First of all, I’d like to commend President Rodrigo Duterte on his eagerness to continue his fight against crimes and drug related cases despite of several anti-campaigns who have been eyeing to stop him from its implementation and his acknowledgement on the sickening situation of the environment. PDuterte blasts mining firms saying either he will raise their taxes or they come up with a substitute. These mining firms have been quarrying for many years I don’t think that they deserve to have the liberty to think of ways in order for them to keep their business. Honestly, PDuterte’s awareness in the environment situation is quite out of date. Yes, in his first SONA he addressed the climate change saying that global warming should be the nation’s top priority but this one–mining firms who little by little dig into the destruction of mountains, watersheds, forests and aquatic resources is supposed to be the stepping stone in the alleviation of global warming once hopefully prohibited. I fully support the anti-mining advocacy of Former Environment Secretary Gina Lopez who then supported by Pres. Duterte despite of him being surrounded by mining interests. Additionally, he also blasts media due to their irresponsibility and failure to deliver non-partisan news to the people.

Similar to his previous SONA, PDuterte’s full-support and assistance in AFP never failed to be addressed. He mentioned that families of soldiers will have secured assistance from the government and additional medical equipment for AFP due to its insufficiency. He also expressed his dedication to retrieve peace in Mindanao saying that the P25Billion tax settlement of Mighty Corporation will go for the rebuilding of Marawi.

Now, one of the issues that Filipinos are expecting to be disclosed (and one of my expectations as well) is Pres. Duterte’s promise to lower income tax rates and corporate tax rates. As he opened this issue, he first commended the House of Congress for passing Tax Reform Bill in its third hearing however, he cleared that no matter how much he wanted for the bill to be imposed it is still in the hands of the senate’s jurisdiction. So consequently, it gives us the 50:50 standing on this promise, it will be approved but no, not yet (just like that). The objective of Tax Reform Program is to increase the national budget. One of its focuses is the increase of tax on sugar-sweetened beverages, P10-per-liter excise tax will be imposed on the said beverage this will include all carbonated drinks, sports drinks , juices, teas, coffee and cereal. This program is said to be “anti-poor” but upon seeing one of its key points,  I’m afraid that it is only the poor who will be mainly affected in this proposed bill. It may simply dissuade the consumers to purchase the said beverages.  What will happen then?


Overall, I may say that the second SONA of PDuterte tackled the issues that Filipinos have been waiting to be disclosed, majority of the top issues (traffic problems, internet speed connectivity, increase in minimum wage of workers, additional jobs for Filipinos) have not been FULLY-disclosed but I believe through patience and willingness to support the president’s agendas, we will all achieve what we’ve been aching to achieve as we all wanted change. Besides, he still have 5 years to serve the nation so as long as he’s alive and kicking, we shall keep our hopes up on all his upcoming action plan for the betterment of our country. Keep in mind that no matter how great is your authority, if nobody dares to change a thing, nothing… not a single thing will change. The president himself is seeking for our help. Change comes from within. It starts with us. I believe that only when nation unites to cooperate, change will finally come.

“Believe me, it is easier to build from scratch than to dismantle the rotten and rebuild upon its rubble. Let us work together and lay a new foundation in which a better Philippines can be reconstructed. Help me build a better tomorrow,” President Rodrigo Duterte as he ended his speech.