Emotional insecurity or simply insecurity is a feeling of general unease or nervousness that may be triggered by perceiving of oneself to be vulnerable in some way, or it is a sense of vulnerability or instability which threatens one’s self-image or ego.

Having that feeling of insecurity can actually destroy your well-being not only you as a person but also the social relation that you have attached to yourself. There were several aspects that an individual strikes when feeling this kind of state: physical aspect, intellectual quality, wealth, superiority… etc. We have been dealing with different people each day. Some take part in our lives and became our acquaintance and became one of your friends. So it is important that we know who to be friends with.

Now, to be able to have awareness on what insecurity can affect to us, I have here my personal observation to recognize if a person is absolutely insecure to you.

Before I begin, we all know that people possess different perceptions. So if ever you thought of this as incomplete and would like to add more, let me know.


  •  An insecure person makes several comments/reaction of what you do.

— If ever you won in a competition and someone doesn’t believe that you deserve it, or someone who will just congratulates you but you never felt it as a warm greeting, then you’re right, that person is totally insecure to you. In situation like this, he might want to be the winner yet failed to do so, so he cannot accept the fact that you won.


In other situations, like during our everyday living. If someone seem to degrade but in a sarcastic way, it’s pretty obvious, he’s envious and obviously on the insecurity state.

  •   Excessive Joking

— A person who jokes around most of the time. You know having that good sense of humor has a vital role in our health but if it’s too much then it is the other the way around. Insecure people tend to want all the attention being thrown to them so they always promote themselves to as if they like to prove themselves. If you notice a person having this sign, I suggest you go over and talk to him.


  •  Materialistic

— Being materialistic is also part of a person being insecure. Those who usually bought expensive, branded things like Gucci, Louise Vuitton, Iphone, Mac cosmetics…etc. whom cannot really afford to buy but still insists to just for them to show off.

  • Being insecure in one’s relationship

These were the so-called “Bitters or the Quirky Anti- Passionate.” They were the ones who sue lovers whom they’ve seen making out everywhere, were the ones who keeps on posting envious vines on Facebook and people who doesn’t believe that forever exists.

insecurity in a relationship

They sometimes mock your love life saying “He might be a playboy and cheats on you.” “You’ll just get hurt so do not risk a thing” and the likes. And unfortunately, you just conformed to it.


In some instances, insecure people also tend to be abusive and unreasonably jealous especially if they continue to compare themselves to the person closer to their loved ones.

chase-- jealousThey become worried and losing trust to their significant other. Also their insecurity may result to manipulation. If an insecure people find something that may seem to went wrong in their significant other, they will insist it to be change and will not accept their partner for what they are.

Too bad, there were still women who got used to this kind of people so no matter what happen as long as they have loved the person , they will still stay.


Insecurity is an ugly thing; it makes you hate people you don’t even know.