Last Friday, 30 July 2016 at MOA Arena, one of the hottest and most popular kpop group, BTS has finally performed in my country (Philippines) for the SECOND TIME, burning up the entire night of PH Armys with their hit singles “Fire”, “Save Me”, “I Need You” and more. The hype was absolutely real when I got to see all the updates from the group that I joined because even the plane where BTS was riding on was being tracked (or maybe the photo of the tracking image of BTS’ plane was from the airline itself. I don’t have the idea either) and also the preparation for the arrival of the boys were well-planned. All the #TeamAirport Armys who patiently waited for the boys to arrive, well-organized practiced the boys “Just One Day” as a surprise performance for them.


And you know the terrible part of it? I was neither on the concert nor at the airport. Sad to say, I’m actually part of the #TeamBahay.


You might wonder what’s with this hash tag.


For Filipino fans, the #TeamBahay is the worse situation you will be into when the day comes that your idols will be having their concert, also this hash tag usually trends when a certain superstar will get to perform in a particular country in which some fans who unfortunately failed to attend. It actually hurts because it was already the second time that BTS performed here and yet for goodness’ sake, I was not updated that it even resulted to my loss of chance to save money. I know I sounded like terribly dumb or what because they said fangirls are good at saving money. They are very diligent in saving money just to get their hands on their favourite group’s Albums, Official Merchandise and most awaited concert but then I wasn’t able to save. Honestly I really pity myself when I heard that it was only a week to go before BTS’ concert comes because I already had the realization that I won’t be there. So yeah, I have no choice but to wait for another concert to come which might happen next year. (Still a humor but I’m hoping they’re serious)


Now, let me tell you the hardships or MY hardships of being in the awful #TeamBahay in my own perspective. Surely, my co-team bahay Armys could relate to this.


  • No fan-cam, stolen photos, or even unexpected freebies from your idols for sure. Obviously if you were not able to go to a concert, you will have nothing to record or take photos on. blog photo for no.1.jpgYou’ll only rely on those videos uploaded in Youtube or worse you will only rely to your co-fandom’s fancam and stolen shots asking them to tag it you on Facebook. Goodness, isn’t that so sad??


  • The feeling of emptiness. When the thought of not seeing your idols personally hits you, you’ll surely feel empty because you know for a fact that it will take you another year to wait for their next concert in your country, that is if it really just a year to count. blog photo for no.2Sometimes a group or a superstar makes a comeback concert to your country after a year because they love the appreciation so I guess it will depend on the earned money during a concert. Also that feeling when your friends or co-fandom will get to attend the said concert and it’s just you who failed to do so… Goodness! It really sucks.


  • We cannot stop “the feels”. Have you ever felt that feeling when you were at home and you were stalking on your idols’ concert updates and suddenly you just started giggling and crying till you look stupid to the eyes of the people seeing you, that’s what I felt when I was at the office, sitting while stalking BTS’ concert photo for no.3 real.gif I really felt so broke that time, poor me.


  • You’ll only wish your idols “Good luck!” Yes, what else can we do? We were not in the concert to shout and cheer for them so we only had the few things to do the same, through social media: Twitter, Facebook, Tumbr…etc. and lastly through prayers. Good thing, they all worked. Kudos! Team Bahay!blog photo for no.4


  • You’ll be in your bedroom, making no noise and pretending that you don’t exist. Generally, this would be the worst thing that a fan could do during her idols’ event. Sometimes a fan can no longer take the pain of hearing and seeing those posted status about a certain event saying “OMG! Few hours from now, we’ll burn it up!”, “I’m gonna see my Chim Chim!”,#SoExcited” and lots of exaggerated thoughts due to excitement.
    blog photo for no.5.jpg
    Can someone stop them? I’m seriously dying inside. 

    There were some who ride on to their excitements but there were also some who just get hurt because they cannot relate.


Alright, enough with dramas I’ll just watch some of the printed selcas (a term to substitute in the word selfie to use as a shortened word for self-camera/self-capture) of my idols while playing their whole songs and I’ll do concert by myself. That would be the simplest thing that I could do to ease the negativity and melancholy that BTS concert has caused me because seriously I couldn’t get over as of now. Call me insane but that’s what I felt.


 Note to self: Be up-to-date. Save more money for unexpected events.