Anyone can be an artist of their own but having a trademark is considered to be superior.

Zemer Peled is a sculptor and installation artist whose works focused on the scrutiny
of nature’s beauty. To begin with her master piece, she grinds and cuts thousands of
porcelain to assemble the shards to form into large-scale/small-scale sculptures and
also installations.

The following are Peled’s impressive works:

  1. Japan’s collection (porcelain shards, fired clay, 2013
    H14 X W10.2 X L7 inch or H36 X W26 X L18 cm)

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2. Single Bloom  (porcelain shards, fired clay, 2014
H13.7 X W23.6 X L23.6 inch or H35 X W60 X L60 cm)

single bloom.jpg

3.   Pair by the Sea (porcelain shards, fired clay, 2014
H11 X W19 X L23 inch or H28 X W48.2 X L58.4 cm each)

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4. Three Hoo Intertwined  (porcelain shards, fired clay, 2015
H23 X W9 X L11 inch or H58.4 X W22.8 X L27.9 cm)

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5Single Central Bloom (porcelain shards, fired clay, 2015
                                                      H5 X W12 X L12 inch or H12.7 X W30.4 X L30.4 cm)

6.  Shards Flower Collection 3 (porcelain shards, fired clay
W12 x D3 inches or W30 x D7.5 cm)


7.  Bunch of Shards (porcelain shards, fired clay, 2015
16 inches diameter, D10) 


8. Wondering Nowhere (porcelain shards, fired clay, 2015
H18 x W17 x D8 inches or H46 x W43 x D20 cm)

  9. Dusk (porcelain shards, ceramic, 2016
                H36 x L24 x D27 inches)

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There were few sculptures that were also undeniably nice but is untitled. Few of them are as follows:

   Porcelain, 2016
   H15 x L21 x D21 inches 


   Porcelain shards, fired clay, 2015
   H12.5 X W13.3 X L7.4 inch or H32 X W34 X L19 cm


   Porcelain, 2016
   H22 x L17 x D17 inches



Aren’t they all amazingly beautiful?

You can check out more and explore Zemer Peled’s sculpture compilation here: