A day before March ends and April comes. Most people celebrate the April Fools’ Day or also called All Fools’ Day on the 1st day of April. It is said that in 1582, Pope Gregory XIII issued a decree for a new calendar that would move the beginning of the year from April 1 to January 1, among other changes. The Gregorian calendar shift left some “April fools” who would still celebrate the New Year on April 1. Although it is popular since the 19th century, this day is not a public holiday in any country. So meaning to say, it is likely a tradition that people used to celebrate. They normally perform ridiculous pranks, hoax information and even extraordinary activities that will surely ruin your day if you’re not used to this fools’ day.

I cited here my TOP 5 REMARKABLE APRIL FOOLS’ DAY PRANKS that I LOLLED a lot. haha… Have you ever tried any of these ?


  1. The poopy thingy. Who loves to see poop on your personal lappy or chair?Weeewwww….

toilet paper


  1. Little garden on your keyboard. Like WOW! I just got an instant dish garden made out of my own keyboard as the dish. Just wow!

little garden.jpg

  1. The Oh-so YUMMY Caramel ONIONS. Do you still remember when your mom made a caramel apple lollipop to you during Halloween? It is made tastier with onions. Just think about how “sweet” that would be. Lol.

onion caramel


  1. Toothpaste-filled Oreo. How would an Oreo lover react to this ridiculous prank?      Bet they will start to check its filling after this happen.

oreo prank.jpg

   5. A photoshopped profile picture. Of course, people won’t forget the social media. If       you have a good photo editing skills, you could photoshop a picture of you with one of the hottest celebrity nowadays e.g. Pia Wurtzbach, Kim Taehyung, Bruce Wayne… lol. Or you could also photoshop yourself with a fake injury, a broken neck or leg will do. Let’s see how your “real friends” would react to that.



I’m always the suspect when it comes to gags and pranks. So I wonder now, what it feels like to be the victim. I bet it will really scare me a lot just when I thought of my pranks. Goodness. But I am expecting of someone who could really pull-up a very good prank on me. Just do not forget to be gentle at least a bit. I’m still a lady. Peace.

Let us all have a peaceful and calm day on April 1st…kidding.

 Happy April Fools’ Day.