Imago was formed 1997 with Aia De Leon as vocalist. It was 2013 when she decided to leave the band to prove something to herself where she also took the chance of joining The Voice PH and unluckily did not passed. Way back year 1999 when Imago’s violinist, Michelle Pritchard and bassist, Arvin Gatmaitan parted ways to the band, Michelle followed her other passion, race car driving which lead her to become a regular competitor in the Filipino motorsports scene while Arvin is currently pursuing a business career. Overall, it was good because they both had a great track. Mayumi Gomez took the lead completing Imago as Myrene “Maps” Academia in bass, Tim Cacho in guitars, Zach Lucero in guitars and Mervin Panganiban in drums to top-off the almost-ruined Imago.


It has been nineteen years when Imago took part in the music industry and since then, they never fail to give out timeless songs. This led them to gain reputation on the OPM. After all those tough yet inspiring years, Imago has surely left great performances that made them even more known and admired by the public. I have here 8 Imago’s outstanding live performance to revert back and reminisced.



  • Imago at the NU Rock Awards 2007

Singing “Walang Misteryo” from their third album BLUSH , Aia rocked the awards night moving and dancing her way to the crowd while perfectly performing their song. It was obviously a great performance. It is just that Aia had been so playful that her audience might no longer understand the lyrics. This is the only video I got from Youtube, too bad due to antiquity the video quality is too low.

  • Imago- Sundo at the Earthday Jam 2012

I love the idea of making “Sundo” into a slower jam. For me, this was their best performance among these eight performances. Aia’s voice was clearly heard. Also the musical instruments weren’t that loud unlike their other performance.

  • Imago- Akap at MyxMo! 2015

I liked the hype that Mayumi used before their performance started. It is just that I think it would be much better if she used “Hmmmm” instead of “WoooOOOoooo”. Anyway, normal is boring I guess, Mayumi thought of it the same so she came up with a genuine hype the “WoooOOOoooo”. The whole performance is totally good. I felt like Mayumi really tried her best to mark her own personality in some of Imago’s original tracks. Good job there, Mayumi!

  • Imago- Sundo with Mayumi Gomez at 12 Monkeys 2016

This was originally sang by Aia De Leon way back 2007. It’s a good thing that Mayumi maintain the attitude that Aia left when singing this song. Honestly, this is my favorite song of Imago among their entire songs. So I find it nice when Mayumi sang it the same as what it was then. The performance just needs a little more intensity to hype the crowd.

  • Imago- Akap at the Magnet Jam 2010

I don’t know, Is it just me or the musical instruments really dominated Aia’s voice or maybe the microphone was the problem. Whatever it is still the entire performance was good enough to satisfy the audience.

  • Imago with Mayumi Gomez at Net 25 Pambansang Almusal 2014

The instrumental contributes to the whole performance. I also enjoyed how Mayumi swayed her way to attract and get the attention of the viewers. All in all, I think Mayumi has improved from her first appearance to the group and I am hoping to see more from her.

  • Imago- Taning with new vocalist Mayumi at RX Concert Series 2014

New vocalist, new drummer but same song. Imago performed “Taning” which was included in their Take 2 album. It actually sounded terrible. I couldn’t hear the voice of Mayumi though yes, I’m pretty sure she did an amazing performance. I was hoping for the technicalities to be fixed earlier before the band performed. Sure, it’ll be an outstanding performance.

  • Aia De Leon- “AKAP” at Secret Shop Shoppers 2015

First of all, I agree to what Aia is pointing out before she started to perform when she was stating her reasons why she left Imago, “When you are being dictated that you already have forgotten to listen to yourself. You’ll surely get lost.” It was nice that she opened about the issue because at that time their fans were still in state of curiosity on why she had left. Now, reverting back to her performance, Aia didn’t change. Like seriously, her voice, on how she sang “Akap” it’s still the same. I could feel the spirit of the original Imago performing live through Aia. I could also feel her dedication when singing the song as if she was dedicating the song to herself. It was actually an all-out acoustic performance. I’d also like to commend her back-up musician in beat box or what. He also did a great job there.

I believe that it was definitely a painful and arduous journey for Aia because you know, finding yourself is difficult especially when you don’t know where to start. I admire Aia for being brave to take the risks of making such big decision. We all know that she already had a great career with her band so it was really a shocking report when she finally left them. Truly when you get lost in a crowd, it is really hard to find yourself. It’s like you no longer know who you are and what you are. Also, the core or the foundation that must be there inside you is absent so what happens is that you do not feel existence of that guts to be a blessing to others. I absolutely agree to that. You cannot inspire others if you couldn’t see what you are trying to tell them. Believe me, it is hard. So I salute Aia for having that strong decision. In relation to her departure, Aia believes that Imago should keep on keeping on without her saying (in her past interviews), “Institution na ang Imago; and Imago is bigger than me.”


So far, Imago is still rocking the crowd with Mayumi Gomez as the new vocalist. When she started to be with the band, Mayumi admitted that following the departure of Aia, she was concerned about the crowd accepting her as the new front of Imago because their fans might think that the band will entirely change but no, as a band they were cool. Kapit has been a successful album. I’m looking forward for another soon-to-be timeless song that will be released by Imago with Mayumi Gomez.


Kudos, Imago!