While Pokemon Go is the hottest and most popular game nowadays, hitting all its way making Pokemon fans hog-wildly interested I’m just here sitting and chilling’ checking out what game could be more interesting to play. Yes, Pokemon Go is truly interesting despite of what danger it could bring it is just that the way players reacted to the game, the way they played it(I have friends who play the game so I know stuffs about it) I already feel like I’m playing it. Why did I say so? Have you ever observed your friends playing Pokemon Go? They usually swipe their Smartphone upwards to throw a pokeball, battle with other Pokemon go players, Go to Pokestop, Poke Gym and the likes. See? You get what I’m saying? I am not playing the game and yet I know how to play it. Where’s the thrill then? Thrill is what I’m looking for in a game, something a bit strange that in order for me to discover the entire game I need to play it first, not by just simply sneaking out of it.

Are you a fan of RPG? I’m not but I discovered this game that really got my interest. And leads me to try and explore the game.

Dungeon Quest is a free (not pay to win) ARPG with random loot & dungeons set in 4 acts with 4 elemental enemies to brawl: poison, ice, shock/electric, and fire.

Overall, there are 200 floors to complete in order to collect loots and complete the quests. There are also 3 characters to choose from: Wizard, Warrior and Rogue (the archer). It depends on the player which among these heroes will be their choice that could surely vanquish the entire enemies. Check out the official game trailer.

Now, what’s the catch?

Sure, Dungeon Quest was produced years ago that it seems such an old game to you. I have researched about it: reviews, features, game play… etc. And voila! The game has updated. It features one of the things that I wanted it to have in the first place– the battle arena wherein you can battle and team up with other players (I actually have the outdated version and was not updated so I’m not aware that the game already had this features)

What else?
Here are some of the updated features for Dungeon Quest Patch 2.1: Ascension

Once your character reaches level 99 you can choose your first Ascension Perk for your character and you can purchase this within game gold from the Shop. This seems cool but the level requirement requires me to keep on playing. (Nice one, ShinyBox) Let me just remind you, I haven’t tried this one yet because as I have said I got the outdated version.


DQ battle arena.png
League and Division placement is now based entirely on your matchmaking rating
All new Arena Level system is used to unlock new vanity Auras. Each match played earns you experience.
A greater chance to earn Rare, Epic, Legend or Eternal items from Chests in an Arena.

Dependent Affix – Gain a bonus once you reach the requirement described on the item. This will reward players who like to use builds not typically seen or used in the various game modes for DQ.

DQ dependent affix.PNG

Negative Affix – Collect the new Seven Deadly Sins set to benefit from extremely powerful items. It is also important to note that this affix cannot be removed. According to DQ.com, they would like to add negative affix to Legend Items with highly desired/powerful effects as a trade-off for the desired effect. (Isn’t that sounds interesting?)

DQ negative affixes.PNG


IMMUNE AFFIXES (I’m also waiting for this.) that could be rolled using Ruby.
Taunt Immune – Cannot be Taunted
All Healing – Increases Healing by HP on Hit, Regen, Potions and Orbs by (rank)%
Push the Limit – Increases Resource Cost and Total Dmg by (rank)%
Barbarian – Increases (rank)% DMG at the cost of (rank)% Total Resource

Patch 2.1 will introduce 9 new sets. This set gives me the drill to begin this Ascension version. I’m not familiar with it, entirely clueless.
Aethereal Drain – Increases Elemental Crit Chance by (rank) % and Total MP by (rank2) %, elemental crits restore 1% MP. Removes MP Regen
Scoundrel – Skills -> Quick Attack and BlinkStrike. (Rank)% to cast Sentry on attack, (rank2) % to cast Stealth on hit
Seven Deadly Sins – Increases the value of all Percent based affixes on all gear by (rank) % (excluding Crystal Affixes). +All Sets cap is 0.
Masochism – Increase DMG by (rank) % while below 75% Health. When above 50% HP, Healing effects damage you.
Smoke Screen – Smoke bombs are now cast on a random enemy within (rank) yards
Cerebral Vortex– Increases MP and Total Resist% by (rank). (rank2)% Chance to cast a Torrent on enemies that hit you
Mayhem – For each unique spell proc you can trigger, gain (rank) % Proc DMG and (rank2) % Chance to Stun on all attacks
Epiphany – Increases all stat caps by (rank) %
Berserker – Chance to stun enemies is equal your Attack Speed on gear. Each time you stun an enemy, restore (rank) % HP.

True to the fact, Dungeon Quest is really an interesting ARPG and will surely be admired by RPG fans. As part of all the new features of DQ, I have some of it that left me in dismay and confusion.

I’m kind of confused to this one. According to DQ’s description in Google Play store, “Bring your other characters into your adventures using the new Hireling System” Does this mean if I have more than one character in a game (which is possible with DQ), I could use it, but how? Who’s going to control it? Is it going to be tagged as “Computer” or what? Maybe I need to clarify this to the developers of DQ via Twitter.

First of all, what’s an AI? I really don’t have any idea about it. I can now create an army? That’s great but army of what? My pets? I guess not. Hmmm… maybe because of my outdated version. Poor me. I’m literally confused here, guys.

I have read that this new pet system will let me choose a follower to aid me in my journey. Is there something new about it? I don’t think so. Pets do that even in the outdated version. (I’m completely kind of lost in this updated game, if you know about these stuffs, go ahead and comment below. I badly need to know)
And lastly, what are those League Points? It is also included and one of the features in DQ Patch 2.1 and is now removed. I just need to know its purpose. Is it very important to the game?

As of now I’m in Act 2(Rare), Floor 50 and I already got 2 “Astral or Legendary items”, still hoping to get more when I get to update it. Again, let me remind you right now I still got the outdated version so I don’t have any idea what will happen if I am to update it. So far I would say the game is fun to play. I have this thinking that it’ll be a much-hit to some gamer due to its unusual features. I got very confused to the game since it was updated but this leads me to the excitement to go ahead and update the game app installed in my phone. If you guys wanted to know more about the game, check out their website at http://dungeon-quest.com/ and oh before I forgot, there’s also a board game called Dungeon Quest. I don’t think it is relevant to the Dungeon Quest that I was talking about here, I just need to mention that because you guys might get confuse to these two.

Alright, I guess I need not to play Pokemon Go because Dungeon Quest got me. Hope you tried this one, folks. Let me know how far you’ve come.