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Wonder woman is the fourth installment in DC Extended Universe. Diana Prince first made her appearance in the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice where a certain scene shows Bruce Wayne discovering a World war I-era photograph of Diana revealing her true identity as Wonder woman. It has given me the idea of where Wonder woman’s story goes and I find my speculations right in some ways.

Using the strategy of nonlinear film, the movie revolves around Diana Prince (Wonder woman) present and past where it has portrayed what had happened behind that photograph sent by Bruce Wayne. I think for me through the glimpse of Diana’s past, her battle for humanity against Ares, the God of war is DC’s way to unveil a new story line for the next installment. Perhaps, it’ll be Justice League, which will be in cinemas on November. I don’t know but I believe DC drops hints regarding the next DCEU movie. One of the hints which made me believe on my theory is when Diana emails back to Wayne to reaffirms her mission to protect humanity against all odds. Having said that, it obviously means that the battle continues what’s only making it an unsolved mystery is the question ‘who is she fighting along with, Batman alone?’ There I believe Justice League made its way.


In terms of production and all aspects, I believe what made Wonder woman astonishingly amazing is the incredible contribution of the people behind it. Patty Jenkins, the director whom for Matthew Jensen, its cinematographer, is a great collaborator. The official soundtrack contributes a good impact to the movie as well. It may seem no big deal but I think it is one of the factors that made Wonder woman a victory and of course, Jenkins’ casting. Gal Gadot shows great efforts when playing the role of Diana and Wonder woman. I have no words for that, if you’ve watched the movie surely we’ll both raise our thumbs up not only Gal, Chris Pine who’s known for his role as James T. Kirk in the movie Star Trek, also did a good job together with his team: (the marksman, the spy and the smuggler) Said Taghmaoui, Ewen Bremmer and Eugene Brave Rock.


I’m giving 95% as its overall ratings; all I can say is that the ending of this movie made me long for Justice League. Goodness, I have to wait for four months before it comes. I’m recommending you guys to watch it simply because it’s incredible, an intense theatrical action packed with a humor which I believe quite unusual with DC since they are more-like the dark and edgy type.

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Wonder Woman is still showing in cinemas so go ahead and watch it. Let me know your thoughts below.