No chitter chatter. I’m only pointing out what makes social media the worst technology innovation.


I’ve been using social media for such a long time and I must admit among many innovations and advancements people have made, social media is one of, I would say most beneficial, having a wide coverage of aspects that people could make use of it (shared-ideas, career interest and other forms of expressions through virtual interaction) BUT on the contrary, it is also the worst.



Misleading, bounded by puzzling information.

I’ve seen several articles, blogs, posted photos, and videos from various pages and websites all of which most people are not aware whether these sites are even legit which somehow they end up spreading as if they know the entire information about it.

Considering these examples; videos of fake food, articles about a mysterious creature and space occurrence or any other blogs or article you’ve encountered that seem futile and unbelievable.

What is the probability of these contents to be true to fact?

Is it once it has been broadcasted over the news? Honestly, even television news does not count as credible either, this is due to the so-called ‘paid journalists’ I don’t know if this is happening to your country but with ours (PH) this is slowly becoming a norm. These ‘paid journalists’ are usually paid to ruin a certain person’s reputation by spreading false information with the help of its incredible ‘trolls’  which many people end up believing because, as I said, it is from a television news reported by reputable journalists.

Capability of one’s personal matter to be over-exposed.

…that even a person’s most painful heartbreak, tragic incident that he/she has experienced were all posted and exposed to everybody which is WRONG in any where you look at. We all have different reasons to make use of social media but despite of those reasons we are supposed to be responsible with our privacy. People do not need to know so much about your life so better keep it to yourself.

You may not think those silly ‘—–Game Generator’ that you enjoyed entertaining is a form of revealing your personal information especially your birthdays and full name, but they really are. (Insert game generator) Yes, I know it is quite interesting; I fell to it for how many times, it’s best to ditch them sometimes.harry potter game generator.jpg

Not only its capability to over-exposed one’s personal life makes social media worst having a bunch of troll users also count. Trolls are the No.1 reason behind every heated argument in any comment sections. Why? Because that’s what they are paid for, to make a certain issue get worse or just simply in order for them to drag people into believing whatever it is that they are arguing about. There were also trolls that start arguments only to upset people often for their amusements. I don’t know what part in there is amusing. It doesn’t make any sense at all.

What is there to do such a thing? Why pissed people off? Are they paid to do that as well? I apologize but for me it really sucks that I have come to that point where I hope that SMS (social media sites) could do something to eradicate these trolls, in that way I believe trash talks or non-sensible arguments will be avoided.

Social media is indeed a beneficial internet technology platform. It has given many advantages to people that as years passed, they no longer use it wisely and PROPERLY. Just look at the millennial, they were one of the products of improper usage of social media and soon, that’s it! People can’t do anything about it.

Think before you click!