There were different types of girls. Some of them might be the feminine type or what they call the girl-next-door, the meticulous type which you often see fixing her clothes like “may dumi ba sa damit ko?” “gusot ba? ” “Do I look good sa outfit na ‘to?”. They were so conscious of what they look like. As if people cares. Oh yes, People do care a lot. Of course, are we going to forget those geek gals out there? The boring yet intelligent type of girl that some people said cannot go with social gatherings because they better study more than to party. The outgoing boyish chic, girls you usually see doing those guy stuffs like playing basketball, video games and even dressed like them in some ways is considered like one. People mistakenly identified them as “tomboy” or lesbians.


I don’t think they’re lesbians because for me these types of girls were not just used to the girly things simply because they were might raised without a mother by their side or maybe she’s the “unica hija”, the only girl among the siblings.

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In a peer group, the only girl hanging out with mostly guys is also considered as the boyish chic or the so-called one of the boys. I find it just fine and very usual because girls like these really exists. They might be one of your friends or your sister playing your favorite video game. But you know life is really silly. There were still people who couldn’t just shut their mouths and accept the fact that what you are doing and those guys around you were just simply your friends, there is nothing more about it.


The worst thing that those people might think on a boyish chic is that they flirt with those certain guys. It’s like you were just playing then they already thought you might set the house on fire. Isn’t it too much judgment? I was just wondering what they are thinking. I mean, does it really matter if you have lots of guy friends than girlfriends? I know it really looks intriguing when you see a lady surrounded by men but sometimes you also have to think that that lady is just sort of not comfortable with too girly women.  We all have our different personalities that are entitled with different attitudes. All of this will reflect to one’s action. They can simply mind their own businesses, if they do have one and just continue whatever it is that they are doing. As per what most people say “If you have nothing good to say, then do not talk.”


On the contrary, a boyish chic were sometimes being misinterpreted due to her actions herself. Yes, being surrounded by guys is normal in your atmosphere. You hang out with them, talks to them and the likes but have you ever realized that your closeness to them is too much like what if this guy has a girl? Is it just fine to be close to him? Or is it fine to his girl that her guy has a girl friend? (It is not what you guys think; it is just the literal meaning of it). You have to consider first your guy friend. But if both of you were used to what you were since then, I think there is nothing to explain and ask especially for your guy BFFs right?


It is how she handles herself in a way that she will not be misinterpreted.  The bottom line would only end by judgment and misinterpretation. Misinterpretation really is annoying, isn’t it?  So, you better keep an eye on your actions.