I have read a lot about stress. The signs, how to cope with it, deal with, handle and whatsoever. I obviously have the idea about this but still it isn’t that easy. Majority of the people I encountered know what to do regarding stress so it isn’t a new thing if someone I know will suddenly hit me with anything near them once I disclosed that I have issues when dealing and coping with stress.

I saw a video post from When in Manila wherein the topic focus on ways to cope with stress. The post states seven ways where I find a bit contradicting to my situation or probably yours as well.(Please anticipate my issues because all the things that I will mention really affects the cited ways for me to cope with this terrible stress)

It says here the following ways will help us to cope with stress:

  1. Do a brand new thing.

I actually do not understand why I couldn’t find the words to elaborate this one. All I know is that I feel like or for me, I’m doing new things everyday most especially whenever I have a spare time but still it feels the same, exhausted with meager work, frustrated with the results and even clueless with what to do next. Summing up all of those situations made me feel awfully sick and I seriously hate it.

2. Avoid negative people.

Do you think it is that easy? In my case, all the negative people are just inches away from me and I only came up with one way to avoid them. — — And that’s it, unfortunately, I still could not afford to do that.

3. Stop thinking. Tomorrow is a better day.

I have tried this since the first time I have learned about the word “stress” and I’ll tell you what, it didn’t work. Due to my self-analysis, I have found out that it is just me and that I have to get used to it. And it’s not a good findings, you know why? because I’m tired. I’m afraid that if I couldn’t find a way to stop not just simply thinking but overthinking, I might get myself killed. I mean, seriously because i’m getting so tired of it. I know about tomorrow’s new opportunities it is just that I am being devoured by my own terrible sanity.

4. Say “No” more often.

Among the first three ways, I have proven this effective. I did this yesterday in the office when I was offered to avail cookies. I am currently in the midst of saving more money so spending for things that I could probably have an alternative is a big NO for now. Indeed, it helped me to lighten my mood but not entirely the stress. I’m glad it quite ease the burden.

5. Get up 15 minutes earlier.

I’ve been doing this before when I was in college. It has helped me overcome several effects of insomnia to my mind and body. Taking a walk heading to the transport terminal gives a lighter mood in my usually sulky emotion. I got used to it back then. Being up early to go straight in school to spend the rest of the early hours in sleeping has been my routine. That is why, my classmate never believed that I am suffering from insomnia because during the class hours I could still manage to actively cooperate.

6. Do it today.

Research says that the more a person procrastinates, there is a great probability that piles of burden will approach. I’m sure people are aware of this and sure, they also agree. However, I believe there will always be some things that will distract you from directly doing what you’ve got to do right away. I don’t usually procrastinate but for me this tip is a bit hard to do most especially when you have tons of thoughts ruining your mind and hey, talk about laziness. Hmmmm… I definitely need to do something about this.

7. Use time wisely.

The precious time, we all need to consume it wisely. Though let us admit that every time this reminder comes in our mind I presume that there is no other huge hindrance that would hinder us from accomplishing this aside from the word “laziness” or probably there were some who enjoys consuming their time with recreational activities or adventures,for outgoing people. In my case, i’m not either lazy or adventurous I prefer putting myself in between meaning I’m the type of person who’s occasionally outgoing. I honestly don’t know why but I’m having a hard time using my time wisely maybe because whenever I have my spare time, I prefer to just sleep and rest my mind for a while. But whatever the case is, at least I have the idea that I find it hard and could still work on changing my unacceptable habit.

Being under pressure, worried, tense, upset, sad, and angry seem normal, these are some factors that could lead to stress and what’s worse is that it could trigger mental illness. I am aware with all of this. As I have said, it is just I, alone who complicates the situation. Sounds ridiculous, right? Even I am getting sick and tired with it. Seriously, I do.


That is why I end up writing and pointing these things out.

We appreciate the advice, ways or tips to get over it but please, do not expect these ways to just work the way you think it’ll be because no, coping with stress is never an easy thing to do. Once we finally decided to little by little try those ways, expect us to struggle for there are things that makes it complicated for us. We’re having a hard time getting our sh*t together and that, I think is what makes it worse.

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