During Christmas season, that time when people shop on the critical point of time, when the “SALE ITEMS” were about to be off and when you got stress due to being clueless of what to buy is a Christmas rush. Now, if this event just happened because it is nearly Valentine’s Day, that’s the title itself.

A week before the Valentine’s Day to come yet you’re still wondering what to buy or what to give to your dear loved ones or you still really have nothing with you. Reasons may vary. You might be busy and no time to work on that or you might have nothing to spend. Either of the two, still as a partner, you wanted to give a gift that is of course;

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You want it to buy in an expensive store because sometimes the people around your bae judge you by what your presents are. They do not believe that there is no such thing in love. So you know you are just avoiding the chatterboxes. But still, you have to remember if you are into expensive gifts, you must make sure that your gift will remind him of you. It is your choice to decide what it is.


Big word. Another holiday has passed and you just spent most of your money. Now, what to do?


Being in this kind of situation makes you want to just recycle things at home to create something special for your bae (letters, scrapbook, etc…) which is not bad. In fact, SOME guys (caps on for some… guys prefer things than letters. Just in my opinion) appreciate love letters because of the effort being exerted in the gift; the decorations and the sweet content as well.


When you read the word MEMORABLE, I’m pretty sure you think of albums, compilation of all the pictures of both of you or yes, the so-called “Scrapbook”. Why are scrapbooks memorable? Actually, it’s not just memorable.


It is totally sweet because your bae will get to remember all the memories that you shared, stolen shots that he look unknown due to dopiness, your anniversary and birthday celebration, how he looked like when he got icing all over his face and the fact that your bae have a girlfriend to keep and that is no other than YOU.



Are you going to buy gifts that your bae do not like? Of course, not! It is very important that whatever it is that you’re going to buy will surely like by your bae. It doesn’t matter if it would cost you too much as long as you catch that bright smile of him, it is fine. Always be with him. Pointing out at a certain thing, checking out random items might be a hint. He might give you a clue right away without a word. And the worse, you didn’t recognize a thing. (Kidding..)


Just to give an idea, if I was your girlfriend and vice versa, I would appreciate whatever it is that you will give. A love letter, a sweet scrapbook, gadgets or what… That’s fine. Love is priceless. We all know that. But the fact that you remember the one you love, that’s the big point.


So what I’m trying to say is that money is not an issue. The cost of the gift is nothing if you do not put love in it. A simple hugs and kisses will do and will surely make your partner’s Valentine’s Day special. Who knows what might happen? A hugs and kisses in return?


Let us spread the love and cherish the moment given to all the lovers around the world.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you, in advance.