“Beauty is the opposite of perfection, it’s about confidence, charisma and character.”


I would like to share my unprejudiced thoughts and insights on the recent pageant but first and foremost, I only highlighted the Top 5 Final Q&A portion of the said pageant because first, I believe that it is the much-awaited moment where the individual candidates would have to showcase their beautiful minds and lastly, this portion determines who deserved the glorious crown.


The portion was presented by Tim Vincent whereas the beautiful ladies have given the chance to stun the crowd with their glamorous evening gown. For instance, I researched for the question and answers in order for you to take a peek at how the ladies presented themselves,.

The following were the said Q and A of the candidates for this year’s Miss World Pageant:



-Question from Miss World 1988 Linda Petursdottir of Iceland: What can you do to improve education in the world?

-Answer: What we can do to improve education in the world… Obviously, it begins with empowering every child to understand that education is important, and Nelson Mandela said that it is the weapon that a child can use to face the future. So first let’s educate our parents that education is important and then we shall have all children on board to achieve their dreams.



-Question from Miss World 1975 Wilnelia Lady Forsyth of Puerto Rico: if you have an opportunity to change something about the world, what would it be?

-Answer: If I have the opportunity to change something about the world, I think what I would do is send a message of how important it is to change exclusion for acceptance, to promote and provide justice for others, and the importance of helping those in need. Thank you.



-Miss World 2002 Azra Akin of Turkey: How would you convince others to help their communities?

-Answer: How to convince others is… Have to start from myself first. Then to start with love, then other people could see our sincere (sic) and they can inspire on how, what we do. And then [we] can continue it and share it to others again. And then one world can be one and can inspire the entire world with love. Thank you.



-Miss World 2008 Ksenia Sukhinova of Russia: What do you think should we be teaching the next generation about protecting our planet?

-Answer: I think we should be teaching our next generation to protect our planet. This is the only one we have. We shall protect Mother Earth. We should all be together and encourage communities and contribute with making campaigns so people can collect their trash. We have already global warming. We cannot stop it but we can enhance opportunities to make it better.



-Miss World 2015 Mireia Lalaguna of Spain: Which qualities do you think it will take to wear my crown?

-Answer: I think, first of all, it takes bravery. To be a Miss World is to carry a burning torch. It is like action carried out by one to illuminate the lives of many. And I would dedicate my whole self, my love for the arts and my voice to try to uplift, empower and educate people. And it would be my greatest honor and duty to hold this torch high enough so that all the world could feel and see its light. Thank you. (source:http://news.abs-cbn.com/)


The pageant has ended as Miss Puerto Rico takes the crown to be the Miss World 2016. The first runner-up was Miss Dominican Republic Yaritza Miguelina Reyes Ramirez and Miss Indonesia Natasha Mannuella took the third place.


Alright, so I was reviewing the comments about the previous pageant (because I am certain there are quite a lot) and I have noticed that majority of the Filipinos did not seem to be in favor of the results. Miss Philippines’ Catriona Gray unluckily did not take the crown of Miss World and based on the sited Q and A of the individual candidates, I think I understand where they are coming from. I am half-Filipino but I honestly do not grab this opportunity to simply be one-sided on this issue. I admired all the candidates. In fact, there were all great actually. It is just that you know as a human with a little good criticism in certain issues, I could not stop myself from sharing my thoughts and insights about some things. So, again, this thought of mine is neutral and fair.


Let’s be real here, if I am to rank the candidates answers, Miss Kenya would have gotten the crown then Miss Philippines will take the second place, Miss Puerto Rico on the third place, Miss Dominican Republic and then Miss Indonesia.


What were my basis and criteria then?


Almost all the questions that have been thrown to the candidates were all about to test their personality. Of course, it should be. Simply because the duties of the titleholders have something much for the people: Charity works, speak for awareness occasions things like that. So basically, the character of the crowned queen matters.  In regards to my basis, I gave importance to the current issues of the world today, humanity, our devastated environment, the world itself.

Does their answers relate to these issues? It should be because these issues are the main problem of our society.

After all, there did very well. I couldn’t argue with that. I firmly believe that it is just a matter of perspective. For we all have different ways of judging each of these candidates. Maybe for me, Miss Kenya deserved to be Miss World 2016; there were some that think Miss Philippines have it and etc. That is alright.  What is more important here is that surely they have given their best enough to win the crown and that I am convinced they were quite satisfied with their performance.


Let’s just let it be. The pageant has ended and so our criticism supposed to be as well.


Why don’t we just move on and rejoice with Miss Puerto Rico?

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