Fan of OPM songs? What about Filipino hard rock bands? If you do, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about KJWan, the rock band which was formed by 2003, with its members Kelly Mangahas in bass, Boogie Romero in lead guitar, Enrique de Dios in keyboards, EO Marcos in drums and TV Host also occasional actor, Marc Abaya in vocals, which was also known for songs such as “Daliri”, and “Aking Pangako” which they released in dedication for the Fallen 44.

But what else do you know about KJWan?


To all the KJWan fans out there, I have here 10 facts that you guys need to check if already added to your “WTFacts-OPMBandbook” (let’s call it that way) Who knows, you probably missed these facts and might want to add some too. Just saying.


  • KJWan vocalist, Marc Abaya is the former guitarist of the Filipino alternative rock band Sandwich. (Oh C’mon! How can he leave my favorite band? Anyways, we all have our own dream to pursue, Isn’t it? Maybe Marc Abaya dreamed to have his own band. If that’s the case, so be it. At least, he ended up well.)



  • KJWan’s third album 13 Seconds to Love is inspired by the fact that a great song can be determined in just thirteen seconds. Kjwan_-_13_Seconds_to_Love_(FRONT_COVER)Furthermore, the album also marks the former guitarist Jorel Corpus breaks with the band to pursue his studies at Berklee College of Music. Where? Google it, folks. No, I’m just kidding. Boston, Massachusetts.


  • J-hoon Balbuena, the band’s drummer has decided to retire his drumsticks to pursue his passion as a DJ. (Awww–Sometimes we really need to let go something for a change and look J-hoon might be hitting not only his drums but the entire clubs soon. Amazing!)


  • Another fact for KJWan’s vocalist Marc Abaya. He dedicated their song “Focus” to his fellow bandmates who continue to inspire him to try his best and become not only a better musician but also a better person. (I have listened to this song and yes, if you got buddies to lean on, you’ll surely relate to this. Beautiful.)
  • Marc Abaya wrote best songs for his former band Sandwich (it was in the album Four Track Mind) which did not sell. And guess what, it was his most personal album. (Wow… Just wow.)


  • The band’s name KJWan came from Jun’s(their member also, i guess)experience during his Statistics class. He was asked to write an equation on the board when suddenly his professor who’s not fluent in English insists that there was missing and just kept on saying “Kwan! Kwan!(Not sure if that’s how it’s spelled) The members looked up for the symbol. Voila! they ended up choosing the band name KJWan.


  • You might be wondering what’s with the “J” in KJWan when it’s pronounced as “KWAN”. Well, it stands for Jorel who was the band’s former guitarist. It was actually Jorel Corpus who added the “J” in KJWan just for it to have the silent “J” or you know to make the band name cool and genune.


  • Before the members decided KJWan as their name, they also come up with silly ones like Glass, Pintura which sounded closely to Pantera (an American heavy metal band) so nah that one was rejected.pantera_IJ1BJR84.jpg


  • Due to their drummer issues (After J-hoon Balbuena left)the members tried hard to court EO Marcos to play as their official drummer that Kelly Mangahas even asked him to went out and drink Soju. (So it’s like the luring or taming thing to EO Marcos) Overall, it’s a good thing that EO joined the band.


  • Have you ever thought who the oldest is in the band? It’s Inky De Dios but according to the group itself, he’s really brilliant.

    Inky De Dios


  • EO Marcos is the youngest and the eye candy of the band. Abaya mentioned during their interview in Radio Republic, all the girls that watch them are in favor for EO. (Honestly, while watching their interview I find the smile of EO kind of attractive maybe that’s his asset. Hmmm…)

    eo marcos
    EO Marcos playing his drums



  • Enrique “Inky” De Dios is also a member of the premiere Afro-Brazilian percussion ensemble in the Philippines, the Brigada which composed of about 20 members. I am not amazed about it because of what the group performs. It really needs a huge company to complete.


KJWan has been in the music industry for 13 years, known not just for their hard-hitting music, but also for their pristine musicality. The band went through thick and thin, ups and downs. Reminiscing the breaks of their former members with the band although it was understood surely the original members of the band missed the old bond.

Overall, I could say KJWan has that great relationship with each other though yes, we can all assume that mostly bands used to have great relationship with one another, there’s that thing that make KJWan genuine when it comes to  giving value of their bond. Each personalities, past, habits, friends and even families were all accepted and that is what made this band entirely genuine–the acceptance for everyone.

There you go KJWan fans. I hope I give out enough facts for you and also I’m hoping you got something to add in your “WTFacts-OPMBandbook”.


For now, I’ll just chill out and listen to 13 Seconds to Love, my favorite KJWan song.