“Great! It’s 2017! I shall jot down my New Year’s resolution!” said the hopeful human.


Have you ever notice your previous New Year’s Resolutions? They were all broken and then here you go again, drafting and listing down all the things that you wish to do and change.  Well, I’m not saying that having a New Year’s Resolution is terrible, what I’m saying is you NEVER ever met what you wish to do or change.


Check out these seven FLOP New Year’s Resolution. You might want to check if your current resolutions are included. (I’m just saying.)


  • Quit smoking.

“Alright, New Year, New Change, I’m not gonna smoke cigarettes but I’ll vape.”


Come on, you wanted to quit smoking you should mean it, right? Why switch into something that does the same thing to your health? People believe that vape contains less nicotine. Probably, but there are still some levels of nicotine that you can choose from it’s like you don’t really quit smoking you just switch. You should have changed your New Year’s resolution, then.


  • Not going to curse or blaspheme.

This is very possible for me. But to those people who have identified cursing as an expression, it is going to be quite hard.cursing

We curse or swear because of what we feel inside: anger, annoyance…Etc. but what people know is that this act has a strong impact to you as person. So, what does it reflects to you? It simply reflects who you are as a person. Now, what person do you want to be?


  • Eat healthier and DIET

D-I-E-T Four words but seem very difficult for people to achieve. Did you include this resolution in your list? Well, you must take it seriously now. Holidays have devastated not only your figure but also your well-being. fruits-and-vegetablesSurely, you have eaten a lot during those seasons so obviously your body carries huge cholesterol and calories from different food that you ate.

Stand up and make your diet happen this year!


  • Spend more time with family

I think what is hindering people from achieving this resolution is the lack of savings and time.hands-pic

Why? When you are not earning enough money to spend you have to double time with your job. I mean, you have to double the effort that you exert in terms of your career. So if that is the case, time is affected.

This 2017, change for good, if you know what I mean.


  • Binge-drinking

“I am going to reduce drinking alcohol beverages.”

No. You have said that five new years ago but then here you go, drunk AF at this point of time. When will you achieve this resolution? When you’re already choking on your own vomit?binge-drinking1

Step up, man. Do it!


  • Traveltravel-02

Same with spending time with family, this resolution commonly flops because of the same thing: Time and enough savings. You have to do something about it. But when will you begin? Next year? Again?


And lastly,


  • Get out of debt.

You know why it is hard for people to save and invest for their personal use? Because of debts that remain unpaid for long time. Why don’t you start this year by beginning to this resolution?  Pay your debt and start saving. I doubt if you still find it hard to save more money this time.


Now, once you have started getting yourself out of debt, you will get to have time with your family and yourself. In regards to health-related resolutions, it is absolutely in your hands whether you’d like to achieve them or not but what’s the purpose of listing them on your New Year’s resolution if you don’t have any plans to achieve them.

Were you just wasting your time jotting down resolutions every New Year’s Day? I pity the ink of the pen, then.


I’m hoping this 2017; you get to achieve whatever that is written on your New Year’s Resolution.

Get yourself up and start doing something about it.


Happy New Year, folks!