We were so used to hear negativity around the media, so used that it no longer sounds unfamiliar to our senses, the killings, terror attack, and price hike, it appears to be just another day of terrible set of headlines that you may admit it or not, you simply don’t mind. This week does not come to its end yet but look at the horrific tragedy that had happened recently, it has left a horrendous affliction to every people around the globe.


  • The tragic explosion at Manchester Arena after Ariana Grande’s concert.

It was supposed to be a big night for Grande’s fans because they are witnessing the pop singer’s performance live, the supposed to be great night turned into a catastrophic event when an explosion has happened. 22 were reported to be killed and 120 victims were said to be injured. According to Chief Constable Ian Hopkins the attacker was carrying an improvised explosive device which he used on the said terror attack. The bomber without any specific witness, was said to be dead on the scene.



  • Invasion of ISIS related group in Marawi City on Mindanao.

President Duterte declared ‘Martial Law’ in Marawi City last night after hearing that the city is being invaded by Maute Group. Residents who posted their current state claimed that they were several armed men that have been scene to be roaming around the said city. Some of them also posted photos on Twitter to let the authorities know what was happening. These photos from one of the residents in Marawi show a burned down school building and people fleeting away from their houses due to the frightening deeds of Maute group (the said ISIS related group)

Twitter posts of one of the residents in Marawi City.

marawi 2


  • Bangkok hospital bombing.

According to an article published on Fox News World, the explosion happened at an army-run hospital where 21 people recorded to be wounded, one person stated to be severely damaged. The incident was said to come on the anniversary of military coup but Thai authorities claimed that they were not relating any incidents behind it.


There is no such thing as coincidence in tragedy, as to what I believe. You may want to ask yourself why it had happened during those times and day but you won’t find any answer. Why, because it happened already. Many lives have lost. No matter how used we are to these headlines; let us not forget to open our eyes on what is currently happening. These incidents served as a ‘wake-up call’ to their respective authorities, governments must act on an efficient plan for the security of its people and we, citizen should not do anything but to obey. Let us convince ourselves not to object, boycott and disobey from the precautionary action-point of the government no matter how suspicious we think the plans are. So long as the peril still arises and we still wanted to be safe and sound, what we can only do is obey the authorities and calm ourselves.

martial law.jpg
Open-mindedness is crucial at this point of time. Sorry but this man is absolutely stupid and egoistic.