The most awaited debate of all time where all the Presidentiables defend their stands and opinions in different issues that has been the main problem in our country has happened on 21 February 2016 at Capitol University in Cagayan De Oro City. Many Filipinos has stay tuned in the said debate that they even participated in their respective social media accounts to express their thoughts and opinions towards the views and opinions of the aspirants. This is going to be the first ever Presidential debate in the history and I’m sure Filipinos had criticized each of the aspirant based on its performance: truthfulness, character, vivid presentation of platform and solutions and also the intellectual capacity in dealing with the issues. After the Presidential debate, I did a general observation on the performance of each aspirant same with what you people did.

The performances of the aspirants in the #PilipinasDebates2016 were as follow;


Senator Mary Grace Poe

CDO Debates

  • Accurate and straight to the point. She expressed her stands on the issues without being tensed. It is pretty obvious that she is well-prepared. You can observe that on the way she delivered her speech and her perspectives in a particular issue, she spoke fast yet still understandable. Poe pointed out that it is now time to generate new perspectives saying that there has been lots of President reined the government who did not conceptualize and simply stick to the same process. She also gave a strong rebuttal when being slapped towards her service experience. “Kaya po sa ating mga kababayan, pare-pareho lang naman ang problema ng Pilipinas e, pare-pareho nandyan. Wala pong proof na kapag matagal ka na sa pwesto mas magaling ka,” she said.


Mayor Rody Duterte

CDO Debates

  • I was expecting a tough and strong Duterte during this debate but at this point, he performed more strategically and relaxed yet you will still perceive his authoritative personality. He was able to hit points in regards to the issues that have been assigned to him and also able to set things clearly with his commentations not only that, as long as his contender’s statement is truthful, he decline his privilege to rebut because according to him the only problem in our country is the implementation of the platforms. As part of the fundamental duty of a President, he must see to it that food is available and also affordable.

In his statement through the Corruption issue, he claimed that he is willing to stake his honor to eliminate the crime and corruption including the cartel, as one of his tackled issues, within three to six months which I think gained a mixed impact to the public.


Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago


  • She was able to perform well and also able to hit points in relation to issues that have been appointed to her. It is just that I myself was expecting an intense performance from her, that she will be much straightforward and able to slap those Presidentiables through queries and explanation in regards to her contender’s flaws. I guess it was due to her sickness which she previously claimed is already fine.She was having hard time breathing properly as she speaks but she was still able to throw strong rebuttals when asked about particular issues including her health saying, “Magtatanong ka, bakit may sakit ka? Bakit ka tumatakbo? Karapatan ko ‘yan.” it showed her motivation to prove that she is willing to risk her health and run for the Presidency.

Hopefully, the Stronger Miriam will be up on the following debates.


Vice President Jejomar Binay


  • If referred into a diagram, his performance has fluctuated. He pointed out some issues and was able to give legitimate views that clearly hit the main topic yet there were also some that has been misled. He failed to follow up his answers once his competitors’ rebuttals contest them. In my own perspective, it was a good point that he mentioned about the under spending of the government. It is a fact that due to under spending; there was lots of money that were not spent so the latter part will be on the pockets of the corrupt officials. “So many reason and excuses have been offered to justify under spending and delayed spending. But for me, under spending is simply underperformance. Delayed spending is delayed service.” As he said in his stand. Generally, he simply states how Makati looks like.


DILG Secretary Mar Roxas

CDO Debates

  • I was not expecting him to perform that well but I must admit that he did a good job. Same with Poe, he also seems to be well-prepared which turns him out to be quick-witted when dealing with rebuttals.He was also able to point out issues that were clearly a slapped for his contender. On his opening remarks, he directly said,”Kung ihahambing natin ang pagpili ng pangulo sa sino ang magmamaneho sa ating mga anak sa araw-araw, kanino natin ipagkakatiwala? Sa taong may kaso, sa taong mainitin ang ulo, sa taong ngayon pa lang natututo magmaneho, o sa taong ni minsan hindi kayo ipinahamak?” He did not just hit his mortal enemy Binay but also the other aspirants. He pointed out the lack of experience of Poe, the temper of Duterte and also the health of Santiago. His platform towards fishermen is what I think the best because we all know that our fishermen have been lacking of income for their living. So I hope, whatever it is that Roxas is trying to implement for our fishermen will be an act and not just in words. For sure this would not be the last debate that they will be encountering so I am not laying my sympathy yet.


The decision is in our hands. It is our choice on who to support and vote to. Let us not forget to consider the aspirant’s contribution to the country as long as it helped the Philippines to grow and aim high.We all wanted change from our beloved country. May we all be enlightened in choosing the right and trustworthy aspirants whom will rein our government, also let us not be blind by words that appears to be true which in fact, are not. Let us vote wisely.