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Logan and Comic Book Movies Return to the Source — Consequence of Sound

There’s long been a push-pull relationship between comic book movies and their source material. Fans often want big-screen interpretations of stories they grew up with, but studios tend to aim for subtle reverence instead of strict transference. There’s good reason for that, as many comic tales would be impossible to film, and some of the…

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Savor Day: The Taste of Cup Bap


One of my favorite Korean dishes that I haven’t got to taste yet is Tteokboki and Samgyupsal. According to the traditional Korean dish, Samgyupsal is said to be a popular meat dish which consists of thick and fatty pork strips that are usually neither marinated nor seasoned. It is typically served with ssamjang (a thick, spicy paste), vegetables and lettuce to wrap it in while on the other hand, Tteokboki is made from soft rice cake, fish cake combined with sweet red chili sauce called gochujang (red chili paste). They both seem too delicious to eat but I haven’t really tasted them yet.


Photo credits to the owner.

I have come to realized that Saturday is the best day to experience new things so same with the tour that I have blogged about last week, I am going to share my simple yet savoring experience on Cup Bap, a Korean restaurant at 188 Eulogio Rodriguez Jr. Ave, Bagumbayan in Quezon City.

CupBap is known for their Unlimited Samgyupsal for only P199.00 and aside from that, they also offer some of the all-time favorite Korean noodle dish: Tteokboki, jjampong, jin ramyun, just to name a few and the classic pastas are also there if you would like to time-out from the spicy Korean dishes because Korean dishes are known for their spicy taste. We all know that, right?

Photo credits to the owner.

Okay, so this is actually my first time on CupBap, I did not immediately force myself to try everything on their menu. I only tried the Samgyupsal of course, because it is their main dish, also to test the water first (and I’m craving for it) and the milk tea to satisfy my thirst. I just wanted to try the dish, that’s all. In terms of the Samgyupsal, I really liked it though I was not fully aware of the terms on the side dish in the first place. cupbap-samgyupsalI thought that the entire meal is unlimited they informed me that it wasn’t when I’m asking for another lettuce, I should have been informed in the first place right? The pork strips are quite thick but it doesn’t really matter because I’m okay with that and that’s how it is supposed to be. The lettuce is fresh also; I think it is one of the factors that contribute to their tasty Samgyupsal. Thumbs up to that!


On the other hand, the Winter melon Milk tea that I tried is just as good as your typical milk tea, (they offer a variety of choices, so you’ll have more milk tea to choose from). Thanks to the joy of black pearls. I would never enjoy a milk tea without one. They actually have a variety of sinkers: nata de coco and jelly are just one if I’m not mistaken. I prefer the pearl for my milk tea because it fits the taste of it. Cupbap have this so-called “sugar level” wherein you have to choose the sweetness of your milk tea. I want every drink to be as sweet as cherries so I chose the 50% level of sugar. Such a thirst-quencher and absolutely relaxing milk tea.


I don’t really have much to say but so far, my experience on CupBap is definitely good that I enjoyed it. I spent a total of P350.00 but it’s undoubtedly worth-it. Let me just suggest these two things at this end.

  • It is good that you have a cycle of kpop music on the shop to make it more Korean-like for the customers. Just to add a variety of songs and music groups, why don’t you try to add Kpop songs from different Kpop groups other than Bigbang? Bigbang is a great group; in fact, they are one of the legends in the Kpop industry. But there are lots of new groups today: BTS, Twice, Seventeen or EXO. Why don’t you pick a song from them and have them played. Aside from their visuals, their songs are also popular that even your approaching customers know it. Just think about that.


  • The staff. I suggest it would be better for CupBap if they would train their staffs thoroughly in terms of what they are suppose to do and how they should behave in front of their customers.

    The person at the back of that woman in front is one of the staff.

Let me share my experience regarding this. I have dine-in in Cupbap, devoured what I have ordered. Just when I was paying my bill to the cashier, she asked about the “sinkers”, if I ordered as add-ons in my winter melon milk tea then suddenly, I heard her saying “Hindi kasi nililista eh” glaring at the other staff. I was kind of uncomfortable, I was thinking that time, Are they really supposed to be like that, frank and loud? And I also notice the staffs are not in their uniforms, do they have any? Or they just forgot to wear it on that day. The ambiance is enough for me.

I have to suggest and share that because I’m thinking it would be for the betterment of CupBap. Surely, it isn’t only me who has noticed those things and perhaps some have also posted their reviews on CupBap’s page saying the same things.


I’m still coming back for more though, however, I’m looking forward for the improvements.




Margarita Kareva and her stunning creativity in Photography

When we say creative photography, it shows the genuine and uniqueness of the photographer coming from the photos taken by himself. It stands out among the rest and will surely be the apple of the eye once it is presented.

This photographer from Ekaterniburg (Russia) proved that creativity in photography has no limit. Margarita Kareva who spends visiting photo shoot and master classes around the world also do individual staged photo shoot, wedding photography and Love story, Art projects (the one I’m really fond of) and Advertising photography as the scope of her work.

I am absolutely impressed with her shoots so I would gladly share it out to my dear readers. Here are some of Kareva’s photographs that not only I, has been captivated and stunned by its beauty but most probably you and most of her clients as well.







These photographs are all from Kareva’s different album. Aren’t they all stunning and creatively perfect?






Not only with how Margarita Kareva shows her creativity in all of her photographs I am very impressed, the Russian designer (I assume he is) also took a great part in such a fairy tale idea. It really complements to the background, the scenery, and some of the animals involved. Wonderful!





All of them are just pretty amazing.

Aside from making fairy tales to life, Margarita Kareva is also offering training of image processing in Adobe Photoshop. This can either be in person or online through Skype. To check more about Kareva, see it here:

DOSE OF BOREDOM KILLER: Clever Comics and Illustrations from different Clever Artists

We could not deny the fact that once we were trapped in the midst of boredom; we always look for something that would draw our attention. In my being, I prefer reading whimsy comics, those that usually end up unexpectedly it’ll make me laugh.

To share it with you, I actually have only two trusted sites which I believe could give me the satisfaction when it comes to my comic needs, those that could definitely vanish my boredom and transform them into joviality.

Do you have one? Let me know.

Bored Panda and The Oatmeal. Yes, these were the said sites. Bored Panda is actually a submission platform, a leading art design and photography community for creative people that helps them, artists and creators turn their stories into. The Oatmeal is kind of different. The Oatmeal is entirely a humor website created by cartoonist Matthew Inman .Everything that is written and published in this site is his original comics and take it from me, his comics, everything in his site are worth-wasting time reading.

For now, I will be sharing stuffs that I’ve enjoyed from Bored Panda alone so you guys wouldn’t be fed up with the silly jokes, the “clever” and should I say very cynical comics in it.

  1. We are all good in different aspects. It is just that on the early stage of growing up, we have to deal with things out of our interest. Well, think of it as the foundation of your intelligence. I believe that it all depends on one’s mindset.

clever 1.jpg         2.  Look how powerful our words could destroy one’s being.  Brutally nailed it.

clever 2.jpg

3.   I didn’t see that coming. Lol.

clever 4.jpg

4. Oh  my poor cats! But hey, my cats are lovable.

clever 4.jpg

5. A little way to begin reviving humanity. Start it with the children.

clever 5.png

6.  This is indeed silly. Sorry but I had to just include this. HAHA

clever 6.png

7.  People had a slight misunderstanding about this one. How come they did not realize that the possessed human didn’t just recognize the priest. There aren’t unusual to that. Still, it’s funny. HAHA

clever 7.png


I also sympathize to these illustrations of Alex Noriega (Stuff No One Told Me)  so it made on my list. Do you agree as well?

agreed 1.jpg



agreed 2.jpg



agreed 3.jpg



agreed 4.jpg



agreed 5.jpg

I’m thinking maybe we could because why not?


agreed 7.jpg



agreed 8.jpg



agreed 9.jpg


To enjoy more of these illustrations, check this link:


Kill the boredom in you ! Cheer up !


7 melodious yet melancholic songs of Landonn Pigg

After a day full of stress and mess, we often take our lone time, to meditate and replenish the energy that has been emptied due to the long day run. Some would prefer unwinding through a vacation but with me, I prefer to rejuvenate  with my playlist, a collection of melancholic songs you might wonder, why is that..

I simply love mood-depressing songs,those that could trigger old memories back, songs that express lost, broken and anything in between. The melodious tunes that are somewhat filled with desolation accompanied by organ or piano would be the perfect instrumental for me to listen.

Since it’s Thursday and people usually post their “throwback” stuffs, I would like to share my personally chosen melancholic songs as my throwback thing from the singer and song-writer, Landonn Pigg. For those who do not know this wonderful singer, Pigg participated in the movie “The Perks of being a Wallflower” where he played the role as Peter, a certain character’s boyfriend. (Watch the movie so you would know…)

Reverting back, here are my personally chosen melodious yet melancholic songs from Landonn Pigg.

  • Can’t let go

This single was ranked No.19 in the Adult Pop Top 40 way back December 2006. The lyrics is just so haunting.

  • The Way It Ends

This song became the soundtrack of Grey’s Anatomy season 6. How Landonn Pigg strum his guitar matches perfectly to the song… So depressing. (Do you find it weird? Nah~)

  • The Boy Who Never

This is played to be broken in disguise. The mood seems jolly but if you will scrutinize the lyric… it’s there.

“I could kiss you now but I’d only miss you more

When I walk away”

  • A Ghost

Such a sad but very honest song… I love the mood that it brought me while I’m listening to it.

  • If I’m Saying Nothing

The calming and very serene vibe of the song is what made it deep and melodic.

  • Tin Man

“I don’t know why I feel like I should change 

I don’t know why what I need and what I want can’t be the same thing

I don’t know why I don’t miss my friends

I don’t know why I cannot comprehend how special love can be

And it’s right there for the taking”

I suddenly thought about that one. Why what I need and what I want can’t be the same thing and why I don’t miss my friends? “

  • Sailed On

Oh, this song will definitely hit my heartbroken fellas. I’m not in love but it hit me as well. What a meaningful song.

“Please don’t trouble yourself

I only want your love

You keep giving me your help

Oh please stop playing along

You know you’re wasting your energy

And you’re breaking my heart”

I’m still looking forward for more songs from Landon Piggs. He’s such an amazing singer and song writer, if you were able to listen carefully with the lyrics, it really says a lot. I admire how he makes his listeners like it was them who wrote the song especially his song “Sailed On”, I read reactions saying, it hurts them. And that the song was such a sad and painful one compared to his other songs. True to fact, Landon Piggs did a great job there. Now, I’m hoping that singers nowadays will come up with meaningful songs and not just a song that’s only a total upbeat and sometimes pointless.

Top 10 Hollywood child stars that left a remarkable role in their movies.


As a human being who has been fond of movie marathons every weekend, I have watched a lot of movies whom I may say left a remarkable spot in my memory. Horror, romance, action, adventure, suspense or thriller, name it I have watched them all. Among all those movies, I gathered all the child stars that I think played their respective roles so well that it only takes to name their character and Voila! You know the movie title already.


Will you be able to guess the title of their movie by just knowing these child stars’ role?


  1. Daveigh Chase (Samara)

Remember that creepy little girl with long black hair who possessed nensha, allowing her to burn gruesome and twisted images into the minds of people and animals and objects in the horror movie “The Ring”? Yes, you’re right. That’s Samara. If I’m not mistaken Daveigh didn’t have much line in this movie but her appearance is really palpable. Daveigh also voiced Lilo in the animated series Lilo and Stitch. Have you recognized that?


  1. Jonathan Lipnicki (George Little)

Who would’ve forgotten the ever loving brother of Stuart? Lipnicki was just nine-year old when he played the role of George Little, by simply depicting a good attitude of brotherhood with Stuart, I would say Lipnicki deserves to be claimed as remarkable character in the movie “Stuart Little” though Stuart as being himself was also exceptionally remarkable.


  1. Julia Winter (Veruca Salt)

Ah yes, I will never forget this pretty yet spoiled brat little girl in the movie, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory .Veruca Salt is one of the five children who have gotten the chance to enter the mysterious and intriguing chocolate factory. In my opinion, that part when she had learned her lesson was the one who really got me because children really had a lot to learn from it. I think this is also the reason why whenever I thought of Veruca Salt and also the protagonist Charlie, the movie title popped in my mind. As an addition, Veruca is also disrespectful; it was good that her punishment really suits her. Who else remembers her “nutty adventure” with his loving father?


  1. Alexa Vega (Carmen Cortez)

Actually, what I only remember about this girl is her looks but every time I see her in any magazine or what I always thought of the movie Spy Kids. It was just then that I knew her stage name and got to know her character in the movie again because you know, I also couldn’t recall it. She became remarkable not only for me but probably also to people who have watched her movie as well because of her impressive characterization with her role as Carmen, the daughter of Gregorio and Ingrid Cortez, her secret-agent parents.


  1. Isabelle Furhman (Esther)

Orphan left days of nightmares in my sleep right when I watched it and it was all because of Furhman’s role as Ester. I honestly did not have any idea that Ester was a grown woman trying to wreck a family because of how she looks, she undeniably looked so naive and innocent so I still have doubt that she’ll do what she have done to that family though I already have an idea that she’ll be the antagonist in this movie, it is just that the movie’s concept about Ester was unpredictable.


  1. Nicola Peltz (Katara)

The genuine beauty of this lady definitely fits her role of Katara, aside from her looks Katara also played a huge part on the movie so yes, I may say, that is the main reason why she reminds me of her movie, The Last Airbender though Aang also counts because of his trademark blue arrowed- bald head but Petz role of Katara really made the movie memorable for me.


  1. Mackenzie Foy (Renesmee Carlie Cullen)

Foy played the role of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen’s daughter in the movie Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2. I honestly included Mackenzie Foy in the list because of her astonishing role as Renesmee. Although she hadn’t said a lot in the movie her natural vampire-looks as a kid got it. I was just wondering, if there would be another installment for the Twilight movie, Will it focus on Renesmee as a grown up one because if it’ll happen I will surely watch it.


  1. Chloe Grace Moretz (Hit Girl)

The amazing daughter and at the same time side kick of his dad, Big Daddy, Moretz’ role as Hit Girl surely left an incredible impact to the movie than Kick Ass himself. I don’t know, this is just an opinion. Maybe because his role as Kick Ass made him really look stupid but if that’s the case, then he played it well because it was effective. Anyway, I admired how Chloe’s looks changed when she removed her wig as Hit Girl, it’s like two different kid in one costume. Amazing!


Alright, so we’re now down to our top list, the no.1 child star that undoubtedly left a remarkable role in his particular movie is no other than–


  1. Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter)

I have several nominees when it comes to this top list but I only thought of one criteria; Consistency. Daniel had been in the Harry Potter installment for like how many years and yet you couldn’t see any changes in his personality as Harry. He may change a bit but I’m sure it was not that noticeable.


So there you have it, my Top 10 Hollywood child stars that clearly left a remarkable role in their particular movies. If you were able to guess the movie by just their roles, then we have come up with the same list. Why does it felt like it was just yesterday or the other day when these movies has premiered? Time really flies so fast. I’m looking forward for these stars’ upcoming movies. Surely, they’ll be able to beat their previous movies.



…wondering who could beat Captain America: Civil War as the highest grossing movie this year. 






ABYSSRIUM: The enlightenment of the Lonely Corallite



Have you ever wondered if there’s a game that resembles your personality? How about a game that depicts what you have felt?

Believe it or not, I am fond of seeing the depths of the ocean though I wasn’t able to explore it for a single time, fishes and aquariums. I love how the sea creatures swim to their liberty and show how lovely it is to be surrounded by “friends”.


Abyssrium is a simple clicker or a tapping game that gained a genuine clicker-style due to its relaxing atmosphere. The music is light and comforting. The whole thing is just bliss to experience. Yes, the graphics were kind of mediocre but the game play really caught my attention.


When I first played the game, the introduction narrates a short story of a corallite:


“In the ocean’s dark

lives one small lonely corallite

creating life, one at a time”


Thereafter, I heard the relaxing sound of the game and saw the said corallite. By how it looks, you can easily tell and feel the loneliness that it felt throughout its entire life. The ocean were first to be seen as clearly empty. No plants, no fishes or any corals that can be seen. The objective of the game is for you to be able to give life to the lonely corallite(it is also referred as rock) by putting all the sea creatures, corals and plants. abyssrium interface.pngIn order for you to accomplish that, you have to focus on how you can unlock the remaining corals and fishes. There are actually a lot to unlock. You just have to be more persistent in tapping the corallite to earn more vitality (the floating bubble of hearts). Moreover, the game also features the new astounding computer technology which is the Virtual Reality mode that made Abyssrium even more exciting.

Now, on the onset of this blog I was asking about your certain resemblance to a game, if you ever found one.


Why did I ask that?


Simply because I finally found a game that has relevance to not only what I have felt but probably with you as well. Funny, isn’t it? But yes, Abyssrium had it. The introduction said it all. “…lives one small lonely corallite creating life, one at a time” and the look on the corallites’ face. I feel like I was staring to someone suffering to what I’ve had before. To be honest, I stared for the entire game interface for like a couple of minutes before I officially started the game.


Have you ever felt what it’s like to be in that part?


The feeling of being the lone stone that is no one to count on is very distressing. You probably have your circle of friends. Can you count on them in times of storm? Apparently, some will say yes. But let’s be real. These people appear like mushrooms and disappears all of sudden like a bubble. Isn’t it amazing? The problem here is we’re very kind enough to take them back as if nothing happened.

You were at your best when trying to lift them up but in terms of your own troubles you couldn’t do a thing. You’re lost on what to do. You know to yourself that it is contradicting but you just let it be because you feel like you need them. But no, they’re the ones who need you.

abyssrium complete.png

In Abyssrium, it was the corallite who give shelter for those sea creatures. That corallite needed circle of friends to ease the loneliness but do you think those sea creatures admired the lonely corallite in the first place? Think out of the game. Do you think those sea creatures wanted to be with someone who longs for happiness? Maybe, but if one of them will think about the way this corallite will overreact on some things, probably they wouldn’t want to be with that kind of person. (I am interpreting the corallite as a human being)


Furthermore, as you go along the game, you will see that the corallite says something like ” I have a mouth doesn’t mean I eat fish” it’s like how people treat others in their life. You have to tame them first for you to be able to be friends with them. Sad but it’s true. It saddens me whenever I see things depicting the inner part of myself. I know it wasn’t only I who have gone through this kind of sh*t (as I may call it) but seriously if one day you found yourself stuck in that lonely corallite’s situation, you will surely do whatever it takes just to garner friends whether they’re real or not. Desperately, you’ll need them.


We just have to be strong enough to let go and start to take a step in giving the chance for new people to come in.

By the way, as of now, my lonely corallite is on level 576. It was a bit lively compared to its first appearance.  I’m encouraging you guys to give it a shot because this one is really such a nice clicker-game, relaxing and indeed a good way to relief yourself away from stress.


ROCK N ROLL: Pepe Smith the Legendary Filipino Rock Icon


We all know that the legendary Filipino rock icon Joseph William Feliciano Smith was born December 25, 1947, raised by his mother, Conchita Feliciano but not entirely when it comes to his father, Edgar William Smith, a US serviceman. Obviously, he needed to go back to his country to fulfill his job. A singer-songwriter, drummer and guitarist who formed his first rock band at age 11, in 1959 which was first called The Blue Jazzers, later The Villains, and then The Surfers.

A few years later, Smith became a rock sensation in Manila as the drummer and lead vocal of Eddie Reyes and the Downbeats band, imitating Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones. This earned him the title “Mick Jagger of the Philippines”. It was 1970 when he joined the seminal Pinoy rock group Juan dela Cruz together with Mike Hanopol in bass and Wally Gonzales in guitar. The band became quartet a few years later with the addition of Edmond Fortuno (a.k.a “Bosyo”) in drums.juan-de-la-cruz-himig-natin

He’s a former member of Anakbayan. Due to his addition to the band, Smith decided to play the guitar instead. He’s also good in guitars so it isn’t a problem. Aside from being “Jack of all trades” (as I may say it) when it comes to musical instruments, Pepe Smith also took a huge part in Juan dela Cruz where it was him who composed Juan De la Cruz’s arguably most classic song “Himig Natin”.

 “Ang himig natin ang inyong awitin

Upang tayo’y magsama-sama

  Sa langit ng pag-asa”


You might wonder why we have the so-called “Pinoy Rock” today. It is due to their track which became the anthem of Manila’s post-hippie culture and underground radio network, particularly the DZRJ-AM radio show, Pinoy Rock ‘n’ Rhythm which was later on shortened to “Pinoy rock”. So if ever you wondered what brought this “Pinoy Rock” to Filipino music industry, Juan Dela Cruz did it most especially, Pepe Smith.


Reverting back when Pepe Smith was still with The Downbeats, those who witnessed the concert of The Beatles at the Rizal Memorial Stadium in Manila in 1966 definitely knew that The Downbeats were one of the performers who opened the concert for them along with Eddie Reyes performing “Get Off of My Cloud”. Try asking your older relatives if they knew about this. Pretty sure they know.


Although today isn’t a good day to do a throwback, allow me to bring you back in the previous music era, listening to the timeless songs and performance of the also known as Father of Filipino Rock, Pepe Smith.


Like a Rolling Stone cover by The Downbeats– Originally song by Bob Dylan. This song was recorded a few years before they formed the Juan dela Cruz band. It is said that the Downbeats original member’s in this record was Tony Jalandoni in guitar, Charlie Meelieb also in guitar and Tonet Fabie in bass while Pepe Smith were in vocals and drums.


Ihip ng Hangin by Pepe Smith from the album, “Idiosyncracies”. I highly admired the lyrics of this song. By simply listening to it you could already feel the dedication that he expressed in this earnest piece. This was originally composed by Pepe Smith himself.


(Acoustic version by Pepe Smith live from his house in Baguio City-source: YouTube)

“Ibibigay ko sayo ohhh

Kaligayahan ng buong mundo oh oh oh oh

Masdan mo ang bahaghari

Tulay na papuntang langit”


Beep beep beep by Juan Dela Cruz band– The song that would surely create hype at an instant due to its startling instrumental. This song was included in the band’s masterpiece album where it unleashed the full power on their listeners. This also became the symbol for Philippine mode of public transportation– the Jeepney.

“Beep beep beep beep

Sabi ng tsuper ng jeep

Beep beep beep beep

Tabi kayo’t baka kayo’y maipit”

Pepe Smith and his former bands had given a huge impact to the Philippine music industry. Among all the OPM bands today, it was them who were first to marked in their industry. Am I the only one who can’t help to sing when their song “Titser’s Enemy No.1” plays? I guess not.


To this end, there was a writer from Inquirer who wondered about the consideration of including  the category “National Artist for Pinoy Rock” in the National Artist Awards. It also came to my mind. At first, I was thinking twice if there is already but then it turned out that there’s none. I was wondering when it will happen. Let us not repeat the event of the posthumous award of Fernando Poe Jr. as The National Artist because in my opinion, it isn’t worth-it. What for? When the supposedly awardee has died already. He can no longer appreciate that but only his family. At least this time, let us prove that it is not only Ramon Santos (National Artist awardee for music) and his co-living awardees will be the only living National Artist awardees as the years passed. I immensely hope that “National Artist for Pinoy Rock” will soon be included in the category because if that time comes, I’ll definitely nominate for Pepe Smith, the Filipino rock icon!

At least before it’s too late.


A GLIMPSE ON THE “EMO-ERA”: Top 10 Remarkable Songs of CHICOSCI



Emo“, a term that usually describes a person wearing all black outfits paired with whether thick or thin eyeliner, sometimes accompanied by a sharp and thin blades and a shady bed hairdo perfect with a bit long slant bangs to complete the look. This is the trending get-up way back 2000’s where our favorite dark and edgy bands, international or local invaded our sane minds.


From international dark and edgy bands, we have My Chemical Romance who clearly left breathtakingly remarkable songs in our lone days and at the same time, left us in vain when they got disbanded. If “My Chemical Romance” gave a momentous memory in your dark days I’m pretty sure you admired or at least heard about “Chicosci”, the Philippine rap-metal band known to their trademark dark theme, offbeat musicality and are headed by the not-only intense but also charismatic vocalist of the band, Miguel “Miggy” Chavez. Who wouldn’t know this band?

Now, reverting back to 2000’s, I have here 10 remarkable songs of Chicosci which totally marked in not only to my “emo-era” but to my co-Chicosci fans as well.


From the album Method of Breathing: Glass is Broken

  • “Bring me to the light…Get me through the night”
    Through that strong melodic figure that made it the song’s focal point, Chicosci created a combined melody and harshness. It may sound weird but right, that’s what it is.

Chicosci’s self-titled album “Chicosci“: A Promise

  •  “Cause you are my beloved ghost…”Honestly, this album of Chicosci is different from their previous albums. If you are expecting heavy sound then do not expect that to this one because Chicosci album is just like those common emo bands that used a line of melodic guitar riff combined with the emotional vocals of Miggy. But overall, the song “A Promise” is very serene to ears though Miggy’s soft and mellow vocal style dominated the song. I still enjoyed it.

Also from the album “Chicosci”: 7 Black Roses

  • I certainly love the lyrics of this song. I’m thinking if this song made them the title “emo” because the overall melody of the song is somewhat the emo-type of music. I’m not saying it isn’t nice it is actually. I love how Miggy’s vocal style jived to the song. It isn’t questionable why the album became a hit.

(Love this live performance! Enjoy!)

Chicosci: Paris

  • For 52 weeks, this song holds the record for most number of weeks a song has stayed in the countdown. The said countdown was the NU107 Midnight Countdown where Chicosci got the award title Song of the Yearaward back in 2002. Paris has been described as highly infectious. Check out this video and be infected again.

Chicosci: Last look

  • “Can I be a little selfish? And I swear I’ll come back home to you” Sure, this lyrics hit “the feels” out of you. From its obviously emo-themed music video, it really marked on the “Emo-era “. Miggy’s voice was more emphasized those minimal screams and soft tone of voice. The song really ends up a hit.

(For better audio quality)

From the album, Fly Black Hearts: Diamond Shotgun

  • Following the album Best in 2007, Chicosci released this album with their hit single Diamond Shotgun (Lock and Load). I actually find the beat of this song like as if I’m on a battle (which was depicted on its music video) I felt like I’m about to kill the antagonist of my life or what while the line “Fly black hearts into the sky we’re never meant to fall~” plays in the background. Silly but the song is indeed timeless. I’m still rocking to this song,

From the album Revenge of the Giant Robot: Sink or Swim

  • That feeling when you want someone back, and then suddenly you remember how much that person pains you, you instantly take it back. Sink or Swim nailed it.

Chicosci: Chicosci Vampire Social Club

  • When we’re all fed up with all the bullsh*t of life, haters, criminals, failures, heartaches and the likes, let’s toast and leave the rest to the people who cares singing “I’ll raise my glass to you!”

(Reminiscing memories on this song? Here’s the official MV !)

Also from the album Fly Black Hearts: Breathe Again

  • The lyrics used a lot of symbolism that may represent (based on my own interpretation) a guy wanting to be loved, asking for a second chance that may not be given. Thus, the song gave a remarkable impact to their fans or to heartbroken people as well.



From Chicosci’s album “Icarus”: Theme from Conversations with Fire

  • Seriously, Miggy’s voice is totally high-pitched in this song and I love the lyrics. I could feel how Miggy illustrates someone’s thirst for love that turned in despair. Overall, this song gives a feeling of foreboding but at the same time meditating.

Truly, that “emo-era” has played a huge part in our teenage days. As a matter of fact, it also taught us the essence of solitary by learning to enjoy your own company. Chicosci contributed one of the amazing songs to remember from 2000s and became a part of our…should I called it adolescence? is a memorable event in our life. Same thing, when the first time you feel hurt, memorable right? But it was indeed worth the time to remember.



Are you also a fan? What Chicosci song marked your “Emo-era”?
























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