“She loved this town, she loved this state, she loved singing, she loved the Lord and she loved me and she was my baby sister.” -Marcus Grimmie (brother)

“Christina was a natural. A gifted talent that comes along so rarely. She was taken from us too soon. This is yet another senseless act of extreme violence. I am left stunned and confused how these things can conceivably continue to happen in our world.”- Adam Levine 

According to an article from TheGuardian, June 10, 2016 at approximately 10:45 pm, officers received shots fired at the Plaza Live where the band Before You Exit was performing along with Christina Grimmie. It ended approximately 10:00 pm and after that the performers were selling merchandise and signing autographs, the suspect suddenly walked up and shot Christina Grimmie which at that point her brother Marcus tackled the suspect and that’s when the suspect shot himself. It is also mentioned that there are no other suspect and that the suspect was deceased. I was searching for an actual footage where Christina Grimmie was shot and I actually found one I have read the comments and unfortunately, the video was a fake.


It was definitely a very tragic and terrible incident that happened where again we lost another rising star that was on her way to success. Honestly, I am not a huge fan of Christina Grimmie. I have not even heard her name before maybe because- Yes, I don’t really watch television shows I mean, not all the time because my focus were always on my work and I’m quite busy as well. I got curios when this incident has happened and many people on the internet were mourning, expressing their great remorse. I was like “Who’s Christina Grimmie?” My curiosity led me to do a bit of a background review. I have found out that she once became a participant in “The Voice” where she luckily got the chance to be in and be with Team Adam (Adam Levine’s team), watched her performances, her music covers which I really did not expect that she was a YouTube sensation. Christina Grimmie has her own Youtube Channel (zeldaxlove69) where all of her music covers and some of her activities were uploaded.


Since I wasn’t that busy these past weeks, I took the chance to watch and listen to Christina Grimmie’s performances and music covers. And here I would gladly show you my favorite among all of it. Let us take time to remember and cherish Christina Grimmie’s moments through some of her performance. Note: This will serve as my tribute to the one and only beautiful with a kind- heart and talented Christina Grimmie. Rest in Peace. You will always be remembered.

This was her audition piece when she first join the blind audition of The Voice and this is also the first performance of her that I watched when I learned that she participated in that show. I really did not expect her voice to be that powerful and “phenomenal” as according to Usher one of the judges. It sounded like her winning piece. I am not surprised she made all the judges turned their attention to her. I could feel goosebumps travelling up my arms and neck.

Adam Levine looks so proud of her like “That girl on stage is in my team!” Watch her Christina’s performance and listen for yourself. What a very talented young lady. She really didn’t gave up till her last performance.

Every time I hear this song, it reminds me of the animated movie “The Book of Life” where Manolo sang it to Maria as a preparation to her proposal when a tragic sabotage has happened, Maria allegedly died. I appreciate Christina Grimmie’s performance for she really did her best and she actually did. Her signature killer high notes and smooth lines were all well done, her emotions are there. Just look at the judges reactions. (Impressive)

I actually love this song and I loved it more when Christina performed this one. It sounded more calming and soothing to ears. You can always see her dedication in each of her performance. The strong emotions are there it’s like she was the one who wrote the song and her voice never failed to hit those high notes which made her performances an “ear-gasm” to all the listeners, Yes, especially to me.

This is one of her music covers uploaded in here YouTube channel. I chose to listen first to this one because Titanium is one of my favorite songs and I have watched a lot of singers who did a cover of it. I wanted to hear how Christina will sing it. She was just 18 when she uploaded this music cover which she said, “the most powerful music I’ve ever played in piano” I agree. It was really powerful that every time I hear this song I feel so relieved when a singer reached the highest note in it. Well played, Christina. I admire her skills. She didn’t look like struggling when hitting those high notes as if it’s like a piece of cake. Look at those smiles that really show her passion to what she is doing, made me remind and feel more upset looking back to what had happened and the fact that she is now dead.

To the Grimmie family, I would like to extend my great remorse on what have happened to Christina. I know it was a very hard situation for all of you we all know that because we both feel the same. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. It was a very sudden incident. An event that must be just an entertainment suddenly turned into a tragic incident. I was actually hoping that that suspect, Kevin Loibl didn’t end his life in an instance. I wanted him to suffer for killing such an innocent person whose focus was to give entertainment to the people, to her fans but I know Christina wouldn’t be happy for that. She has a huge faith in God. She trusts him and praises him for all his good deeds.

“Sometimes God allows terrible things to happen in your life and you don’t know why. But that doesn’t mean you should stop trusting Him.” said Christina Grimmie in her Twitter account. I agree. I know for a fact that there is always a reason in every thing that happen in life we just don’t realize it for now. I thank the Grimmie family for raising a good child, a very loving daughter and also a humble person, let her explore her own talents and made her improve herself. Thank you for letting us to admire your daughter, sister, and a very talented with a phenomenal voice, Christina Grimmie even in a smallest detail. You know who she is and what she had been through. Like you, I will pray for her soul, hope she may be in peace now away from the crowd and be the happiest person in heaven with God.

Let us also pray that this incident will never happen again, pray for peace and never lose all the innocent lives in a sudden AGAIN. Thank you, Christina Grimmie. You will be loved and remembered. Rest in peace.

“There are no words. We lost a beautiful soul with an amazing voice.” – a tweet from The Voice