“Were there is perfection their is no story to tell” – Ben Okri


Didn’t notice that? Then you are not one of those perfectionist ones who wanted to sue me right now just because of what I’ve done and what they’ve spotted. Seriously speaking, there were some people who tend to be very cautious or let say “perfectionist” not only in typographical error but also in almost everything that they do. I tend to be meticulous once but I don’t know I might have learned the art of contentment on things that I do as long as I know that there is nothing to improve much on it.


You often seek to achieve a perfect standard in your work. You also feel a need to perfect every single thing you do, even at the expense of your health and well-being, these are just two of the things that reveals how perfectionist ones deals with their stuffs. Let me share my observations on the things that only these people can relate to.


  • Whenever you see an error, you’re the first to jump on it and correct it because in your world there is no room for mistakes.


  • When it comes to a project, it’s all about the end result. You don’t care what happens in between or what it takes to achieve the goal. You just want to ensure that the end result is attained; otherwise you’d feel annoyed, devastated or worse drained.


  • Believe it or not, you are the harshest critic of yourself. You tend to be extremely hard on your well-being whenever something goes wrong. It doesn’t matter if it’s due to your fault or just one small thing. You feel extremely bad about a mistake for a long, long while.


  • All of you know that if you are perfectionist, you have extremely high standards not only to whoever you will be working with but also in your goals. You tend to strive for high targets which sometimes stress you endlessly. It doesn’t matter if you end up breaking a neck to achieve them because you know for a fact that you will feel a great satisfaction once you reach and fulfill it within your standards. On the contrary, you become held back by these standards as you procrastinate and stop working on your goals out of fear that you can’t reach them.


  • You were never contented on your first attempt of achievement. Whatever you do, there’s always a greater height to aim for. Like for example, you were already done with this certain project. Since you were so perfectionist you will still look for improvements again and again. Beyond this desire for betterment, most of the time you’re just not happy if you don’t go for a higher and bigger goal or simply you just keep on wanting to see more and better things. ( I wonder how long will it take for a bigger project to be done by a perfectionist)

perfection gif.gif

  • You procrastinate just to do something at the RIGHT moment. You are constantly waiting for that right moment to come for you to start your goal. You wanted to make sure that you are “ready” because you believe it will deliver your best quality of work. However, this readiness never seems to come sometimes. It never comes as you always wait just to get something done.


  • You constantly spot mistakes when others don’t see any. This is what I’m pointing out in the first place. You perfectionists often spot mistakes, and issues from a mile away that sometimes some people don’t notice such as spellings, grammar or even an unorganized tiny pieces of ornaments. It may sound ridiculous but it really happens.


  • As to what the base word of the term “Perfectionist” is–Perfection, you strive for it. You often spend lots of time just to perfect something that sometimes it annoys your team because they wonder if were you be able to pass the project on time. It is also uncommon for you to sacrifice your sleep or even your personal time just to bring your work to the highest level. To you, it is just a matter and a part of achieving your goal.


“Perfectionism is not a quest for the best. It is the pursuit of the worst in us, the part that tells us that nothing we do will ever be good enough so we should try harder”, said Julia Cameron, a writer. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong for trying harder. I believe that is a good sign that you’re giving your best shot but if you still cannot find satisfaction by trying harder it only implies that you are being harsh on yourself which obviously not good. In everything that we do, we must always find satisfaction for us to feel the best that we exerted in that particular goal.


There is nothing wrong to feel contented if you know you have given enough.



I think that gives me the idea to stop striving for perfection.