I am not a parent yet. I do not have children to raise PROPERLY, nothing to focus my attention all the time but I care about LIFE.


Recently there were two unfortunate and tragic incidents that happened: Harambe the gorilla’s death and the $15K Lego Art in an exhibit, which set the internet on fire gaining different enraging reactions from the netizens, both of which involves the parents and their child.

According to an article from Vox.com, a 4-year-old boy managed to get into Harambe’s enclosure because he fell in (a 10-to 12-foot drop).The video of the incident shows that the gorilla grabbed the child, stood over him at times, and dragged him. The severity of Harambe’s actions and the perceived reasoning behind them depend on whom you ask. And after evaluating the situation, zoo officials decided to kill Harambe instead of tranquilizing him. This action began the controversy of the gorilla’s death. Due to a massive resentment of people, the zoo officials explained the reason why they come up with the decision of killing Harambe and did not tranquilize him. The Cincinnati Zoo said it was important to note that with the child in the exhibit, tranquilizing the gorilla was not an option because tranquilizers do not take effect for several minutes; the child would be in imminent danger. They also said that the impact of the dart could agitate the animal and could cause the situation to get much worse. This is a great loss to the animal kingdom since it was also mentioned that Harambe’s kind is one of the critically endangered apes, the animal rights activists also felt a great remorse in this incident but understand the call had to be made for the sake of the life of this child. Here’s a footage of the incident:

On the other hand, there was also an incident happened at a LEGO Expo in Ningbo, China. The artist, Zhao spent three days and three nights of hard work piecing together a Lego exhibit featuring Zootopia character Nick Wilde but unfortunately, it took just a few moments for a child to completely destroy all of his hard and expensive work which worth 100 000 yuan ($15,170). The parents of the child were very apologetic for what happened and offered Zhao compensation that he strongly decline because according to him, the child had not meant to break the statue.


Okay, so where are the parents when this entire incident has happened? Are they busy enjoying the view in these particular places that they didn’t recognize what their children is doing?

I mean, the parents were just around but how is it possible that these children caused these viral incidents? This is definitely the result of irresponsible parenting, for me. I don’t know with you but that’s what I clearly see in this incident. The child would not be able to climb that 3 ft. barrier and 4 ft. bushes if only his parents were accountable and aware of what he is up to. That particular Lego Art exhibit statue of Nick Wilde will still be good as it is today if that certain kid did not carelessly touch a thing in it. But what happen is that due to the irresponsibility of these parents, people even animals tend to suffer due to the results of their children’s actions to the point that it is very devastating and disturbing to others. I am not saying this just because I feel very disappointed about what had happened instead to deliver this message to all the parents that would be reading this. Let me just tell you, you did not become a parent to live your life the same as how you live when you were still in your teenage years. Yes, you can still go shopping, hang out with your friends sometimes, entertain yourselves but do not ever forget to keep in mind that you are a parent. You have a child or children that you should be watching over right now. Do not ever forget to watch over your children because they are your responsibility. It is your duty to guide and protect them. Keep them away from danger and not the other way around. Teach them to be responsible just like how responsible you are supposed to be. Keep on showing them the result of one’s actions for them to know what is likely to happen if they will be into it. You know, it is very simple for some parent to say parenthood is as simple as 123 but what is happening now contradicts this. An animal lost its life to be able to save a child who fell in its enclosure which in fact it was not its fault. I fully understand that it has to be killed due to a critical situation but think about this one, this is not going to happen if a parent is accountable to its child. It wouldn’t happen, for sure. The destructed Lego Art statue will be conserved by now if it is the same. But no, it wasn’t.

We can no longer bring back what had happened. Right now, all we can do is to MOVED ON and LEARN from it. I hope these incidents will serve as a lesson in order to prevent it from happening again, hope that there will be no more animals that will be killed just because people wanted to save one’s life, also no more hard work that will be worthless due to the parents irresponsibility and accountability.


There is no such thing as a perfect parent. So just be a real one.