Everything is nothing without a twist. As how all the drama caught our hearts and made us loved all their shows, we might want to know what their respective plots are, that seem to be typical yet remarkable to the viewers. As one of the people fond of watching drama shows, I have patterned some of its typical drama plots that I must admit; I still fall in love into. And I bet you are, as well.

Here are the lists of some remarkable romance drama plots that I find old-fashioned yet I still love.

The Poor girl / Rich guy plot 

  • Drama shows that requires a lot of “Arghh!” and “Pffft!” reaction especially when the poor leading girl is being degraded and suffered by the family of the rich guy. Best examples here would be the K drama, Boys over flowers starred by Lee min ho and Gu Hye Sun

and the Secret Garden as well starred by Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin. If you’ve watched            these shows, the leading men were both rich and superior while the leading ladies              were the other way around.

The Gender Bender plot

  • Women-in-disguised. This kind of drama focuses on the leading ladies disguising themselves as one of the boys (Literally speaking here) for a certain purpose. It is either for love or for ones’ sake. What makes this kind of drama more interesting is that when a certain guy questions his sexuality because of getting attracted to same sex without knowing that that particular guy is actually a lady-in-disguised.

The Accidental Step-Sibling plot

  • When the leading man finally got the leading lady, getting the approval for both of their parents to get married then suddenly they found out that they are blood-connected. Another twist will be made. The leading man might be an orphan. Therefore, there is no real family connection between the two of them. It all depends on the people behind the scenes.


The Amnesia plot

  • Usually when a drama was about to end, when everything seems all fine, a tragic scene will happen that would cause either the leading man or leading lady to have an amnesia. It is considered as one of the remarkable drama plots because it is commonly used. Some romance drama shows how the love of the leads will just disappear and be wasted.


After all the leading man said to the leading lady that he truly loves her so much, he will have this unexpected amnesia and will forget about who the leading lady is. To make it worse, the leading man will trust other girl whom he feel much comfortable. This type of plot brings more drama and sorrow to the story making viewers very pissed off to the new girl and gains a higher interest on the drama.


You might encounter a drama that already consists of these different romance plots plus a lot more. So what I’m trying to say is that these are only a few plots that I think the MOST remarkable ones. I am not saying that I will stop watching drama shows because of what I have observed.I actually found it more interesting to watch and it adds more fun to me because I have this idea to list down all the dramas I have watched that might represent and use these typical plots.

Who knows how many of those dramas will shared the same plots.