My mom died when I was a kid and my dad left just recently. It’s been a week since I start living alone and there are things that I suddenly become afraid of. Here are the things that make you feel scared living in a big house alone. I’ll explain in detail 5 of my experiences that suddenly made its way to my top fears list. In addition, I will also include some of my little solutions how to overcome the fears building when you’re alone.

gloomy living room the stray russian blue

  1. The house got bigger. I mean not literally but you’ll feel that the house will become bigger. Our home that’s usually occupied by two persons -me and my dad, is now too large for me. Before, going to the kitchen to grab a snack is easy but now, it’s as hard as climbing the stairs. Some people think it’s a good to be alone because you’re free to do whatever you want, even walk around naked inside the house but try to ask someone to hide your phone in your house, you will see what I mean.

look behind you

  1. The feeling of vulnerability. Rooms with large spaces give us the feeling of defenselessness. Imagine you’re in the center of the living room, sitting on the couch, knowing you don’t possess the view from behind makes us feel scared that someone or something might jump out at us. Bad news for me because my apparently, my favorite seat is in the middle of the living room and facing its back on the front door. This is the reason why people prefer the seats facing the backs against the wall. I think I need to rearrange the furniture when I got home.


  1. Too much ghost story. If you already watched a lot of horror movies, then you already know what I mean. Our brain has the ability to manipulate our sense of sight depending on what we think. This is the reason why insane people see things that we can’t see. Their level of imagination is extremely out of the scale and it materializes in front of them. Few days ago, I’m hearing steps on the other side of my bedroom door. It seems somebody is walking in the hallway until I realized I’m already alone. When I look out, no one is in there. Now I doubt if the person walking in the hallway every night is always my dad when he’s still alive.


  1. Close to insanity. I’m not saying that being alone can make you crazy but then again, it could. When you did something awesome, who will give you compliments? When you feel sad, who will listen to you? When you’re confused, who will give you an advice? If you can’t find a companion, try to have a pet instead. They may not give you pieces of advice (which is better because that means you’re still not insane if they would) but they are certainly good at making people smile. Better get a cute pet, not a Tarantula which my dad left for me.

gloomy dining table the strat russian blue

  1. Eating alone inside the house is the same as eating outside. I cook because it’s more budget friendly and keeps my cooking skills on track but now that I live alone, nobody will give me compliments about my cooking. I may invite people to my house to give them a free taste but by the end of the day, they’ll go home and I’m still alone. At least I had fun. More bedtime stories and bonding with my pet Tarantula. Yuck. I wish I have a cat instead.