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Game Review: Monument Valley I

©tto. Macworld. If you're like me who is fond of trying out games of different genre, you probably downloaded a bunch of games out of curiosity or simply for the purpose of entertainment and leisure. Given that habit, I recently... Continue Reading →


Cartoonists Who took Simple Illustrations to the Next Level

  From intricately detailed graphic novels of the most renowned artists then and today to this generation's emerging cartoonists who have tried their luck to gain attention through minimal and plain illustrations, it may seem like a David and Goliath... Continue Reading →

Why Wikipedia is not a reliable source?

Most people conducting research has included Wikipedia as one of their sources. Based on a research lead by Pew Research Center, 73% of people, men and women utilized the popularity of Wikipedia in terms of scholarly reference. Other statistics included... Continue Reading →


No matter how great you are as a writer, nobody is exempted from every writer's no.1 struggle ---Writer's block. It is when an author experiences lack of momentum to produce new work regardless of its eagerness and urge to work... Continue Reading →

Why Instagram between Facebook and Twitter?

Quality counts. Oops! Why is it posted here? Read it anyway.

Why businesses need digital marketing?

  Over the past years in the business industry, competition among entrepreneurs began to arise most especially when businesses make use of the emerging popularity of internet and social media.  An editorial mentioned the evolution of consumer's usage of messages... Continue Reading →

Stress Is The Enemy of Creativity

photocreditstotheowner. Getting started. Decisions. Stress. Persistence. Taking risks. ‘Don’t think about or talk about doing it, do it.’ Nick Comito • Louder Than Ten Perhaps the best cure for productivity is to simply get started—even if it’s the worst possible version of... Continue Reading →

GAME REVIEW: Design Home

  When you're getting curious of what it's like to be an interior designer so you look for a game that will make you experience doing so.   Design home is I would say a perfect interior design game simulator... Continue Reading →

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — When you’re looking for love, most consider common ground a good place to start. “You have to have the same morals, and the same values,” said Leslie from Philadelphia. Fellow Philly resident Christina told Eyewitness News, “You... Continue Reading →

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