What I mistakenly thought about the movie– the boy


Four months ago, I published an article about a new possessed- doll inspired movie that has been produced by William Brent — The boy. As you can see, I mention “new possessed doll” because that is what I thought before since I only based it on the official trailer itself and I haven’t watched it yet.

I assumed that it was like the movie “Annabelle”, a cult that died and was able to transfer itself on a doll. It turned out, it wasn’t.

The doll that was featured in the movie The Boy served as an instrument of a then-kid, now grown-up man named Brahms who was the son of the couple living in a mansion. It was narrated in the movie on how did Brahms turned out to be like that he got, I don’t know if it was accidentally or what but he got burn and all his entire face has been damaged.


So I came up in a conclusion that he hid himself on the entire wall of the mansion because of his face. And again I was wrong. Probably, that is one of the reasons. It was also narrated (through an old album, actually) in the movie that Brahms had also fell-in-love for a girl when he was a kid. That’s the time when I come up of the idea that Brahms is suffering in obsession, he failed to get the girl in a way, in order to satisfy his affection. He has fallen into a new lady which served as his nanny named Greta who in the first place breaks all of his rules.

the boy cuts.jpg

I am absolutely expecting for part two. The last scene gave me the hint that there will be. In the last scene where the porcelain doll was being fixed into pieces, it is obviously Brahms the one who fixed it because aside from him, there is no one else living in that abandoned mansion since his parents were both dead.

Let’s see what is going to happen on part two, if there is. Will Brahms still be aiming for Greta? Or there will be a new innocent victim taking part on the new movie.