Located at Ortigas technopoint along Julia Vargas Avenue, this resto happened to be one of the unbelievable burgeoning restaurants nearest from our office. Seared successfully awaken my interest and attention so last Friday night, my colleague and I together with my boss took the chance to get a taste of it.

First of all, I would like to commend the good ambiance. It wasn’t only I but also the people with me who admired the modern and minimalist interior design.seared-6


Our first minutes of stay were jovial and relaxing. The servers and crews were also nice. They were all approachable and hospitable that we didn’t have a hard time doing a follow-up with our orders. I understand that it took time for our orders to arrive because it is meat, guys. It has to be well-cooked but not all the time, it depends.

Seared has a variety of food to choose from but their specialty focused on meat because the resto serves lunch and dinner. We tried their Ultimate Platter, the God Father (An all-meat dish), the Beef and Cheese Quesadilla.   seared-2  I’m quite disappointed with it because quesadillas are meant to be grilled. Their beef and cheesy quesadilla isn’t that grilled and a little bit uncooked, it would be better if it is more grilled, the God father platter almost flop just because of its pork chop. They were all plain and kind of bland. It’s quite expensive as well (P1, 485.00) but overall, it’s still good naman.seared-4

It simply needs more flavors for a better taste. We also tried their Murdock Chicken wings which really astounded us because it was presented differently than that of the usual spicy Buffalo wings. The chicken wings are simply fried; the spicy sauce that is supposed to be mixed with it is already prepared. Now, it is your choice if you’d like to take a dip or not. Of course, you will, right?

We also took a taste of their Twisted Poutine Fries which is good but I would say, there isn’t any difference of it when compared to McDonald’s fries aside from its pricey cost. Hmmm… I’m sorry but if I knew it earlier, I would have gotten McDonald’s instead. It is way cheaper than Seared’s fries that is worth (P175.00).seared-3

Seared’s Burger Malcom’s X is your typical burger with egg. The only difference of it from any kind of burger aside from again, its pricey cost (P395.00) is its oozing oily meat paired with curly fries. We loved it but you guys have to watch your diet if you are currently into it.

I would say Seared is good but they’re having the need to improve the food quality. The price is quite unreasonable for food serving. We ordered their “tossed salad” for the side dish and we got disappointed with the serving itself. Our P75.00 for a single order of it deserves more than just a tart-bowl or a cup. The ambiance is very nice as I’ve said. The service is thumbs-up.

So far, I must say that Seared haven’t achieved their belief on “Affordable quality food and dining satisfaction”. The gastronomic experience is there but yet it is lacking.

In my opinion, one thing that the Seared need right now, is a good website for their future customers. A little information from different sites: opentable.com, tripadvisor.com…Etc. are not enough for starters like Seared (established only in 2015) they still need to be known by many people. This is just a suggestion. For the better, I think.


I’m still looking forward for that “More selections” though.