After a day full of stress and mess, we often take our lone time, to meditate and replenish the energy that has been emptied due to the long day run. Some would prefer unwinding through a vacation but with me, I prefer to rejuvenate  with my playlist, a collection of melancholic songs you might wonder, why is that..

I simply love mood-depressing songs,those that could trigger old memories back, songs that express lost, broken and anything in between. The melodious tunes that are somewhat filled with desolation accompanied by organ or piano would be the perfect instrumental for me to listen.

Since it’s Thursday and people usually post their “throwback” stuffs, I would like to share my personally chosen melancholic songs as my throwback thing from the singer and song-writer, Landonn Pigg. For those who do not know this wonderful singer, Pigg participated in the movie “The Perks of being a Wallflower” where he played the role as Peter, a certain character’s boyfriend. (Watch the movie so you would know…)

Reverting back, here are my personally chosen melodious yet melancholic songs from Landonn Pigg.

  • Can’t let go

This single was ranked No.19 in the Adult Pop Top 40 way back December 2006. The lyrics is just so haunting.

  • The Way It Ends

This song became the soundtrack of Grey’s Anatomy season 6. How Landonn Pigg strum his guitar matches perfectly to the song… So depressing. (Do you find it weird? Nah~)

  • The Boy Who Never

This is played to be broken in disguise. The mood seems jolly but if you will scrutinize the lyric… it’s there.

“I could kiss you now but I’d only miss you more

When I walk away”

  • A Ghost

Such a sad but very honest song… I love the mood that it brought me while I’m listening to it.

  • If I’m Saying Nothing

The calming and very serene vibe of the song is what made it deep and melodic.

  • Tin Man

“I don’t know why I feel like I should change 

I don’t know why what I need and what I want can’t be the same thing

I don’t know why I don’t miss my friends

I don’t know why I cannot comprehend how special love can be

And it’s right there for the taking”

I suddenly thought about that one. Why what I need and what I want can’t be the same thing and why I don’t miss my friends? “

  • Sailed On

Oh, this song will definitely hit my heartbroken fellas. I’m not in love but it hit me as well. What a meaningful song.

“Please don’t trouble yourself

I only want your love

You keep giving me your help

Oh please stop playing along

You know you’re wasting your energy

And you’re breaking my heart”

I’m still looking forward for more songs from Landon Piggs. He’s such an amazing singer and song writer, if you were able to listen carefully with the lyrics, it really says a lot. I admire how he makes his listeners like it was them who wrote the song especially his song “Sailed On”, I read reactions saying, it hurts them. And that the song was such a sad and painful one compared to his other songs. True to fact, Landon Piggs did a great job there. Now, I’m hoping that singers nowadays will come up with meaningful songs and not just a song that’s only a total upbeat and sometimes pointless.