Have you already watched the most anticipated and blockbuster movie from DC Comics, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? So, I’m sure you have chosen who you are into: Superman or Batman. Well, I’m on Superman’s side. Not only because he has the God-strength, extraordinary powers …etc. but also for some reasons.

There were actually a lot reasons to admire the Man of Steel but in my own perspective, I only have few which I may say really appeals to me.

I have here my reasons why I loved and admired Superman particularly in the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Note: Spoiler alert. Yes, just a bit.


  • Despite of people being against him, Superman still insists his dignity and love for his fellowmen, and was able to face the people of America to clarify his good deeds. Unfortunately, he appeared to be the evil and was sabotage in return.

            Poor hero …

superman sabotage


  •  He loves Lois Lane so much that him being Superman is not an issue. Unlike other guys who prefer to say “I’m busy.” “Quite tied up…Later babe”, Superman still managed to exert efforts for Lane.clark kent with lois laneA simple bouquet of flowers after the stressful work (as his alter-ego, Clark Kent) is enough for your significant other to let her know you still give importance to her presence.



  • In addition to his love for Lois- You know you love someone if you are willing to risk your life for that someone’s sake. Just what Superman did to Lois, In order to defeat Doomsday (his hilarious villain in the movie) and let Lois Lane be safe, he sacrificed himself and be the one to grab the spear of Kryptonite, the only way to vanquish Doomsday and is also his major weakness, which was created by Batman supposedly made to end his life.

lois lane and sman

  • Superman is a good and loving son. He was raised by people whom he has not any relation to (his non-biological parents; Jonathan and Martha Kent) yet knowing about this didn’t affect a single thing in his life. He showed his deepest gratitude to his non-biological parents by taking care of them knowing that they know about his true identity, him having an extraordinary power. He also extends his arms to save them as much as possible especially from this psychotic creature, Lex Luthor.
  • Superman as his alter-ego Clark Kent made him more attractive. I don’t know but I have this huge attraction to guys wearing eye glasses especially if it fits him well. So the time that I have seen Clark Kent while watching the movie, my cheeks blushed for a moment. I know it sound ridiculous or what but that’s the truth. He looks so gentle, a soft guy who couldn’t fight with you but only to those deserved ones. A guy who belongs to those professional and high-intellectual people because his eye glasses add an impact to it, his formal business attire is an addition.


I am talking about the reason why I loved Superman in his recent movie. Aside from his genuine and personality, this is really one of the reasons.