First of all, I understand the fact that there were some people who were still prohibited from working but still wanted to work by now. Why? Because I know they all have their respective reasons. Yes, some of them wanted to work because of financial issues, who were in a hurry to help their parents for their living and there were also some who wanted to work because of their personal wants. Iphone, Xbox, your idol’s newly released album and any other reasons that you have in mind. I understand that.

But let me tell you this once you started working either for yourself or your family, things will be a lot different.


You need to adjust yourself with different people (co-workers). Admit it. Young ones still do not know that working in a certain company is not as easy as what they think. They merely pictured out that once they got their preferred job, everything will go according to their plans. No, it doesn’t work that way.


You need to fake a smile every day. I don’t know but this is what I observed since I started. I observed people who hated to be surrounded by the people around them because you know maybe some of them are getting on his/her nerves or maybe because some of them are just introverted or not used to it but whatever it is I was hoping that before those people get into the work environment they should have known about this thing. I believe daring little fellas need to know these simple yet important things because I wanted them to be aware. I mean, they really should because it isn’t that easy.


Concentration is easily achieved outside the “Adult environment” because you always have the choice to walk away if you don’t have any focus at all but on the other hand, the work environment is different it’ll be so hard to find concentration especially when all of them started to talk. Ah yeah, we all know this is normal, everyone in the office talking about office matters but you’ll see little fellas it is very difficult to work with noise. I think starting from now, you guys should learn to work on and get used to it. Just to lessen the burden that you’ll take soon when you finally got a job.


This isn’t supposed to be this long. As I said, I only wanted the young ones to be aware and that’ s it. I believe I have cited the message.


“Everything will not go according to your plans. It is never that way.”


Indeed, these daring young ones were in a hurry to experience everything according to their respective times. Very well then, I would recommend them to start looking for a job that suits their skills but at the same time, I would definitely advise them to prepare themselves first, intellectually and emotionally before getting into some things that they obviously don’t understand yet because these will serve as your armor as you go along the challenge of being an employee and an adult.