When you’re getting curious of what it’s like to be an interior designer so you look for a game that will make you experience doing so.


Design home is I would say a perfect interior design game simulator for aspiring interior designer wanna-bes. It features the best decor brands from Serena & Lily, Kathy Kuo Home, Noir and Loloi to name a few, in order for you to have the best choice in terms of furniture and decor items all of which are quite expensive to buy.


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There are certain amount of cash, diamonds and keys given to a user. Cash is intended for furniture and decorations that you will need in every challenge that you enter. You can earn cash by entering challenges. On the other hand, diamonds are used to buy Premium items; you can also choose to convert Diamonds to Cash or keys. Once you run out of diamonds, the challenges that you’ve done could help you once the results are in. You can also buy more diamonds in the Premium store, if you couldn’t stand waiting for results. Now, to be able to enter to a challenge, you need keys. Some challenges mostly requires 25 keys to enter, I guess that’s the minimum entrance. It is impossible to run out of keys because you can earn them by simply voting between two designs. Your finished designs are also included in voting lines so make sure that you choose the appropriate furniture in every challenge and make the best out of it.

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I’ve been playing this game for weeks now and so far, what I like in Design Home, is that there are different challenges to compete in. You can choose whether you’re in a mood for designing a Pastel-themed room or a Lavish Palace Living, it almost have all the themes I like, I even tried to design a Book-lover room, something like that (I forgot the exact title) and I’m quite satisfied with my output. I hope the other players as well. Come on, guys. Give me your 5 stars. LOL. In terms of entering challenges, you have to be aware of the requirements before you claim that you’re finish because whatever you do you can’t wrap up that challenge once you lack its required furniture and decors. One thing as reminder, make sure you have the enough cash and diamonds to avail the required furniture before entering a certain challenge because some of it are premium items.


Hence, how Design Home works is simply designing an empty room. You have to decide which or what furniture would fit in it, add items on tables, and choose decorations that you think would work on them. Just as simple as that. What made it genuine and exquisite is its capacity to let user/player experience a visually stunning 3D interior designing. As what I’ve mentioned, I’ve been playing this game for a couple of weeks now and I would say I totally enjoyed it. Most of my designs got 4.3 ratings which isn’t that bad, for me. It was fun to play. The more unique decors and furniture you use, the more it boosts your enthusiasm to keep on playing, until I ran out of cash to enter a challenge. That is the only time Design Home slowly bores me. I could only earn keys because I keep on voting, what about the cash? I was wondering if there are ways to earn cash other than spending real money. Because if there isn’t I might no longer play this. I’m still recommending this game because of the unique and fun concept of it that I think would people enjoys. But spending real money for game sake? nope.gif

Download the app here and comment down your reviews: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.crowdstar.covetHome&hl=en