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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — When you’re looking for love, most consider common ground a good place to start. “You have to have the same morals, and the same values,” said Leslie from Philadelphia. Fellow Philly resident Christina told Eyewitness News, “You got to like the same type of food, actors, movies.” Yvette Williams of the Northeast…

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Men’s guidelines to end their girlfriends Valentine’s Day in seventh heaven



No more than two weeks before Saint Valentine’s Day. Some men already have plans how to make that day unforgettable and special (at least for them) and also there were some who until now clueless of how are they going to celebrate this so-called lover’s day (because people usually celebrate it with their partner) with their girlfriends. Just in case, you’re one of those men who haven’t planned anything yet this guidelines to wrap-up her Valentine’s will, I think, help you figure out what would be the perfect date or To-do for your girlfriend consider the coming Valentine’s day UNFORGETTABLE.


So here it goes.


First of all, we both know there are different types of women in this world: the chic, the geeky-woman, the one-of the-boys, the conservative type…just to name a few. If you’re following my site, you are probably familiar with my blog “What other people think on a boyish chic?” from there, I mention the types of women not to mention the blog really focus only to what are those boyish chic. Who are they, what they do and what they feel towards people who bad-mouthed them due to misinterpretations.


  •  Walking, strolling on a park enjoying the beautiful and captivating scenery of nature around you would be the perfect Valentine’s date for your nature-lover girlfriend. Simply because this type of women appreciate the beauty of her surroundings just as how she appreciates your presence. If you’re going to ask me between day and night of roaming around the park, I prefer during the night not only because I am not used to bunch of people but also because I do not like the brightness of sun.

for movie watching cinemas.png

  • Watch all the hot and trending showing movies in cinemas talk about Fifty shades Darker, everybody’s waiting for that controversial movie and surely you’re movie enthusiast girlfriend will enjoy it, knows all the movies to watch on that day and if you’re lucky, she’ll be the one to choose it for you and you’ll never have to worry choosing which of them she’ll like.

Want some suggestions? John Wick, The Space Between Us, Havenhurst, The Lego Batman, The Great Wall…


  • A day of food-trip. Oh yes! Food! , says your foodie girlfriend. It is not that she’s a glutton maybe she just adores food that much. Obviously, a date with all the food that you’ve been longing to taste around you is the best Valentine’s date ever for a food-lover lady. Surely you won’t be surprise if you get yourself broke just for a day. It’s good to have back-ups, right?


  • Valentine’s Day filled with extreme adventures is what your fearless and outgoing girlfriend would definitely enjoy. Let her try the next levels of zip lines, bungee jumping, sky diving or maybe go hiking as well, end your date night pampering yourselves on a spa to relax.  Why not try the wine bath at Aire Ancient Baths in New York City (I just saw this featured on Insider travel)

Couple browsing in a bookstore in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin Germany. Image shot 08/2009. Exact date unknown.

  • A stroll to book museums bounded by collections of classics and modern books, miniatures and exhibits matches your geek and artistic girlfriend who appreciates arts and literature of all ages. It doesn’t matter if you do not feel the same (because I could sense a little violent reaction from men out there) by just keeping yourself occupied through exploring the place, checking out the pieces would surely eliminate your mind from being uninterested to the place. Look at your girl; if she enjoys it, aren’t you supposed to feel the same? Don’t forget to buy her a new book before the date ends!


  • Stay-cation: movie marathon, games enjoying your Xbox or Playstation, eating whatever you both feels to buy, a simple and gamer girlfriend will surely mark the coming Valentine’s day fun and already special most especially if you let her win in all the games that you’re going to play. (Silly.) But seriously, gamers love to play all the games it doesn’t even matter if it decades old if it is still fun to play, they will play it. So if you wanted to make your girl exuberant and glad make sure to buy a new game earlier by now, you never know how much it’ll surprise her especially if you get to buy those that would squeeze her enthusiasm so much.


And lastly,

make up.jpg


  • A collection of new make-up kits: lippies, the limited edition mascara or whatsoever, the widespread black mask that could remove her white heads… etc. will absolutely make your beauty-conscious girlfriend’s heart leaps. She takes care of her looks very much that she always wanted to look good in front of you. So when the time that you’ll buy her those that I’ve mentioned, she will probably thinks you appreciate her effort for that and I surely think you guys really do.


There you go the guidelines in making your girl perfectly fine this coming Valentine’s Day. I hope you get to take ideas from it if not, then you’re completely in trouble because YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME TO PREPARE!

I always love this quotation saying that once a person loves you, all the imperfections of him/her will all become beautiful. At the end of day, no matter how much time you consumed or the efforts that you exerts just to make that day special, little or not, your girl will surely appreciate it because it’s you who made it. I’m pretty sure she’ll do the same effort to make you happy on that day. Just appreciate her as well.


Good luck!

Signs that your BFF is just so toxic


We truly love our BFFs, right? But when that time comes her presence is no longer a delight to be around, then that is when you have to question yourself “What is really happening in here?”



If you’re quite clueless about it, I’ll help you figure it out.


  • Your BFF is pessimistic.

Whenever you get into a problem, relationship, family or what, he/she constantly compares his/her experience about it, insisting that the outcome will be just the same. He might also conclude that whatever it is that you are suffering is your fault and that; you really can’t do something about it. Oh okay, so you’re saying apples and oranges are the same. What a support, bes.


  • If BFF is a bad listener.

I don’t get it when every time I’m telling how my day went you keep on interrupting me sharing yours like “hey, I had a better or worse day than you do. You must listen to this first.” Come on, if your BFF never give a **** listening or even letting you finish anything you say, GOODNESS! That is a red flag. Confront your beloved BFF before you lose your temper.

toxic im.jpg

  • If BFF keeps on judging all the people that you encounter.

First, you have to ask yourself or him\her directly if it makes sense judging them at all and for what purpose because if he/she was not able to give out a reasonable reason for it then that is clearly his/her habit. Let go of toxic humans.


  • If BFF can’t accept that they’re wrong.

We’re just humans so how come your own BFF couldn’t accept their mistakes. Obviously, this BFF always have to be right. This is disappointing because people like this sometimes even fight for their belief no matter how troublesome it brings as long as they have proven that they are right. Have you ever had an argument with your BFF because he/she keeps on insisting that you’re wrong and he’s right? (Or you guys were both wrong? Kidding.)


  • If BFF reacts poorly to criticism.

It is indeed a normal thing to be criticized especially when a person cares for you. This toxic BFF is not seeking for a healthier friendship but is only aiming for a shallow one where he/she gets all the praise and good reactions alone.


  • They’re subtly (Or Not So Subtly) Competitive

For me, it is normal to have competitions with your BFF in terms of career and studies it is because rivalry (See: motivates me to do my best and simply work harder than the usual. But once that rivalry or competition has resulted to envy, that’s a call to stop and create an open forum.


  • They’re Masters of the Put-Down.

“You look like an awful pig. Haha! No, I’m just kidding, girl!”

Cracking jokes on friendships are so mainstream and pretty normal that sometimes we no longer think whether they really mean it or not. You will only realize that there is a problem once it hurts you and he/she insists that it was a joke, making you feel like it was your fault if you got offended. It is an absolute red flag for your friendship because this BFF is obviously TOXIC.


There are reasons why this kind of people exists. It may vary but whatever it is, you have to work on keeping your friendship. Confront your BFF if you think he/she is being toxic and is beginning to be a burden in your life. I suggest you work on it as soon as possible because once toxic people get used to their attitude, it is nearly impossible for them to change and be enlightened.

7 FLOP New Year’s Resolution people never get tired of listing

“Great! It’s 2017! I shall jot down my New Year’s resolution!” said the hopeful human.


Have you ever notice your previous New Year’s Resolutions? They were all broken and then here you go again, drafting and listing down all the things that you wish to do and change.  Well, I’m not saying that having a New Year’s Resolution is terrible, what I’m saying is you NEVER ever met what you wish to do or change.


Check out these seven FLOP New Year’s Resolution. You might want to check if your current resolutions are included. (I’m just saying.)


  • Quit smoking.

“Alright, New Year, New Change, I’m not gonna smoke cigarettes but I’ll vape.”


Come on, you wanted to quit smoking you should mean it, right? Why switch into something that does the same thing to your health? People believe that vape contains less nicotine. Probably, but there are still some levels of nicotine that you can choose from it’s like you don’t really quit smoking you just switch. You should have changed your New Year’s resolution, then.


  • Not going to curse or blaspheme.

This is very possible for me. But to those people who have identified cursing as an expression, it is going to be quite hard.cursing

We curse or swear because of what we feel inside: anger, annoyance…Etc. but what people know is that this act has a strong impact to you as person. So, what does it reflects to you? It simply reflects who you are as a person. Now, what person do you want to be?


  • Eat healthier and DIET

D-I-E-T Four words but seem very difficult for people to achieve. Did you include this resolution in your list? Well, you must take it seriously now. Holidays have devastated not only your figure but also your well-being. fruits-and-vegetablesSurely, you have eaten a lot during those seasons so obviously your body carries huge cholesterol and calories from different food that you ate.

Stand up and make your diet happen this year!


  • Spend more time with family

I think what is hindering people from achieving this resolution is the lack of savings and time.hands-pic

Why? When you are not earning enough money to spend you have to double time with your job. I mean, you have to double the effort that you exert in terms of your career. So if that is the case, time is affected.

This 2017, change for good, if you know what I mean.


  • Binge-drinking

“I am going to reduce drinking alcohol beverages.”

No. You have said that five new years ago but then here you go, drunk AF at this point of time. When will you achieve this resolution? When you’re already choking on your own vomit?binge-drinking1

Step up, man. Do it!


  • Traveltravel-02

Same with spending time with family, this resolution commonly flops because of the same thing: Time and enough savings. You have to do something about it. But when will you begin? Next year? Again?


And lastly,


  • Get out of debt.

You know why it is hard for people to save and invest for their personal use? Because of debts that remain unpaid for long time. Why don’t you start this year by beginning to this resolution?  Pay your debt and start saving. I doubt if you still find it hard to save more money this time.


Now, once you have started getting yourself out of debt, you will get to have time with your family and yourself. In regards to health-related resolutions, it is absolutely in your hands whether you’d like to achieve them or not but what’s the purpose of listing them on your New Year’s resolution if you don’t have any plans to achieve them.

Were you just wasting your time jotting down resolutions every New Year’s Day? I pity the ink of the pen, then.


I’m hoping this 2017; you get to achieve whatever that is written on your New Year’s Resolution.

Get yourself up and start doing something about it.


Happy New Year, folks!

Social Anxiety Sucks, Isn’t it? But will you let it consume you?


Have you ever feel like being uneasy every time you’re surrounded by the crowd whether in a party or in your workplace, also in any situation where you feel like you don’t know what to do or say? Are you afraid of rejection and disapproval?  If that’s so, then we shared the same condition.

As defined by Psychology Today, Social Anxiety Disorder or social phobia is an anxiety disorder characterized by overwhelming anxiety and excessive self-consciousness in everyday social situations. People with social phobia have a persistent, intense, and chronic fear of being watched and judged by others and of being embarrassed or humiliated by their own actions. Their fear may be so severe that it interferes with work, school, or other activities. And you know the horrid part of this anxiety disorder? — Overthinking.

Yes, once several “What Ifs” clogged your mind during a social situation…ifs.png

  • What if no one talks to me?
  • What if they find me ugly?
  • What if I don’t really belong here?
  • What if I have nothing to say?
  • What if I’ll get rejected?


…it is proven that you are overthinking.


I mentioned earlier that I am also suffering from this disorder and that I think I probably need help. I took up an anxiety test, got my results and was able to get connected with one of their therapist through emails. She emailed videos and notes that would help me to start my recovery and totally eradicate my anxiety. There were times that I did follow them but there were also times that I wasn’t able to do so because of some reasons: work, hectic schedules and the likes. One of the things that she shared to me (By the way, her name is Rachel Ramos) recently is the Ten Commandments of Social Anxiety wherein she wanted to encourage not only me but everyone to open your mouth because life gets easier and more fun when you do and right, I believe things started in a simple small talk but with us, people suffering in anxiety, this isn’t an easy thing. Just thinking about it made us cringe. Furthermore, Rachel also mentioned that “The people you brush past every day are not your enemies, nor are they your judges or critics. They are potential friends, lovers, collaborators, teachers, or employers who you are missing out on because of your anxiety.” Thus I gain the motivation to at least try not to be uncertain and overthink.


Now, here are the Ten Commandments to stop overthinking social situations. Rachel made a pretentious title to it so people could take them seriously.



I. No one is watching you approach and judging you for it. They are just as worried about being judged and criticized as you are.


II. Don’t worry if you’re shy or nervous when approaching; people will be nicer to you because of it.


III. Let go of your outcome. If you want nothing out of the interaction other than to speak to someone else, you have a 100 percent chance of succeeding as soon as you utter something.


IV. A rejection is not a comment on who you are as a person. It is simply feedback on something you did.


V. Instead of being outcome dependent, be learning dependent.


VI. No one will say anything as insulting, mean, and cruel about you as the things you tell yourself.


VII. Know that wherever you go, you are accepted. And if you don’t know it yet, then act as if it’s true until experience proves it.


VIII. More people than you could possibly imagine are looking to meet someone just like you.


IX.  The only failure is not approaching. Because the pain and disappointment of letting yourself down is much greater than anything someone else can say.


X.  And, finally…life is more fun when you open your mouth!


No matter how sucks social anxiety is, always remember that it is a treatable condition. You don’t have to forever feel the same the way. If you really wanted to recuperate, of course, you need to help yourself to be able to recover. Do not sulk into things that bother you a lot instead think of something that would hinder you from doing so.

Cheer up and live well.


© to the owner of the comic.


How do you compare to serious writers?

It is very easy for people to call themselves a writer once they write but they do not know what it really takes to be one. Anyone can write. Yes, it seem to be uncomplicated but if you go deep into it, that’s the only time that you’ll get to know what a writer is.

Now, if you think that you are a dedicated writer I am pretty sure you once met your downfall. Here’s a piece from Joel Mwakasege to help you be enlightened.

This Is How A Strong Woman Loves — Thought Catalog

Jesse HerzogHer guileless eyes draw you in like nothing you have experienced before. When she speaks, her voice reminds you of calming and sweet melodies. She flashes you her dazzling and warm smile and you are unable to look away. But don’t underestimate her. She is not a delicate flower to be admired for her…

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Things I wanted to tell the daring young ones who wanted to work sooner or later



First of all, I understand the fact that there were some people who were still prohibited from working but still wanted to work by now. Why? Because I know they all have their respective reasons. Yes, some of them wanted to work because of financial issues, who were in a hurry to help their parents for their living and there were also some who wanted to work because of their personal wants. Iphone, Xbox, your idol’s newly released album and any other reasons that you have in mind. I understand that.

But let me tell you this once you started working either for yourself or your family, things will be a lot different.


You need to adjust yourself with different people (co-workers). Admit it. Young ones still do not know that working in a certain company is not as easy as what they think. They merely pictured out that once they got their preferred job, everything will go according to their plans. No, it doesn’t work that way.


You need to fake a smile every day. I don’t know but this is what I observed since I started. I observed people who hated to be surrounded by the people around them because you know maybe some of them are getting on his/her nerves or maybe because some of them are just introverted or not used to it but whatever it is I was hoping that before those people get into the work environment they should have known about this thing. I believe daring little fellas need to know these simple yet important things because I wanted them to be aware. I mean, they really should because it isn’t that easy.


Concentration is easily achieved outside the “Adult environment” because you always have the choice to walk away if you don’t have any focus at all but on the other hand, the work environment is different it’ll be so hard to find concentration especially when all of them started to talk. Ah yeah, we all know this is normal, everyone in the office talking about office matters but you’ll see little fellas it is very difficult to work with noise. I think starting from now, you guys should learn to work on and get used to it. Just to lessen the burden that you’ll take soon when you finally got a job.


This isn’t supposed to be this long. As I said, I only wanted the young ones to be aware and that’ s it. I believe I have cited the message.


“Everything will not go according to your plans. It is never that way.”


Indeed, these daring young ones were in a hurry to experience everything according to their respective times. Very well then, I would recommend them to start looking for a job that suits their skills but at the same time, I would definitely advise them to prepare themselves first, intellectually and emotionally before getting into some things that they obviously don’t understand yet because these will serve as your armor as you go along the challenge of being an employee and an adult.


But we love Soda, right?



Ever since I was a kid, I already tasted the savory taste of soda. From Pepsi, Coca-cola, Sprite, Royal to RC Cola, I have proven that there is nothing beats the quench that soda brings. We get used in drinking soda anytime most especially when we are in the midst of weariness, or once we feel thirsty.


Indeed, soda has taken a huge part of our life. However, I’m pretty sure you are all aware with the effects of soda that could bring harm to our body. I have read this article from Doctor Asky wherein it stated eight effects of soda to our body. I find myself astounded with the fact that I should seriously lessen my consumption of soda. I mean, this isn’t the first time that I have read about these effects but now, it worries me because I might end up falling into these following effects:


  • Obesity

Let’s admit it, we love how soda satisfies our thirst but did you know that the sugar in sodas is the leading cause of obesity? According to an article from Nutrition Source, Two out of three adults and one out of three children in the United States are overweight or obese, and the nation spends an estimated $190 billion a year treating obesity-related health conditions. Rising consumption of sugary drinks has been a major contributor to the obesity epidemic. However, there are also articles who contradict to this claim saying the majority of added sugars we consume come from the food that we eat (59%) and Soda is responsible for only 41%. Whatever it is, I believe there is nothing wrong in reducing something that is too much. Am I right?


  • Soda can cause nervous disorders when consumed in high quantities.

Also, according to, there is an ingredient called brominated vegetable oil, or BVO that is added to prevent the flavoring of soda from separating from the drink, also it is an industrial chemical used as a flame retardant in plastics. It is also found in other citrus-based soft drinks and sport drinks in which this chemical is said to cause memory loss and nerve disorders when consumed in large quantities. Hence, it is not literally the soda that causes nervous disorders but its ingredients.

Still, this is disturbing.


  • This article from Doctor Asky also stated that soda is directly related to kidney problems and kidney stones. I’ve heard of this many times. It is just that soda is very hard to resist so till now I’m addicted to soda. Reduce now, fellas!


  • If you are a soda drinker, have you ever wondered why your teeth easily decayed? That is because soda contains phosphoric acid that leads to tooth decay. So if I were you, I would practice decreasing the consumption of soda.


  • Aside from nervous disorders, high doses of soda can also cause restlessness, tension and insomnia. Hmmm.. Yes, I have insomnia. This is probably one of the factors why I had it.


  • Soda can also cause excessive urination. I have observed this after I’ve read this article about soda and this one is proven. Believe me, it is.


  • Irregular heartbeats are also one of the effects of soda.

“Researchers examined six other case studies of excessive soda drinkers and found their habits had all resulted in irregular heart function, erratic heartbeats, and, in the case of one patient, death.”, based on an article of Women’s Health Magazine.


  • Soda is the leading cause of diabetes and hypertension.

Higher consumption of sugar sweetened beverages [one 250 ml serving per day or higher] was associated with a greater incidence of type 2 diabetes, by 18 percent per one serving/day and 13 percent before and after adjustment for adiposity[i.e. body fat]…(from, also due to the caffeine in sodas it also count as factors in causing hypertension.


Based on what research says, there are many speculations about soda being harmful to our health. And we are surely aware with it, the question is, can we really commit to ourselves that we will seriously cut back from sodas? Are we really sure that we can resist the thirst-quenching taste that sodas bring to us?

ilove soda.jpg

Since we all love soda, why don’t we just LESSEN the consumption of it? It may sound difficult to do but I think it is better than cutting back away from it, right?


For us to be in good health, let’s just do so.

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