“Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress.” – Li Keqiang


People always dream for their future to be the best so they work hard in order to achieve it. Apply for their preferred jobs, work hard and earn for a living. Beginners usually gave the half of their salary to their parents to contribute for the daily expenses. Yes, sometimes what’s left with them isn’t enough to earn but to think that the salary is just a week from today that would be fine then. This became the daily basis, you still earn and the good thing is, you are earning enough.price-fluctuation

But why does it seems like no matter how hard and enough some people do and earn, progress seem to be invisible?

Reasons may vary but at this point, If you will ask someone superior than you are, or let say the successful ones, you will get the same reason.


  • Being COMFORTABLE with what you are doing now.


Yes, there is nothing wrong on being comfortable with what you are doing. In fact, that’s good for you. But ask yourself, am I learning new things? Do I have enough earning in this type of job? Sometimes being comfortable with what you are doing closes your mind for a new opportunity. You no longer take risks. You have this thinking like when you see an Ad wherein a company is looking for an applicant for a specific type of job.

comfort zone.png
It feels like you are stuck in your comfort zone.

You know to yourself that you can do it but with the fact that you still have your job and you’re happy to it, you simply disregard. You are being so comfortable that you thought if you leave your current job for a change, you might turn yourself into a mess. And that is not true. You have to decide according to your will that you are leaving your job for a better change. If you simply decide to leave your job because you simply earn enough or what, you might go into nowhere because you will be complacent on what you have. You must have that mindset wherein you have to go further. The further you go the better you’ll be in.


  • Having no clear goal in life at all.

Let’s say you studied Architecture but you fail to finish the course due to financial issue, so you applied for a job that is far from your passion but you have a skill on it, IT Specialist. You enjoyed being on this job that you have forgotten what you were supposed to achieve. You are now being confused on what to do. Successful people have their straight goal. No matter how many obstacles a person takes, if you know your passion and you feel that you were born to pursue it, you will still go no matter how long it takes and whatever may happen. It is just a matter of having that mindset when you being mislead.


  • You are simply LAZY.


You tend to get tired easily even if you haven’t started anything yet. You exert your energy on things that doesn’t help you to grow. Ask yourself sometimes. “Have I done something essential as of now?” If no and yet you are tired.

Businessman sleeping at the office

Well, the answer lies in you. It is nice that we have ambitions in life but keep in my mind that these ambitions of yours will not be granted by just lying on your bed and making no sweats at all. Nope. That’s IMPOSSIBLE.



  • You are one of the procrastinators

You tend to perceive the task ahead to be long and arduous making inaction an attractive alternative. Like when you still have a lot of time to work on something, once you feel exhausted and a bit not into your task you’ll go over the social media and just continue the task the next day. This will just lead into cramming and would results into finishing things on a rush.

In order for you to overcome procrastination, you must simply follow the tips:

– Recognize that you are procrastinating.

-Work out on why you are procrastinating.

– And lastly, you have to adopt anti-procrastination strategies. Motivate yourself to get going like make up your own reward for yourself. Take a break.


  • You can’t say “NO”

I am not talking about an illness in which you have lost the word “NO” in your vocabulary, it only seems like, but no. Having the courage to object or reject something once offered especially if it isn’t that necessary will picture you an image of building a strong goals in life. In addition, it implies to have one or a few very strong goals you say “Yes” to.ScissorhandsNodHead_zpsee0a2e11

And the “Yes” needs to be in alignment with your end result from above. Always keep in mind that saying “NO” is not a sin. You are simply fulfilling your goal in a matter of disregarding unnecessary actions from different people.


At the end of the day it is just you and yourself alone can change where you are right now. Do not let yourself eat you. Change for the better.