The election has ended yet the fight is not over. As of now, the canvassing of votes are
still on the go were it was only 95.46% of the precincts were counted. On the Presidential
trail, it is clear that Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte will take the oath to presidency as he takes the huge quantity of lead among all his contenders. It is way different on the Vice
presidential trail. Leni Robredo takes the lead ahead of Bongbong Marcos having 35.14% votes, 34.57% on the contrary. Marcos claimed and asked the COMELEC to stop the unofficial count for he strongly believe that there is an anomaly behind this sudden lead since he was on top of this Quick count on the very first place. He also claimed that this is the implementation of the so-called “Plan B” of the Liberal Party where they will insist on putting Robredo as the vice president to impeach the next president, Duterte. Marcos believed that the only way to safeguard Duterte’s position is to make him his Vice president for they couldn’t take him to be the substitute, if ever.

I have read some of the comments in regards to this issue that shows how true is the vote
counts as of now. There were some who used the hashtag #BBM4VP and #BongBongIsRealVP to promote Marcos or asking their co-supporters to like and share this certain post if they are into him while on the other half, supporters of Robredo also used the same way of support using the hashtag #LabanLeni and #LeniThe RealVP that is now making a spot on the Trending list of Twitter.

It is hard to convince an individual to think which is the one telling the truth and who really deserve the position unless knows everything.
It is unpleasant to read and see people who strongly bashed someone because they think
this person knows nothing. Yes. There were some who really do not and just keep on “sawsaw” on the said topics. Those who keep on bashing saying “I know this. I know that.” Do you really know a thing? or you are also one of those “nakikisawsaw lang” to be in. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong in joining conversations particularly in politics as long as
we are safe to assure that we know things about it. Right now, i will let the government
answer this issue for that is absolutely the right way and less energy-consuming to do. Again, bashing, using hashtags or what will only count as support. If you did one, that would be enough.


Now,who do you think deserves to be the VICE PRESIDENT? The aspirant who has been in
the history of the Dark Era yet has proven that can do better for the country or into a loving wife who just gained popularity due to his husband’s death and is suspected to be
another administration’s puppet?