again…

It drives the passengers in my car crazy sometimes. Sometimes I literally sing out, “YES!” when the light turns green so quickly…

I’m very easy to please in this way.

7. When Someone Guesses How to Spell/Pronounce Your Name… and they Get it Right!

I never experienced this until I got a new last name after marrying my beloved sweetheart Jonathan Chew

I had no idea how many ways people could spell the last name Chew!

I’ve gotten ChuChoChoo and sometimes even Shoe

6. Falling Asleep to the Sound of Rain

I love rain. Absolutely just adore it.

But only…when I’m inside.

It’s a wonderful feeling to be cozy and snuggled inside a bed of blankets, listening to the soft pitter-patter outside…

In a way, it makes me feel more adventurous, falling asleep with nature beside me (safely and nicely outside that is…)

5. Positive Quotes

I recently wrote an article about this, but I love little blurbs of bliss, especially ones that hit you with a beauty and feeling you couldn’t quite put into words until you read it perfectly there…right there in that quote…

4. The Perfect Level of Toastiness

I can’t tell you how many pieces of bread I’ve burned, how many times I’ve had to put the toast right back in the toaster again because it wasn’t crisp enough (and how many times I’ve scared myself waiting for the toast to pop out as I watch intently to see if it’s ready) But there’s always those times where…


The toast comes out and it’s just perfect!

3. The Natural Smell of your Lover

Sometimes I can’t help it, I have to smoosh my nose to my husband’s head and just…smell him. He constantly asks what I’m doing and reminds me he hasn’t even washed his hair yet…but I tell him noooo it’s ok! It is the BEST smell in the world and I want candles and perfumes that smell like him forever…

Ok I’m a weirdo.

2. Peeling the Plastic off of New Things

Please let me do it for you. I love this so much. I can’t explain. I just…mmmmmm….

1. When You Get the Long Piece in Tetris

I don’t know if there’s anything in life really more satisfying than this. Sometimes when I’m playing Tetris and I haven’t gotten the straight tall piece in a loooong time I just feel as if nothing in life is going right. I start asking things like,

Why me?!

Why now?!

Does some higher being hate me?!

But then the long piece comes and all is right in the world again.

This post from Mandy Chew really made my day. I’m hoping it made yours as well. See her original post here:

Why contentment and acceptance is a must in Life?



(Romans 12:2) Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.

The past few days I come to realize that we, people have so much to want in life. We want the new released phone in the market, the 40 inches wide LED TV, the newest gaming console or even the hair styles celebrities have been trying to put on trend. We always want what the others have that it turns out some people aim to work to fulfill those wants regardless first its needs. Some would even have the guts to display wealth knowing deep inside she’s already broke and in debt. Isn’t it awful to think that we strive so much in life because of envy and greed?

We work to live. We don’t live to work.” quoted by a certain person who values life. We were not born to work till we die. Work is made only for living. Balance the time, it’s precious we should make a life out of it. This may seem very simple to adhere but look around you, often time people bury their time for work having ample time to take rest or even get to bond with their family because even their weekends were usually occupied. The reason behind it?

It varies. Some would say, it is to support her children’s educational needs, his sons wish to have his own VR, to buy a new car, to buy that signature bag as a gift to oneself, to save more money in the bank and the list goes on…

You know what, their reasons are sensible because even I have my own wants and needs, we all have but what I’m trying to say is all those things that we were trying to achieve may come in TIME, what people have to keep in mind not only today but must be always is the value of CONTENTMENT and ACCEPTANCE of what we have in the meantime.child.jpg

We both know why. Contentment gives us the feeling of satisfaction whether on little or great things. When a person is contented, he/she are not only contented with things but also with its other half, everything is enough for them and there is no room for wanting so much in life. Acceptance lets you free from envy, and would surely make you work with grace and peace of mind. So why stress yourself from working so hard.

All things will fall into right places in the right time. I don’t see any reason to rush into things. Is it because of the saying “Life is short”? They say it’s short because there is no exact end for everybody why don’t we just live life to the fullest then Trust God’s plan and just live life. He has so much for you and all you have to do is to have faith in him and do your thing. Don’t stress out too much. Give yourself a break.






Things I learned from re-watching the movie, Ballerina

If you could still recall, it was in January 2017 when Ballerina was released in theaters. The movie tells about the story of an orphan girl who strives to fulfill her dream to become a famous ballerina. Together with her best friend, the two began their journey as they slip away from the orphanage. I’ve been watching this movie last Saturday and guess what? That was the 5th time that I have spent my spare time for just watching it. I don’t know it has been such a good motivation for me since the day that I have watched it. It never bores me in fact, I have a couple of favorite scenes in this movie, few gems, and a little slap on the face realization that I would gladly share to all of you.


Ballerina taught me…


This movie paints a picture of a poor little girl struggling in life, lost … nobody but look at her, her persistence and courage has been her strength to achieve her dreams.


That no matter how powerful is your competitor, don’t just yield and let them win the game. Felicie, the poor orphan girl has encountered the most powerful people during her early age. She stole the identity of Camille, daughter of Regine Le Haut, the wicked sneering antagonist. Surely, it must have been so much for her to be humiliated and threatened but Felicie did not just stoop down (well, yes it damaged her self-confidence but she didn’t give up that easily), she stand up and fight for what she ever dreamed of–dancing.


Passion is the key.

Oh, we all know this. You will never do something fulfilling without putting love in it. Ballerina illuminates the people that no matter how deep are your depiction of your expertise in a certain skill, what is lacking could always be seen.


In a way, Ballerina is simply a wake up call to movie producers/directors/writers because what they are trying to draw to its viewers is quite discomforting. Here are a few points:


Ballerina wants us to know that

People usually judge based on status. Remember when Felicie coincidentally found the Opera? She was accused of stealing when in fact she was only earnestly watching a ballerina doing a little practice.

Well, it isn’t hard for someone to judge because she looks like a street children and she’s one, actually. I just hope that next time producers and writers would be able to come up with a new movie portraying a different outlook with society. This is a children movie, aren’t it supposed to teach them positive outlook not only in life but also with the people in it?


Though you cheated and lied just to achieve something, it is tolerable once you proved that you’re better than the rest. Ah…Does that even make sense?


Rich people are cruel to poor people and that only those will help them is the people who are also poor. This is clearly a red flag for children. Not all rich people are inhumane, there are also some who rich out for poor people trying to help and supply their needs.


So basically, Ballerina is indeed a good movie. You just have to supervise your children while watching it because as to what I shared with you, there are things that needed to be explained to them to avoid the misinterpretation. Ratings? 4 out of 5, not bad though and I love this movie.

Stop Consuming. Start Creating.

 Photo by Twenty20.

How to be a Doer.

After a year of hard learning lessons as a founder, I lost my company.

I then took a job as the VP of marketing for a small startup. Six months later I was unemployed.

No one wanted to hire me. I even tried a Hail Mary pass by spending the last of my savings interviewing across California. After three months of countless rejections from recruiters and employers, I was broke.

I moved into my Dad’s small apartment. Without any space, we had to sleep in the same room. He slept on the floor. I slept on an air mattress.

I was mentally exhausted from failure. I took a low-pay copywriting job to pass the time and save money.

I stopped talking to many friends and isolated myself from the world to focus on self-improvement.

During this time, I read one-hundred-and-twenty books about business, psychology, and marketing. When I stopped reading, I noticed something.

My life hadn’t changed.

Even though I felt smarter, more creative, and capable, I was in the same place.

I had taken no action to get a better job, make more money, or create something valuable for others.

It was here I began to understand the power of becoming a doer. Over the next two years, I would optimize my life for taking action.

It started with replacing my consumption activities with creation:

  • Writing over reading.
  • Shooting video over browsing YouTube.
  • Meeting people rather than spending time on Facebook.

To create more, I had to optimize my schedule.

  • I exercised at home instead of commuting to the gym.
  • I ran to destinations instead of walking to them.
  • I said “no” to 99% of meetings.

What happened?

Rather than reading over one hundred books in the following year, I wrote over three hundred blog posts and a book.

Rather than watching YouTube videos, I shot over three hundred videos in the following two years.

Rather than relying on a gym to exercise, I worked out with what I had. Now, I compete in triathlons and obstacle course races.

I’m on the left.

To become a doer, I had to replace all my consumption habits with creation.This meant throwing out my T.V. and video game consoles, no fancy dinners, and avoiding the party scene.

At first, it’s hard. You feel withdrawal. You sit at your laptop for a half hour just trying to type one sentence. Nothing comes out except a few curse words from frustration.

You must keep moving forward because it does get better.

Gradually, you adopt the creator mindset. Ideas start buzzing in your head. It’s only a few, but as you create more, you become an idea machine. The only way you can fall asleep at night is to jot down your thoughts.

You can’t wait to start doing again to get all these ideas out in the open. When you wake up, you feel a new jolt of energy because you’re about to give a piece of yourself to the world.

From morning to night, you’re executing with almost zero breaks. You can sit at a laptop and bang out a thousand-word blog post in an hour. You begin to see opportunities in every hour and minute.

When you have a ten-minute wait for your Uber driver to arrive, you knock out two hundred push-ups. When you’re on a lunch break, you answer Quora questions.

People begin to recognize your ability as a doer.

They see your hustle and grit.

It’s true. You’re confident you can step into any situation and create value because all your actions say so.

You’ve lost all attraction to consumption.

You’re a pure doer. Nothing in life is going to stop you.

Originally posted on Quora by Josh Fechter.

Chivalry in Love (A look back on Carlos ‘Charlie’ Ledesma and Susan Magalona story)

Before the popularity of this generation’s well-known amour, it was back in the 1950s when several yet truly unspoken love stories have first emerged. Have you ever heard about the story behind Carlos Ledesma and Susan Magalona’s marriage?

Well, we’re all aware that during those era, wealthy and prominent families have had execute fixed marriage for some reasons, it could probably be a way to secure each means, or to establish partisan between the families or maybe they just simply find their sons and daughter suitable for each other so they just decided for them to tie the knot. Whatever their reasons, there has never been anything good about it (Carlos and Susan) were just one of the unfortunate people who have been struck by this ill-tradition. It was actually only the legendary beauty during her time who was totally devastated by this decision.

susan magalona
photo credits to the owner.

The two was arranged married, it was said that Susan was even seen in tears while walking the aisle. So, as expected it has resulted to a loveless marriage bounded by unrequited love. Carlos and Susan have stayed together for around 7 or 8 years, it was then that Susan Magalona couldn’t take what she was living in anymore and calls for nullification of their marriage that Carlos Ledesma unhesitatingly permitted.

The church said (because as I have said, annulment has not been imposed on the Philippine executive orders back then) that the marriage will and only will be nullified, void if the marriage was not consummated. And so, test has been made to Susan Magalona proving that she has been a virgin from the day she got married up till the nullification of the marriage. Due to the earnest love of Carlos to Susan, the two remain in good terms.

Carlos and Conchita Arenas
Carlos Ledesma on his marriage with Conchita Arenas (photo credits to the owner).

Susan Magalona then married diplomat millionaire Federico Elizalde while Carlos Ledesma wedded Conchita Arenas, daughter of Vicente Arenas and Julieta Lopez.


The story of Carlos Ledesma and Susan Magalona has conveyed a very important message for every man, those people who have been in the midst of unrequited love, also those people who simply love someone that it is only when you want the best and happiness for that one person you love will give you the courage and strength to certainly let them go once their happiness is entirely not being with you. And I must say (because it should be said) that the portrayal of chivalry, of being a man by Carlos Ledesma is what men nowadays shall grandfathered in because as much as it seems unusual, men these days are actually getting far from what men were once used to be.



Stress Is The Enemy of Creativity


Getting started. Decisions. Stress. Persistence. Taking risks.

‘Don’t think about or talk about doing it, do it.’

Nick Comito • Louder Than Ten

Perhaps the best cure for productivity is to simply get started—even if it’s the worst possible version of what you’re trying to achieve. You can then let the momentum carry you forward. Having a rough cut is far easier and more beneficial than having nothing at all, and it will motivate you to finish. Time is the enemy of starting—the longer you wait to mull over something, the less likely you’ll start, and the more you talk about it instead of actually doing it, the more time you potentially wasted.

What is the one thing you wish you were doing, but are too hesitant to start on for fear of commitment or failure? Better to start and fail than not start and learn nothing; you’ll always learn something in the process of failure or mistakes. As Gretzky said; you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

‘Deciding how important a decision is, is the most important decision you can make.’

Brandon Chu • The Black Box of Product Management

Being able to weigh the importance of decisions in one’s career can be a powerful skill and one that is leveraged by the most successful creatives. To prioritize and confidently determine what is and isn’t important can facilitate more efficiency by allowing focus on the right areas of your work, and even your personal growth—according to your values and what you’re trying to achieve in the long-term.

Always take care in determining which decisions are the most important; that are going to create the most positive effect. This can help you overcome decision paralysis and enable you to see the bigger picture.

‘Stress is the enemy of creativity. Our best work often comes from a state of nonchalance, when our minds are calm.’

Will Meier • The Next Web

Without stress we can produce better work. Some of the best work has come about as a result of nonchalance, or lack of perfectionism; in other words, when stress didn’t play a role. It’s also true that when an idea is over-thought, it can lose some of its original bite. Often, the first idea is the best one. Many famous artists, from Mozart to Picasso translated their ideas nonchalantly into reality with seemingly very little effort—granted from years of experience. With any form of creativity, the harder you try to make something perfect, the more you’ll over think and likely deviate the idea away from what it had the potential to be.

Perfectionism, anxiousness and fear of opinion can lead to stress, and affect creativity in a negative way. It pays to avoid stress wherever possible, so do whatever it takes to reduce it. Whether that’s through a change in focus, or a change in approach, it’s better to be creative from a place of calm.

‘Success takes time and is more of a path made of tiny little stepping stones, not just one big door to be unlocked and then instantly achieved.’

Peony Gent • It’s Nice That

Overnight success is non-existent because even in some indirect way, real success is always the result of a series of small steps—taking the long way up a flight of stairs, not hopping in an elevator to the very top. It can take many years. The point is, you shouldn’t rush success or even consider letting it be your primary focus. It’s better to be patient, yet persistent in an area you care about. To paraphrase Churchill: be persistent, and jump from one failure to the next without lack of enthusiasm.

Success can be scarier than failure—achieving it too early can be a daunting prospect because you’re potentially thrown into the deep end with even higher expectations or responsibilities, but a lack of experience. Sometimes you don’t need to plan your ultimate success. Rather, focus on the work that’s in front of you, one day at a time, and see where it takes you.

‘It will be liberating for you to have the permission to suck.’

Say Kubo • Thrive Global

Once you’re at ease about the outcomes of your passion, you can have the confidence and freedom to pursue your own path and that’s liberating. It doesn’t mean your work will suck, it just means you’ll accept it if it does. Your path is not anyone else’s, and their path isn’t yours. It’s far more rewarding to muddle through and learn in the process than never try for fear of failure. Sometimes it’s better to put yourself at the risk of making mistakes—you just have to learn to make them without fear.

Anyone who’s great at anything started somewhere, and that somewhere was probably full of uncertainty. Those that make their creations look easy have put in many untold hours of failed attempts to hone their craft.


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Rodrigo Duterte on his second SONA as President of the Republic of Philippines


First of all, I’d like to commend President Rodrigo Duterte on his eagerness to continue his fight against crimes and drug related cases despite of several anti-campaigns who have been eyeing to stop him from its implementation and his acknowledgement on the sickening situation of the environment. PDuterte blasts mining firms saying either he will raise their taxes or they come up with a substitute. These mining firms have been quarrying for many years I don’t think that they deserve to have the liberty to think of ways in order for them to keep their business. Honestly, PDuterte’s awareness in the environment situation is quite out of date. Yes, in his first SONA he addressed the climate change saying that global warming should be the nation’s top priority but this one–mining firms who little by little dig into the destruction of mountains, watersheds, forests and aquatic resources is supposed to be the stepping stone in the alleviation of global warming once hopefully prohibited. I fully support the anti-mining advocacy of Former Environment Secretary Gina Lopez who then supported by Pres. Duterte despite of him being surrounded by mining interests. Additionally, he also blasts media due to their irresponsibility and failure to deliver non-partisan news to the people.


Similar to his previous SONA, PDuterte’s full-support and assistance in AFP never failed to be addressed. He mentioned that families of soldiers will have secured assistance from the government, additional medical equipment for AFP due to its insufficiency. He also expressed his dedication to retrieve peace in Mindanao saying that the P25Billion tax settlement of Mighty Corporation will go for the rebuilding of Marawi.


Now, one of the issues that Filipinos are expecting to be disclosed (and one of my expectations as well) is Pres. Duterte’s promise to lower income tax rates and corporate tax rates. As he opened this issue, he first commended the House of Congress for passing Tax Reform Bill in its third hearing however, he cleared that no matter how much he wanted for the bill to be imposed it is still in the hands of the senate’s jurisdiction. So consequently, it gives us the 50:50 standing on this promise, it will be approved but no, not yet (just like that). The objective of Tax Reform Program is to increase the national budget. One of its focuses is the increase of tax on sugar-sweetened beverages, P10-per-liter excise tax will be imposed on the said beverage this will include all carbonated drinks, sports drinks , juices, teas, coffee and cereal. This program is said to be “anti-poor” but upon seeing one of its key points,  I’m afraid that it is only the poor who will be mainly affected in this proposed bill. It may simply dissuade the consumers to purchase the said beverages.  What will happen then?


Overall, I may say that the second SONA of PDuterte tackled the issues that Filipinos have been waiting to be disclosed, majority of the top issues (traffic problems, internet speed connectivity, increase in minimum wage of workers, additional jobs for Filipinos) have not been FULLY-disclosed but I believe through patience and willingness to support the president’s agendas, we will all achieve what we’ve been aching to achieved as we all wanted change. Besides, he still have 5 years to serve the nation so as long as he’s alive and kicking, we shall be hyped on all his upcoming action plan for the betterment of our country. Keep in mind that no matter how great is your authority, if nobody dares to change a thing, nothing… not a single thing will change. The president himself is seeking for our help. Change comes from within. It starts with us. I believe that only when nation unites to cooperate, change will finally come.

“Believe me, it is easier to build from scratch than to dismantle the rotten and rebuild upon its rubble. Let us work together and lay a new foundation in which a better Philippines can be reconstructed. Help me build a better tomorrow,” President Rodrigo Duterte as he ended his speech.



How Having Zero Friends Surprisingly Made Me A Better Person

“A man is rich not by what he owns but what he can do without.” — Immanuel Kant

It was in 2014 when I carried my two luggage to head to a different country and start a new life with my future husband. It was a very exciting phase after enduring three years of long distance relationship. Behind the excitement, a huge feeling of anxiety and discomfort exist.

“Why are you leaving your career?”

“Are you willing to start all over again?”

“Are you sure about your decision?”

These are some of the questions given to me. I was 100% certain that I’m willing to embrace the life ahead of me. After all, I will be with the man I love.

It should be easy, right?


Fast forward to this date, I am still struggling in some areas. I can’t drive, so it limits me more to see people. Sometimes, loneliness is pretty unbearable.

It’s been nearly three years, and I still have ZERO FRIENDS. And by this, I mean someone that I can consider my kindred spirit.

“Let’s buy a new sofa set, so you can invite your friends at home,” my mother-in-law said. I grinned and said, “I have no friends to invite.”

On the early years, it was a hard pill for me to swallow. I volunteered to look after kids, attended crochet and gardening groups, and joined cooking contests for the hope of finding new sets of friends. But then, they are so scarce and far away from me.

Is it because of my race? Is it because how different I look compared to them? Is it because of my accent?

I eventually got tired chasing people to come into my life.

I miss the feeling of being invited to eat outside. I miss the small chit chats. I miss the feeling of having friends.

Even my friends back home were far beyond reach. I could not confide to them about my situation for the fear of adding emotional burden to them. They are all busy. I can’t swim with them anymore. I need to swim on my own.

A surprising thing happened to me on this journey.

What Having Zero Friends Taught Me?

1. No One Else Can Motivate Me Better Than Myself

“The will to win, the desire to be successful, the urge to reach your full potential…these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.” — Confucius

As human, I look for others’ approval before I commit myself to something. I look for encouragement from others like my friends to evaluate if I am heading in the right direction. But nobody knows what the outcome would be.

I realized I have to follow my intuition. If there is something I desire that does not violate the law of God and nature, I go for it.

I remind myself that I can do it. There is only learning to have whether I succeed or not. I don’t need anyone’s approval. I need to hear my own voice whether I should go for my dreams or not.

In teaching, intrinsic motivation is more encouraged instead of giving bribes like stars and rewards. This will push the student to excel if there is an inner drive to help fuel the goal. It comes from within the individual out of will or interest.

2. Find Out My Strengths and Weaknesses

“If you’re being ignored, that’s a good time to concentrate on finding yourself and creating your own mystery.” — Lykke Li

When I am surrounded by people who are always willing to help me, it makes me rely on them so much. But when I have no one to ask for help, it opens new areas for learning.

I was told I am good in theories but not much on practical. My friends pampered me with tasks that require more of cognitive skills. Since no one is there to help me, I had to turn my weaknesses into strengths.

I discovered myself, even more, when there are no outside noises to dictate what I can or cannot do. It gives me the chance to know myself even further. It is a time to create myself.

3. Learn Anything My Heart Desires

“Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself, and know that everything in life has purpose. There are no mistakes, no coincidences, all events are blessings given to us to learn from.” —Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Since I have no one to seek counsel with, I opened myself to more room for learning. I read books more than I ever did in my entire existence. I attend courses and seminars. I join conferences to improve myself.

My situation gave me a limitless perspective. In the past, I had no interest learning other areas because my circle of friends is the same. I never wanted to get out of my comfort zone.

But since I have no choice, I found out it is exciting to try and discover something new. Who would realize that reading philosophy books are fun? How would I know I can actually learn how to sew? How will I know I have the courage to join a cooking contest and win the 2nd place?

I found out that I can learn anything if I have the determination and persistence to do it. I don’t need other people’s go signal to try something new. Learn without guilt. Try without reservations.

4. Discover A New Set Of Imaginary Friends

“Power may be produced through friendly alliance of minds.” — Napoleon Hill

Well, the truth is I have friends. It’s just that they don’t exist physically. But they sure come up to me when I need them. They give me pieces of advice that sometimes are very hard to swallow when I need one. They don’t sugar coat their messages. They hit you right at the core just like real friends do.

I met my new set of friends from books I read, documentaries I watch and seminars I listen. I study them carefully. I try to get to know them better day by day. I write down all the important messages they have for me.

Sometimes they keep me awake at night. When I try to solve my problems, they are there seated on a round table brainstorming for the great plan. They never fail to give me the right message. They always remind me of my goals and dreams.

Even Napoleon Hill has his own Master Mind Alliance. Napoleon Hill is one of my great friends. Would you believe that lots of famous presidents, entrepreneurs and people belong to this set? I trust them, and I believe they have my best interest in mind.

Who said friends should only be physical, right? I define them as people who push me to become better and aid me when I need them.

5. Have Stronger Faith Than Ever

“Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.” — Saint Augustine

Having no friends right now helped me to strengthen my faith more than ever. It reminds me that everything happens for a reason. It is a belief that tomorrow is going to become better than today.

Most importantly, my faith in myself became stronger. It constantly reminds me that I can do it and can push myself even further.

When there is no one to cheer me around, I need to be my own believer. It removes doubts and fears of the unknown. It inspires me to take that brave step that even real friends won’t think I can. It fuels my determination to soar higher than my current situation.

6. Develop My Relationship With My Husband

“My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.” — Henry Ford

Having zero friends around helped me to become closer to my husband. I learned the value of giving and taking. I appreciate the time I spend with him. He gives the right advice without any reservations.

He always believes in me. I learned the real meaning of “trust.” When friends are scarce, that’s when I realize the importance of people in my family. The ones who never left me and accepts me for who I am.


Having friends is fun, of course. Having someone to share happy moments with. Having someone to shed a tear with. Having someone to laugh with the silliest jokes ever.

I cried several nights wishing I have some. But circumstances make it more difficult to find them.

While I’m hopeful that I will meet them at the right time, I am also thankful they aren’t here right now. This phase helped me value the importance of friendship, but it likewise helped me to see that to be a better friend, I have to befriend myself first.


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#HappyNationalIceCreamDay: 10 facts you probably didn’t know about ICE CREAM

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Yesterday, people have celebrated one of the most anticipated holidays in the history — National Ice cream Day. In 1984, Former President Ronald Reagan declared July as National Ice cream month and the third Sunday of it as the National Ice Cream Day. It is said that the late president recognized the popular dessert as a wholesome and nutritious food that is enjoyed by over 90% of the people in the United States. It was only proclaimed in the US but due to the deliciousness and popularity of ice cream, some countries also joined in the celebration including us, in Philippines. One of the leading fried chicken best sellers, KFC also joined to celebrate the said holiday. They were reported to had offer free ice creams in their selected stores and branches.

So, you love ice cream but how depth is your knowledge about it?

Let me share these facts that you probably didn’t know about this all-time favorite dessert.

Did you know?

  • It was the Chinese who created the first concept of ice cream. It is believed that ice cream were originated on the idea of a simple dish of rice mixed with milk that was frozen due to being packed with snow. They are also said to be the men behind the invention of the first ice cream machine.
  • The first introduction of ice cream in America appeared in 1744. It was then followed by its first advertisement which appeared in New York Gazette back in 1777.
  • It was in 1851 when the first ice cream plant is opened. A milk dealer named Jacob Fussell became a successful businessman when he built an ice cream factory in Pennsylvania.
  • The tallest ice cream cone was achieved by Mirco Della Vecchia and Andrea Andrighetti. The cone is too tall having the measurement of 2.81m (9 ft 2.63 in) in height. The tallest cone got it to the Guinness World Record and is still unbeaten. By the way, the traditional waffle cone that we got used to made its debut back in 1904 at the World’s Fair in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • In celebration for WWII victory, Americans ate more than 20 quarts of ice cream per person.
  • Ice cream was once known as ‘cream ice’. It was King Charles I of England who was one of those people who once called ice cream as cream ice.
  • New Zealand is the biggest consumers of ice cream in the world ahead of Australia and the USA.
  • It takes 3 gallons of milk to make 1 gallon of ice cream.
  • Brain freeze” occurs only when ice cream touches the roof of your mouth
  • According to several sources, it takes about 50 licks to consume a single scoop of ice cream.

And lastly, did you know that my favorite ice cream chain, Dairy Queen opened its first franchise in the Philippines in 2006. DQ started more than 60 years in Joliet, Illinois but it was only in 1972 when they began the expansion internationally.

“Life is like an ice cream. Enjoy it before it melts.”

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