If you could still recall, it was in January 2017 when Ballerina was released in theaters. The movie tells about the story of an orphan girl who strives to fulfill her dream to become a famous ballerina. Together with her best friend, the two began their journey as they slip away from the orphanage. I’ve been watching this movie last Saturday and guess what? That was the 5th time that I have spent my spare time for just watching it. I don’t know it has been such a good motivation for me since the day that I have watched it. It never bores me in fact, I have a couple of favorite scenes in this movie, few gems, and a little slap on the face realization that I would gladly share to all of you.


Ballerina taught me…


This movie paints a picture of a poor little girl struggling in life, lost … nobody but look at her, her persistence and courage has been her strength to achieve her dreams.


That no matter how powerful is your competitor, don’t just yield and let them win the game. Felicie, the poor orphan girl has encountered the most powerful people during her early age. She stole the identity of Camille, daughter of Regine Le Haut, the wicked sneering antagonist. Surely, it must have been so much for her to be humiliated and threatened but Felicie did not just stoop down (well, yes it damaged her self-confidence but she didn’t give up that easily), she stand up and fight for what she ever dreamed of–dancing.


Passion is the key.

Oh, we all know this. You will never do something fulfilling without putting love in it. Ballerina illuminates the people that no matter how deep are your depiction of your expertise in a certain skill, what is lacking could always be seen.


In a way, Ballerina is simply a wake up call to movie producers/directors/writers because what they are trying to draw to its viewers is quite discomforting. Here are a few points:


Ballerina wants us to know that

People usually judge based on status. Remember when Felicie coincidentally found the Opera? She was accused of stealing when in fact she was only earnestly watching a ballerina doing a little practice.

Well, it isn’t hard for someone to judge because she looks like a street children and she’s one, actually. I just hope that next time producers and writers would be able to come up with a new movie portraying a different outlook with society. This is a children movie, aren’t it supposed to teach them positive outlook not only in life but also with the people in it?


Though you cheated and lied just to achieve something, it is tolerable once you proved that you’re better than the rest. Ah…Does that even make sense?


Rich people are cruel to poor people and that only those will help them is the people who are also poor. This is clearly a red flag for children. Not all rich people are inhumane, there are also some who rich out for poor people trying to help and supply their needs.


So basically, Ballerina is indeed a good movie. You just have to supervise your children while watching it because as to what I shared with you, there are things that needed to be explained to them to avoid the misinterpretation. Ratings? 4 out of 5, not bad though and I love this movie.