Seriously, this seems new to me.


As a person fond of using the Web, it isn’t possible for me to feel bored using the same features, the retained interface, the designs and the likes that I had this urge to look or search for something to customize. My close friend introduced Chrome Extensions to me (I was using Google Chrome since then) and honestly, I kind of feel a little bit embarrass because I didn’t know about this thing though almost every single day I spent my life in front of computers. (Goodness!) You will find Extensions by simply clicking the Settings; there you can easily find it. Just go click the “Get more extensions” to begin browsing for some Extensions. For a close to boredom Web-user, I actually find it very interesting. You know that feeling when you were just sitting there in front of your computer using the same web and then you found out that you have something to explore, add and customize so you do it right away that is what I totally feel.

By the way, once you get to the Settings page, you can also check the other major categories on the upper left corner under the Chrome web store search bar because it also contains different useful and entertaining features.

Intro to Extensions


So what are Extensions? It is not the literal term of extending something. Extensions are essentially small apps that add extra features to a Web browser. It simply adds something new to your Chrome. As you can see, Google has dozens of extensions available in the Chrome Web Store where you can choose according to your liking and of course to whatever purpose that you will make use of blah

As far as to what I explored in Chrome Extensions, there were different categories to help you browse and choose what to add to customize your Chrome. Let me give you an idea about it.



  • Editor’s picks (Chrome favorites in extensions) – where the most downloaded and usually most useful or interesting applications can be found.
  • Capture Your Screen (Take screenshots and videos with ease) – In some situations that we need to screen capture our tasks; this is what we supposed to download.

Categories Extensions 2

  • Time to Take 5 (Stop, recharge, refocus)- These apps will help you be on track to whatever you were tasked to do. In other words, these are reminder applications.
  • Everyday Extensions (Make your life more convenient) – Notifications, Editing tools for documents, Google Translation are some of the useful applications that can be found in this category (Cool! Google translate will be much visible)

Categories Extensions 3.png

  • Expand Your Social Circle (Connect, Follow, Share)- Applications that could help your social circle easy as it gives you an easy way to uncover strategies of some users to make viral videos, the Facebook tools which I’m pretty sure everyone really wanted and a spell checker and grammar that everyone needs.
  • Chrome Toolkit (Calculators, clocks, calendars and more) – The applications that we usually used in our daily tasks. Well, some of it was not that necessary but still it counts. Check it out then.

Categories Extensions 4

  • Blogger’s Toolkit (Extensions to help you blog like a pro) – Obviously, the applications in this category where meant for bloggers but as to what I’ve seen, everyone can use them as well.
  • Measure your Online Presence (Useful social and SEO tools) – Applications that give information about your online presence especially businesses and blogs.

Categories Extensions 5

  • Personalize Chrome (Extensions that make Chrome yours) – It includes safe browsing, providing you wallpapers as well and tabs that could help you go and search for a specific image right away.
  • Save it for Later (Save articles, follow blogs and more) – Applications that helps you save articles for offline reading.

Categories Extensions 6

  • Retail Therapy (Shop, save, repeat) – Keep in track on your favorite products to shop wherein one of the apps can help you donate for free every time you shop.
  • Weather and Outdoor (Forecast the future) – Weather extensions that give you beautiful scenery to add a soothing feeling while you were working, landscapes wallpaper are also included.

Categories Extensions 7

  • Job Hunting (Help getting hired) – This applications does not give out job’s lists like what you expected but it may help you send out emails faster keep in track with your Google contacts and also an application that monitors websites for changes like if there’s any vacancy, tickets for these particular concerts and the likes.
  • Take Control of your Tabs (Feeling overwhelmed? Start here.) If you are a web-user who usually opens a lot of tabs, sure you observed that you’re browsing sucks. This may help you. Check it out at Chrome Extensions.

Categories Extensions 8

  • Hold that Thought (Notepads and to do lists)-Bringing you an efficient way to make your “TO DO LISTS” as organized as ever, this is for you.
  • Customize Your New Tab Page (Pictures, weather updates, to-do lists and more) – Since we always make use of Web, why don’t we make it our own? Landscape wallpaper with minimal clock, Inspirational sceneries, these are just some of the extensions that make your tab page personalized like it is really yours.

Categories Extensions 9

  • Lifehacker Pack (Productivity picks for getting more done. Form the Editors at Lifehacker) – Everything you need to be productive can be found in here. Just make sure to be focus and everything is in good pace.
  • Writing Essentials (Eliminate typos and grammatical errors) Similar to Blogger’s Toolkit, these are also for writing purposes. What made it different is that this category focuses more on the elimination of typography. So basically, the Ginger application from Blogger’s toolkit is the only similar app to it.Categories Extensions 10
  • Never Miss a Meeting (Calendars and Planners) – Yes, because missing out even a single meeting will build a bad impression towards you. So, these extensions will surely help you.
  • Chat with Chrome (Keep in touch) -All the necessary tools that you need when it comes to customizing your personal messages will be seen in this category. I enjoyed Bitmoji for serious.

Categories Extensions 11

  • Be More Productive (Take control of your online activity) – Involves the time you spent browsing on different sites. An extension that could block domains from appearing in your Google search results is also in here.
  • Get organized (Task management, schedule planning and more) – To help you organize and keep files properly, this category will give out extensions that surely necessary for you. I actually have Google Spaces which is one of the extensions included in this category. I enjoyed the privacy that a user can get because with Spaces you can just share content with just a small group and invite anyone to join your particular space. It actually depends on you if you wanted to have a large group.

Categories Extensions 12

  • Product Hunt Gems (Impressive up and coming extensions loved by the Product Hunt Community) – This category simply gives you an idea of what the Product Hunt community loved and enjoyed. Recommendations for you to try it as well.

There were lots of applications from Google Extensions that could customize your web and what’s good about it is that they were still updating and some of the extensions are free based on what I have seen.

As of now, I am enjoying the snow falling on my tab pages while playing Red Ball without getting pissed (the game is kind of hard as you go along the stages) just to test the water first. You might wonder why among all the necessary and useful extensions and applications, those are what I have. Well, because honestly, I do not know much about it all and till now, I am trying to finalize all the extensions and applications that I will surely need because you know, it is a bit hard to put things that you don’t need so better have the final list, right? As I have mentioned, I already have the “Google Spaces” and so far, I enjoyed this one. I bet all of us will get to try these Chrome Extensions as much as possible and see if they really work.