Emo“, a term that usually describes a person wearing all black outfits paired with whether thick or thin eyeliner, sometimes accompanied by a sharp and thin blades and a shady bed hairdo perfect with a bit long slant bangs to complete the look. This is the trending get-up way back 2000’s where our favorite dark and edgy bands, international or local invaded our sane minds.


From international dark and edgy bands, we have My Chemical Romance who clearly left breathtakingly remarkable songs in our lone days and at the same time, left us in vain when they got disbanded. If “My Chemical Romance” gave a momentous memory in your dark days I’m pretty sure you admired or at least heard about “Chicosci”, the Philippine rap-metal band known to their trademark dark theme, offbeat musicality and are headed by the not-only intense but also charismatic vocalist of the band, Miguel “Miggy” Chavez. Who wouldn’t know this band?

Now, reverting back to 2000’s, I have here 10 remarkable songs of Chicosci which totally marked in not only to my “emo-era” but to my co-Chicosci fans as well.


From the album Method of Breathing: Glass is Broken

  • “Bring me to the light…Get me through the night”
    Through that strong melodic figure that made it the song’s focal point, Chicosci created a combined melody and harshness. It may sound weird but right, that’s what it is.

Chicosci’s self-titled album “Chicosci“: A Promise

  •  “Cause you are my beloved ghost…”Honestly, this album of Chicosci is different from their previous albums. If you are expecting heavy sound then do not expect that to this one because Chicosci album is just like those common emo bands that used a line of melodic guitar riff combined with the emotional vocals of Miggy. But overall, the song “A Promise” is very serene to ears though Miggy’s soft and mellow vocal style dominated the song. I still enjoyed it.

Also from the album “Chicosci”: 7 Black Roses

  • I certainly love the lyrics of this song. I’m thinking if this song made them the title “emo” because the overall melody of the song is somewhat the emo-type of music. I’m not saying it isn’t nice it is actually. I love how Miggy’s vocal style jived to the song. It isn’t questionable why the album became a hit.

(Love this live performance! Enjoy!)

Chicosci: Paris

  • For 52 weeks, this song holds the record for most number of weeks a song has stayed in the countdown. The said countdown was the NU107 Midnight Countdown where Chicosci got the award title Song of the Yearaward back in 2002. Paris has been described as highly infectious. Check out this video and be infected again.

Chicosci: Last look

  • “Can I be a little selfish? And I swear I’ll come back home to you” Sure, this lyrics hit “the feels” out of you. From its obviously emo-themed music video, it really marked on the “Emo-era “. Miggy’s voice was more emphasized those minimal screams and soft tone of voice. The song really ends up a hit.

(For better audio quality)

From the album, Fly Black Hearts: Diamond Shotgun

  • Following the album Best in 2007, Chicosci released this album with their hit single Diamond Shotgun (Lock and Load). I actually find the beat of this song like as if I’m on a battle (which was depicted on its music video) I felt like I’m about to kill the antagonist of my life or what while the line “Fly black hearts into the sky we’re never meant to fall~” plays in the background. Silly but the song is indeed timeless. I’m still rocking to this song,

From the album Revenge of the Giant Robot: Sink or Swim

  • That feeling when you want someone back, and then suddenly you remember how much that person pains you, you instantly take it back. Sink or Swim nailed it.

Chicosci: Chicosci Vampire Social Club

  • When we’re all fed up with all the bullsh*t of life, haters, criminals, failures, heartaches and the likes, let’s toast and leave the rest to the people who cares singing “I’ll raise my glass to you!”

(Reminiscing memories on this song? Here’s the official MV !)

Also from the album Fly Black Hearts: Breathe Again

  • The lyrics used a lot of symbolism that may represent (based on my own interpretation) a guy wanting to be loved, asking for a second chance that may not be given. Thus, the song gave a remarkable impact to their fans or to heartbroken people as well.



From Chicosci’s album “Icarus”: Theme from Conversations with Fire

  • Seriously, Miggy’s voice is totally high-pitched in this song and I love the lyrics. I could feel how Miggy illustrates someone’s thirst for love that turned in despair. Overall, this song gives a feeling of foreboding but at the same time meditating.

Truly, that “emo-era” has played a huge part in our teenage days. As a matter of fact, it also taught us the essence of solitary by learning to enjoy your own company. Chicosci contributed one of the amazing songs to remember from 2000s and became a part of our…should I called it adolescence? is a memorable event in our life. Same thing, when the first time you feel hurt, memorable right? But it was indeed worth the time to remember.



Are you also a fan? What Chicosci song marked your “Emo-era”?