I was alone for several years ago, an independent person and an orphan as well. I am now living in my own path, my own life according to what I wanted it to be. There were also times that I am still longing for that thoughts, someone or people will care if something might have happened to me, will be there to think if I’m doing okay and the likes. I longed for people who could let me feel that I do exist even if I feel like I do not. Thought of people who will listen to all my sorrows and bleeds with me, and someone who will commemorate and spend time with me during special days.


To be honest, I was really hoping that one day someone will just step forward and volunteer as my life companion but that’s pretty impossible. All it takes to have someone in your life is to get to know each other first. Go out and have fun. Actually, I cannot do that, as an office staff I have a lot of stuff to do and I don’t want to cram and stress myself more. So I guess, I’ll just sit back and wait for that person.

That’s what I thought before I learn to love dogs. As you can see, I named my blog site as The Stray Russian Blue. To all the cat-lovers out there, it is pretty obvious that I named it after the Russian Blue cats which I love the most other than any kinds of cats.


I am not saying that I am no longer fond of cats but when I had an encounter to a stray dog near our office building, I don’t know. I just had this sudden feeling that I wanted to go near that stray dog and at least just take a look at it. His fur looks like a dark chocolate which shared the same color of his eyes.  I am actually not that kind of dog-lover because whenever I see them and vice versa, they really barked at me and it was so loud that as if I did something wrong to them. I know it sounds normal and just fine but what I don’t understand is, why is that there were other people around that dog aside from me yet they keep on barking towards me so loud? I really don’t understand. (If you have any idea about it, please let me know. Thank you.)


Going back, I get closer to the stray dog which was currently looking for something to eat inside a sack full of trash. I was afraid at first because it might bark and attack me so what I did is that I get something inside my bag, a sandwich for the dog to eat and it worked. That stray dog wasn’t that vicious. He was so scared that I think he doubted if he’s going to get what I offered. I realized that both of us were afraid of each other and it’s adorable to think of. I thought dogs were so aggressive that they will just attack strangers like me especially that stray dog. It came from nowhere. We never know, I never know what had happened to him before. I do apologize to make such judgments against dogs, it is just that I do not like to be surrounded by them before but at least now I know they were different.

I really wanted to stay much longer with that stray dog.  Unfortunately, I still have work that is waiting for me that time so I had to leave. I promised to get back to the dog during our lunch break for me to be able to feed him. And so I did but as expected, without someone to keep an eye on the dog, it will just go somewhere else. I suddenly felt alone again while I still tried to search for that dog not so far from the office location.


My vision towards dogs changed after I had this encounter with that stray dog that I named “Chuchuy”, because if you try to say it, It sounds cute that resembles to a small but no longer a puppy kind of dog just how “Chuchuy” looks like.


Now, I am longing for a dog like “Chuchuy”, a gentle yet I know a playful dog that will be my best friend and could stay and never leave me till the end of the days.