Korean Pop Music, also known as K-pop, has emerged as a strong global phenomenon. People who devote themselves to Korean music stars or celebrities are called K-pop fans.

I am a Kpop fan. I was in grade 6 when I first heard of a Kpop song that caught my attention. At first, I wasn’t aware that it was a Korean song because that time I never heard of it. It became a hit in MYX, a music channel and I found out that it was entitled “Sorry sorry by Super Junior”.


I was able to watch it for every issue of MYX because as I said it was a hit especially on MYX’s Daily Top 10. That’s when I started to get curious on who are they? What company are they working for? Also on any other information regarding them. They became the first kpop group that I idolize. I even get updated when it comes to their comebacks, album…etc., study their hit choreography singles though I know I wouldn’t dance it well and even bought Kpop merchandise just to have a collection of them.



What is really hard to accept for us, Kpop fans is the fact that our Oppas are several miles away and if they do get the chance to have a concert in our country, some kpop fans unluckily couldn’t afford the ticket. Some would start to save money from their allowances once they confirmed that their idols will be performing while some prefers to be the #Teambahay that will be relying on YouTube to look for Fan Cams, indicating a specific member of a Kpop group being focused. Sometimes even the entire concert video coverage was included.


As a kpop fan, it is normal to watch on YouTube, stream playlist or even watch a variety show featuring their respective idols, an English subtitle is very essential to this one .Of course, Kpop is based on Korean culture so most of them usually speak in Korean. You don’t want to hear your oppa utter a thing without you understanding nothing, Right?


There was also times when you met someone and you shared the same bias… “Oh no, you don’t. Oppa is mine.” I don’t know either. Kpop fans were so proud to introduce their “bias” to everyone saying “he’s really like this… really like that” but once that person already became a fan of that particular idol; they begin to envy that person. For me, as a kpop fan, I do felt the same way but if it is my friend, it’s fine. I guess.



Being a kpop fan does not mean that you do not entirely admire your country music. Yes, Patriotism is still a factor to be a good citizen but it is a choice for every Kpop fan to hear something different in a way that they do not neglect their own music. It also indicates that it is time for our country to create new styles of music and be creative enough to come up with unique music that will surely admire by the public.