Last week, I was with a friend who was in the midst of, I think depression because of her family. At first, she was fine. She simply tells the whole story without me thinking of what will happen next but as expected, she couldn’t take the burden and burst out her tears. As a friend, I felt so sad for her.cry cry.gif

I don’t know if what I felt that time was right because she’s my friend. I had the urge to have mercy because I care for her. She was the bubbly type of friend whom you did not thought would cry that hard in front of me, her friend. The least that I can do is give advice because they know I can handle any situations like that. I told her ,whatever it is that will come to your family is just one of the thousands of trials that is yet to come so be strong and keep your faith and trust to God. I heard her said, I will but still in tears. I let her lean on my shoulders for she told me that she felt sleepy. Silly. Of course, she will. I also asked if she wants something to eat. I would probably be the one to buy her food but she did not bother to say anything. Before, I do not believe in the idea of someone being indecisive when in the midst of depression. Now, I agree. Whatever it is. It adds an effect to ones mentality and obviously not good.


I come up in a realization that there is no such huge issue that could wreck you but your family problems alone, the never-ending arguments about money, your siblings that keeps you annoyed by their childish acts and cries, your parents that quarrels about an affair. All of these are seem to be just a simple action that takes place inside the house. But believe me, ask the people around you, that’s the major problems that their family has. No matter how tolerable it is, you still get affected because you are part of that family.

elena chelle

You are into it as well and you cannot change the fact that you are also one of the victims. It’s like you were just lying in a couch, pretending to feel comfortable and suddenly someone related to you stabs you softly yet deep. It hurts because we are to feel the strong pain from others but unfortunately we often felt the worse in our home. I was not supposed to relate about this but when I think of how I live my life independently, without my parents, I started to look back and reminisce the past on how devastated I was before when they left me and at the same time, feel great for myself because I can, I can live and stand alone.


Where does the famous line saying “There is no place like home” went, if we are feeling this way? I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be just a simple line who got the fame because it has the rhyme or what, Isn’t it? Well, in my opinion, this line simply explains that wherever you go, your home is still where you will end up going back. There are actually lots of effect that a family issue could give you but think of this thing, you are not supposed to be there if God think you can’t handle it. But you’re there. You are in that tough as what you called it, tough situation. You may feel like dying in pain inside, thinking about giving up and very miserable, there is still happiness that pass-by and happens and will happen most of the time. It is just a matter of jiving along the rhythm. The comfort is just there. You don’t need someone to surpass every situation that will come to your life.

Play along, if they did. Act as if they do not exist, if they don’t.