If I said that I have a new game to play, usually it’s a match-three puzzle adventure game because of these three things: easy, simple and less-challenging. I don’t know maybe because if it is simple I could simply pass the challenge and go on to the next level. Recently, I started this recommended game of a friend that is somewhat a bit like a puzzle adventure game but with a twist. Do you still remember Super Mario?

Super Mario 

 Our addictive childhood platform video game wherein you have to survive the main antagonist’s forces, reach the flag to clear the level and of course save Princess Toadstool as your main objective, the concept of this game is a bit similar to that but what made it different is this game’s features.



From ROP to Darklings, Mild mania made its way to give plenty of actions on our mobile devices as it brings us next generation puzzle plat former, built of square blocks, crazy cool worlds that full of dangers and surprises—levels that will rotate and change shape, throw you in the air and take you underground– CATTCH yes that’s how it is spelled. Why, because this plat forming game introduced the newest stylish and cute cat that will run, jump, climb, slide and punch his way through a variety of environments in order to rescue its friends from the evil black critters. Your main objective in the game is simple: free them (Cattch’s three furry friends), grab some gold stars and finish the level before the timer runs out in order to get the classic three-star rating per-level. Oh I forgot to mention those fuzzy blue things…,cattch blue stars you also need to gather some of it because it puts extra seconds on the clock; I seriously didn’t know the purpose of these blue stuffs not until I observed the tickling clock. When I was able to gather those fuzzy blue stuffs, I just got an extra-time and got the perfect three-star rating.

This game features:

  • Cattch – The new cutest cat hero (I never thought the title is also the name of the protagonist…Silly!)
  • Smooth puzzle platform
  • Brilliant world of Cubika
  • Dynamic world built of mind-blowing rotating blocks
  • Awful yet challenging traps to avoid and yes, the hero’s friends to save
  • Amazing journey through 50 levels (Obviously, I haven’t gotten to these said 50 levels because I just started the game, but I have searched for photos of what it looks like.)

Note:  The game levels below appear to be in different worlds so let’s just keep on playing the game in order for us to play these levels.

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 (Oh look! This level has flying critters to attack. Hmmm—we better watch out. )cattch with flying enemy.png

  • Dozens of sweet stickers (As of now, I only got one sticker because I just begin the game. Well, I’m going to collect those. Try me.)
  • Enhanced Gamepad support (Well, this one is really amazing. I feel like playing my PSP. I guess this is what made this game unique other that an ordinary platform game. Playing the same platform games like when you’re simply going from left to right is kind of boring so this gamepad really adds fun to the game.)

Okay so what about the CONTROLS? The controls are very simple. As you can see, you have the onscreen controls that you can use to JUMP, DOUBLE-JUMP, PUNCH (use that red circle to attack) and grab on to things to help Cattch move around, rescue its friends. For me, the key to survive each level is to think critically where to grab on to things or where to hop in because if you will watch some walkthrough of this game, walls turn into critters so you have to be alert whether to hop there ahead or not. Overall, I think Cattch will help me make my nights shorter (because I have Insomnia so the more I stay awake without doing anything, the more it seems to me like the nights are freakin’ long). I will surely keep on playing this especially now that I’ve seen the upcoming worlds. It simply made me more excited to complete the levels.

On the latter part, well, when I was doing a brief background review on Mild Mania, I’ve seen the trailers and everything about Darklings, I actually had this urge to download and try it as well because of its dark design.  darklings_2

I’m a gloomy person so yes, I love dark concepts and Darklings just got my attention plus the gestures thing to use as an attack. Isn’t it amazing? I am not surprised to know that it was an award winning platform game. Let me try this soon.

For now, I’ll enjoy and finish this game first. I’ll see if I could CATTCH this game ahead and win my entire target: Play the different worlds, complete the exciting sticker collection and the new skills of Cattch, if there’s any.