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On March 7, 2017, actress Lily Collins released her phenomenal book of self-reflection in which she depicted all from personal life experiences such as her battles with eating disorder, past relationships, thoughts to her father and exhibiting her mother’s bravery and excellence in nurturing her as a kid independently.


Unfiltered is a collection of essays that I believe, could relate to any individual who has gone through the same experiences of L. Collins. As one among thousands of young readers who have read this book, I would say that I could definitely relate to some of its content particularly on that aspect where Lily was struggling to fit into the society at an early age. I agree, growing with an unusual brows (which I don’t really considered unusual the first time I saw her on a certain movie) may seem odd to others which could absolutely lead to attract bullies as a kid but upon reading how Lily dealt with that experience is incredible. Her mother taught her the art of loving and accepting herself which she has been holding on to until now that she’s a grown-up.

I admire how she managed to finish writing this entire book as according to her, she has never been too honest to anybody aside from her mother whom she also once lied to during her eating disorder days so overall, this book, really, is a special memento for Lily, to her fans and all individuals who are curious to read this powerful book.


Another thing that I loved on this book is its numerous notable passages. Lily even shared her favorite quotations on each essay. I noted some of the quotations and noteworthy passages that I like; I think you’ll love them too.


“That’s not love. That’s not how love is supposed to feel. But there is someone out there who will show me what real, honest love is. They will respect and accept me for me and won’t make me feel less than. In order to find that person and truly let them in, first I must believe in myself and know my own value. It’s not selfish to want these things nor is it selfish to think them. I deserve happiness. I deserve to be loved just as I love others. I deserve everything.”


“No relationship is greater than the one I have with myself. I just need to trust my gut, follow my instincts, and when someone shows me who they are, believe them.”


“When people point out your differences as negative, it’s only because they’re insecure themselves.”


“No matter what I’ve endured in the past, what I’ve put myself through, or what others have done to me, I have the ability and the will to move forward. I will not give up. I will not undervalue or underestimate my capabilities.”


“I am whole just as I am. I am defined not by my life experiences but by how I let them affect me and how I handle myself in each situation.”


“The quirky things that make you different are what make you beautiful”


“Love will find you again, And you can never, ever change yourself for anyone or change yourself to fix the relationship. So if it isn’t healthy, say good-bye.”


And lastly, the passage that really appeals to me…


“In those moments it’s so important to remember that recognizing someone’s flaws is a gift. It allows us to take a step back and reevaluate how we approach them and how to move forward. It also spares us the agony and pain of blaming ourselves for their actions. Once we’ve realized this, it’s time to express our thoughts and feelings. We must let them know how much we still need them and how it’s never too late to right wrongs or change patterns. It can get better for the both of us.”


(I am not good in recognizing someone’s flaws unless we have known each other for so long so what always happen is that every time they did something wrong (wrong for me) that that person don’t believe it’s wrong, I often end up blaming myself from being stupid to misinterpret things that I thought was just right. Luckily, after being deeply pained within I was able to slowly understand what I really want and need. I began to comprehend things better than before so when I finally realized that something is off, I am now doing my best to voice out my opinion even though it is never an easy thing to me. I simply want the people close to my heart to understand me in a sense that there wouldn’t have any misinterpretations in their part. I’m still on the process though. )


The point of the book is to teach people to stand up, voice your opinions because that’s the only way other people will get to understand you which will eventually lead for them to value your worth as a person. Having stated Lily’s several experiences of terrible relationships, she wanted to extend her lesson “not to settle for less”. Love and believe in yourself in that way, love will find you bringing the right person to love you unconditionally no matter how things get hard.




Unfiltered is definitely a great-read. I highly recommend this book whether you’re a fan or not.