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Letting go is never an easy thing. It cuts as deep as hell and hurts so bad out of your expectations. Some may think that letting go is just part of our life and that we must get used to it but there were also some that could not believe with it. Why? Because they have never tried doing so which isn’t that bad if they think it is the right thing to do.

But generally, why do we have to let go?

To depict a picture on the essence of letting go, I would like to share this writing that I’ve read from Ceeart publication in Medium by Artchelle Arcillas titled “I have let go”.

I have let go…

Ofthings I know I cannot handle, I have come to the realization that it is God who will be there for me whenever I needed help the most. That it is only him who won’t get tired of listening whenever I vent out my thoughts. Reaching out to him every night before I end each day helps me to start the days with hopes away from worries, Yes, my problems are still there behind me, some are just in front of me waving ‘hi’ bugging my mind but I notice that they no longer trouble me that much. It actually strengthens me to wake up each day and work to be able to finally get rid of them. It just doesn’t pain me at all unlike before.

Ofpessimism. I realized that only when you filled your mind with positive thoughts, positive energy will come and surround you. I remember when I was on my way home, I saw myself staring impassively on the window and that time I caught myself thinking of scenarios that are not even happening. That’s the triggering part there, once I’m in the midst of in-depth thinking I knew that that over-thinker Artchelle is awake and I need to immediately snap and be present again. I would like to thank Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now for being one of the reasons why I was able to be conscious of how my mind works.

‘Listen to the voice in your head, be there as the witnessing presence.’

a quote from the said book. After I’ve finished the book, I began to try to be the watcher of my mind, guiding my energy on the things that will deliver optimism on my being. I didn’t know if it will work at first but when I notice the changes that I had by simply staying conscious in the present, there I continued the practice.

Ofneediness in relationship. I admit that I am an avid fan of sweetness, I really am, so when that situation came where my partner quite change and he’s no longer that man who has the sweetness all over, I was quite astounded…I began to long for that ‘him’ who showers me with captivating deeds, it’s hard to adjust to the situation, to be honest. There was a time when I almost give up, I no longer feel appreciated, I feel like I was taken advantage which I despised the most in a relationship. I hate it so bad that there was never a night that I didn’t cry about it. I keep on thinking about his situation as well but then I realized why it has to affect ‘us’. Why do we have to get hurt? I almost have given up and I am grateful that in the midst of suffering like this God did not let us on the edge. I believe that he’s the reason behind our talks that has resulted to our enlightenment. Now, we were aware of each other’s side and it is now clear between us. We have pledge that from now on, it will be God and Jesus Christ our savior, be the center of our relationship. Neediness and being clingy won’t do anything good in a relationship. It will only hinder you to grow in any aspects and I won’t allow that to happen to us.

Offaking. I am now allowing myself to admit that I am unhappy when I really am. I no longer mind if it might hurt them or what for it is my right to let them know that I was hurt or saddened or bliss by their doings, I believe they deserved to be aware. This is one way to keep an inner peace within me and I wish for them to do the same. I’ve been faking my feelings every time I’m sad. I often say I’m okay though obviously I’m not. I don’t know, what I know is that I’m using the words I’m okay as defense mechanism, to avoid misunderstanding. I have stopped faking my emotions. It doesn’t even making me feel better.

I have not wished anything in life but happiness. But after all the things that happened every day, I realized that you cannot wish for happiness to come. It won’t come because it is already there. We just need to learn to appreciate things, things we have and the people we have. The decision is ours if we really want to be happy. I always think that it is ‘appreciation’ everybody has to learn in this life full of humans who take advantage.


Based on what I have understood, clearly, there are things that we should learn to let go. Letting go does not always pertain to a person but also on the other aspects one’s life. The way one perceives life is just one of those. If you think and you’ve proven that your outlook in life hinders you from attaining happiness and mostly inner peace to yourself then you have to examine your mind. What do you have to let go? What are the things that must be change to attain peace of mind?


‘Listen to the voice in your head, be there as the witnessing presence.’