Before the popularity of this generation’s well-known amour, it was back in the 1950s when several yet truly unspoken love stories have first emerged. Have you ever heard about the story behind Carlos Ledesma and Susan Magalona’s marriage?

Well, we’re all aware that during those era, wealthy and prominent families have had execute fixed marriage for some reasons. It could probably be a way to secure each means, or to establish partisan between the families or maybe they simply find their sons and daughter suitable for each other and just decided for them to tie the knot. Whatever their reasons, there has never been anything good about it (Carlos and Susan) were just one of the unfortunate people struck by this ill-tradition. It was only Susan, the legendary beauty during her time, who was totally devastated by this decision.

susan magalona
photo credits to the owner.

The two was forcefully married, it was said that Susan was even seen in tears while walking the aisle. So, as expected to an unrequited love—the marriage turned out to be loveless. Carlos and Susan have stayed together for around 7 or 8 years, it was then that Susan Magalona finally decided to go on separate ways and calls for nullification of their marriage which Carlos Ledesma unhesitatingly permitted.

The church said (because as I have said, annulment was not yet imposed on the Philippine executive orders back then) that the marriage will and only will be nullified, void if the marriage was not consummated. And so, test has been made to Susan Magalona proving that she is deemed, still virgin from the day she got married up till their case. Due to the earnest love of Carlos to Susan, the two remain in good terms.

Carlos and Conchita Arenas
Carlos Ledesma on his marriage with Conchita Arenas (photo credits to the owner).

Susan Magalona then married diplomat millionaire Federico Elizalde while Carlos Ledesma wedded Conchita Arenas, daughter of Vicente Arenas and Julieta Lopez.


The story of Carlos Ledesma and Susan Magalona has conveyed a very important message for every man, those people who have been in the midst of unrequited love, also those people who simply love someone that it is only when you want the best and happiness for that one person you love will give you the courage and strength to certainly let them go once their happiness is entirely not being with you. And I must say (because it should be said) that the portrayal of chivalry, of being a man by Carlos Ledesma is what men nowadays shall grandfathered in because as much as it seems unusual, men these days are actually getting far from what men were once used to be.