Been fond of scrutinizing the inner sense of arts?

Well, Gao Youjun who goes by the name Shanghai Tango’s illustrations are the best fit for you. Tango creates plain illustrations that often require a second look. Dryly drawn cats, dogs, penguins, even society or anything that make imaginative observations of everyday life are the focus of his arts.


It isn’t surprising to know that Tango have plenty collections of his witty illustrations because according to what I have read about him, he began drawing these cartoons in 2010, so that’s going to be 6 years from now. Can you imagine how many are those cartoons? Nah, (raises white flag~)


Okay, In regards to Tango’s amazing clever illustrations I have checked out 30 of those (Not even got to half of his entire works) and had come up with Top 10 which really made my mind insane or to make it short, Tango’s simple yet unpredictably witty illustrations.


  1. Thought someone was hanging to death? Nope. Look inside. hang to death.jpg


  1. These dogs got their unique but hmm… such a very hilarious way to tan themselves. Take a look at this.9 hilarious animal tanning.jpg


  1. Lovers in Paris. A simple hug has turned into a famous landmark in Paris–The Eiffel Tower.8 lovers in paris


  1. All things could be easy to handle if we only think on the positive side of it. This guy lightens his job by the thought of his dream to participate in Olympics.7 dream to be in Olympics


  1. Is there anyone who could be as silly as this guy? What is there to draw such a tower-like lines to form a cone just to let your dog poop in. See? He now left a “poo-cream” on the floor. Silly human.6 Instant poo-cream


  1. How many illustrations did you see? I bet two, yes? This one really had me to take another glance on it. And all I have seen is this girl’s emotional state under depression and stress.5 depression hits


  1. Remember when a certain guy put his eyeglasses on the floor in a museum and people thought it was a part of the exhibit I am not saying it was a terrible prank but the fact that people easily thought such things were piece of art is really alarming. It’s like anything can be an art as long as it was made by someone popular or even anonymous though what he/she created is totally nothing yet gave an impact to the public. Is modern art a mess?4 modern art


  1. What an amazing cliffhanger! Ever thought construction workers could possibly be construction tic tac toe players? Tango nailed it to these two.3 construction players


  1. Oh look! Everyone’s mourning for the loss of their relative. Wait. Let me take a better view on this. Nah, they’re just enjoying their hi-tech smart phones. Who knows they’re tagging themselves on Facebook.2 different sides to mourn


And lastly, the one who really caught my attention.


  1. This & sign which I think represents the “end” instead of its correct usage which is the “and”. Why? Analyze the photo. The couple seems to fade on the bench. So it only means they “ended” the relationship. This is just my opinion. I don’t know what you thought of this but if you think, you figured out the possible sense of this illustration, please comment it down. I also want to know.&= end relationship


I have few observations with Shanghai Tango’s illustrations. He seems to love penguins because in all of his cartoons where animals were featured, penguins have been frequently used.example for penguins can easily put cartoon ideas on I don’t know maybe because the way he drew penguins helped him to easily come up with amazing master piece or he simply have this huge admiration with penguins. Who knows? As an addition to this, Tango also uses the concept of everyday living in which his audience really need to take a second look or think. Just like the cartoon on my top list the “&” symbol, I really scrutinize it thoroughly though I am not sure if we guys have the same analysis of it.